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Bronze bolts
Bronze bolts 3 gpBolts
Silver bolts
Silver boltsMembers only17 gpBolts
Iron bolts
Iron bolts 41 gpBolts
Kebbit bolts
Kebbit boltsMembers only51 gpBolts
Blurite bolts
Blurite boltsMembers onlyNot tradableBolts
Steel bolts
Steel boltsMembers only77 gpBolts
Mithril bolts
Mithril boltsMembers only96 gpBolts
Black bolts
Black boltsMembers only100 gpBolts
Broad-tipped bolts
Broad-tipped boltsMembers only122 gpBolts
Adamant bolts
Adamant boltsMembers only185 gpBolts
Bolt rack
Bolt rackMembers only205 gpBolts
Long kebbit bolts
Long kebbit boltsMembers only389 gpBolts
Runite bolts
Runite boltsMembers only708 gpBolts
Dragon bolts
Dragon boltsMembers only6,535 gpBolts
Onyx bolts
Onyx boltsMembers only8,691 gpBolts
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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