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Blurite ore
Blurite oreQuest itemNot tradableOres & bars
Beads of the dead
Beads of the deadMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Bervirius' notes
Bervirius' notesMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Bone key
Bone keyMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Bone shard
Bone shardMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Bronze defender
Bronze defenderMembers onlyNot tradableMelee weapons
Black defender
Black defenderMembers onlyNot tradableMelee weapons
Baguette Not tradableBaked food
Bear ribs
Bear ribsMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Basilisk bone
Basilisk boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Baby dragon bone
Baby dragon boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Bone in vinegar
Bone in vinegarMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Bomber jacket
Bomber jacketMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableClothing
Bomber cap
Bomber capMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableClothing
Black navy slacks
Black navy slacksMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Black naval shirt
Black naval shirtMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Black tricorn hat
Black tricorn hatMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Boots of lightness
Boots of lightnessMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableClothing
Battered key
Battered keyMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Bronze key
Bronze keyMembers onlyNot tradableMiscellaneous
Big swordfish
Big swordfishMembers onlyNot tradableMiscellaneous
Beacon ring
Beacon ringMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
BarricadeMembers onlyNot tradableMiscellaneous
Barcrawl card
Barcrawl cardMembers onlyNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Bedsheet (ecto)
Bedsheet (ecto)Members onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
BearheadMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. armour
Bull roarer
Bull roarerMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Bunny ears
Bunny ears Not tradableDiscontinued items
Black naval slacks
Black naval slacksMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Blurite bar
Blurite barMembers onlyNot tradableOres & bars
Book of knowledge
Book of knowledge Not tradableBooks & scrolls
Blue charm
Blue charmMembers onlyNot tradableSummoning
Bottom of sceptre
Bottom of sceptre Not tradableMiscellaneous
Blessed gold bowl
Blessed gold bowlMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Binding book
Binding bookMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Bronze Gauntlets
Bronze Gauntlets Not tradableMetal armour
Black Gauntlets
Black Gauntlets Not tradableMetal armour
Book on costumes
Book on costumesMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Barbarian rod
Barbarian rodMembers onlyNot tradableTools
Burnt sweetcorn
Burnt sweetcornMembers onlyNot tradableUseless
Beret mask
Beret maskMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Battle robe top 100
Battle robe top 100Members onlyNot tradableMagical armour
Battle robe bottom 100
Battle robe bottom 100Members onlyNot tradableMagical armour
Battle hood 100
Battle hood 100Members onlyNot tradableMagical armour
Burnt Swordfish
Burnt Swordfish N/AUseless
Bird's nest (empty)
Bird's nest (empty)Members onlyNot tradableOther materials
Bucket of sap
Bucket of sapMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Burnt diary
Burnt diaryMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Battered book
Battered bookMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Book of balance
Book of balanceMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Barbarian Snowman Hat
Barbarian Snowman Hat Not tradableDiscontinued items
Box Trap
Box TrapMembers onlyN/AMiscellaneous
Bird snare
Bird snareMembers onlyN/AMiscellaneous
BasketMembers only1 gpTools
Bronze bolts
Bronze bolts 3 gpBolts
Bag of salt
Bag of saltMembers onlyQuest item3 gpMiscellaneous
Body rune
Body rune 4 gpRunes
Bronze javelin
Bronze javelinMembers only4 gpThrown weapons
Bronze thrownaxe
Bronze thrownaxeMembers only4 gpThrown weapons
Bronze mace
Bronze mace 5 gpMelee weapons
Bronze nails
Bronze nailsMembers only7 gpMiscellaneous
Banana tree seed
Banana tree seedMembers only7 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Butterfly net
Butterfly netMembers only7 gpTools
Bronze sword
Bronze sword 8 gpMelee weapons
Bear fur
Bear fur 8 gpMiscellaneous
Bronze arrow
Bronze arrow 9 gpArrows
Bronze scimitar
Bronze scimitar 10 gpMelee weapons
Bronze arrowtips
Bronze arrowtipsMembers only10 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Bronze med helm
Bronze med helm 12 gpMetal armour
Bronze longsword
Bronze longsword 12 gpMelee weapons
Bronze sq shield
Bronze sq shield 14 gpMetal armour
Bronze full helm
Bronze full helm 14 gpMetal armour
Bronze pickaxe
Bronze pickaxe 14 gpTools
Blue feather
Blue featherMembers only15 gpOther materials
Bronze battleaxe
Bronze battleaxe 16 gpMelee weapons
Bronze dagger
Bronze dagger 18 gpMelee weapons
Bronze hatchet
Bronze hatchet 18 gpTools
Bronze javelin(p)
Bronze javelin(p)Members only18 gpThrown weapons
Body tiara
Body tiara 20 gpJewellery
Bronze kiteshield
Bronze kiteshield 21 gpMetal armour
Bronze c'bow (u)
Bronze c'bow (u)Members only23 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Bronze arrow(p)
Bronze arrow(p)Members only23 gpArrows
Bronze 2h sword
Bronze 2h sword 24 gp2h melee weapons
Bucket of water
Bucket of water 25 gpTools
Bowl of water
Bowl of water 28 gpInedible ingredients
Bucket 29 gpTools
Bronze crossbow
Bronze crossbowMembers only33 gpBows and crossbows
Beer glass
Beer glass 38 gpMiscellaneous
Bronze platelegs
Bronze platelegs 39 gpMetal armour
Burgundy afro
Burgundy afro 45 gpClothing
Bronze dart tip
Bronze dart tipMembers only46 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Bronze warhammer
Bronze warhammer 47 gpMelee weapons
Bronze platebody
Bronze platebody 48 gpMetal armour
Bronze dart
Bronze dartMembers only48 gpThrown weapons
Bread 49 gpBaked food
Bronze knife
Bronze knifeMembers only50 gpThrown weapons
Bronze chainbody
Bronze chainbody 51 gpMetal armour
Brass necklace
Brass necklace 51 gpJewellery
Black afro
Black afro 53 gpClothing
Blurite bolts
Blurite boltsMembers onlyNot tradableBolts
BarkMembers only55 gpMiscellaneous
Bronze dart(p)
Bronze dart(p)Members only65 gpThrown weapons
Black skirt
Black skirt 69 gpClothing
Ball of wool
Ball of wool 72 gpMiscellaneous
Black knife
Black knifeMembers only75 gpThrown weapons
Brown afro
Brown afro 76 gpClothing
Bowl 80 gpTools
Bread dough
Bread dough 80 gpInedible ingredients
Brown apron
Brown apron 84 gpClothing
Bucket of milk
Bucket of milk 86 gpInedible ingredients
Blue skirt
Blue skirt 94 gpClothing
Beer 96 gpAlcoholic drinks
Black bolts
Black boltsMembers only100 gpBolts
Bronze plateskirt
Bronze plateskirt 110 gpMetal armour
Bowl of hot water
Bowl of hot waterMembers only113 gpInedible ingredients
Bronze javelin(p+)
Bronze javelin(p+)Members only115 gpThrown weapons
Bones 117 gpBones
Bow string
Bow stringMembers only118 gpMiscellaneous
Bronze arrow(p+)
Bronze arrow(p+)Members only120 gpArrows
Broad-tipped bolts
Broad-tipped boltsMembers only122 gpBolts
Bronze armour set (l)
Bronze armour set (l) 122 gpMetal armour
Black dagger
Black dagger 126 gpMelee weapons
Banana 128 gpMisc. edible food
Blood drain scroll
Blood drain scrollMembers only143 gpSummoning
Butterfly jar
Butterfly jarMembers only155 gpTools
Bronze bar
Bronze bar 158 gpOres & bars
Bronze dart(p+)
Bronze dart(p+)Members only162 gpThrown weapons
Body talisman
Body talisman 167 gpTools
Bronze bull rush
Bronze bull rushMembers only172 gpSummoning
Bottle of wine
Bottle of wineMembers only174 gpAlcoholic drinks
Bronze armour set (sk)
Bronze armour set (sk) 198 gpMetal armour
Black warlock
Black warlockMembers only201 gpMiscellaneous
Bolt rack
Bolt rackMembers only205 gpBolts
Big fishing net
Big fishing netMembers only213 gpTools
Bone spear
Bone spearMembers only223 gpMelee weapons
Bandana (orange)
Bandana (orange)Members only224 gpClothing
Bronze hasta
Bronze hastaMembers only227 gpMelee weapons
Black bead
Black beadQuest item228 gpMiscellaneous
Black sword
Black sword 241 gpMelee weapons
Bronze claws
Bronze clawsMembers only248 gp2h melee weapons
Bucket of sand
Bucket of sandMembers only283 gpMiscellaneous
Barker toad pouch
Barker toad pouchMembers only283 gpSummoning
Bull ant pouch
Bull ant pouchMembers only284 gpSummoning
Boil scroll
Boil scrollMembers only289 gpSummoning
Bronze spear
Bronze spearMembers only298 gp2h melee weapons
Bronze halberd
Bronze halberdMembers only304 gp2h melee weapons
Black crossbow
Black crossbowMembers only311 gpBows and crossbows
Black med helm
Black med helm 315 gpMetal armour
Bandana and eyepatch (blue)
Bandana and eyepatch (blue)Members only322 gpClothing
Bandana and eyepatch (red)
Bandana and eyepatch (red)Members only350 gpClothing
Bandana and eyepatch (white)
Bandana and eyepatch (white)Members only351 gpClothing
Bandana and eyepatch (brown)
Bandana and eyepatch (brown)Members only351 gpClothing
Blood rune
Blood runeMembers only357 gpRunes
Bass 359 gpCooked fish & meat
Brass key
Brass key 369 gpMiscellaneous
Bat bones
Bat bonesMembers only369 gpBones
Black longsword
Black longsword 425 gpMelee weapons
Barb-tail harpoon
Barb-tail harpoonMembers only427 gpTools
Burnt bones
Burnt bones 429 gpBones
Big bones
Big bones 525 gpBones
Black sq shield
Black sq shield 547 gpMetal armour
Black battleaxe
Black battleaxe 615 gpMelee weapons
Black warhammer
Black warhammer 619 gpMelee weapons
Bracelet of clay
Bracelet of clayMembers only632 gpJewellery
Black full helm
Black full helm 652 gpMetal armour
Blue dragon scale
Blue dragon scaleMembers only660 gpInedible ingredients
Black dart
Black dartMembers only711 gpThrown weapons
Black dart(p)
Black dart(p)Members only725 gpThrown weapons
Binding necklace
Binding necklaceMembers only742 gpJewellery
Bandana (grey)
Bandana (grey)Members only760 gpClothing
Bronze hasta (p)
Bronze hasta (p)Members only814 gpMelee weapons
Black dart(p+)
Black dart(p+)Members only822 gpThrown weapons
Bolt of cloth
Bolt of clothMembers only850 gpConstruction
Black boots
Black bootsMembers only905 gpMetal armour
Black robe
Black robe 973 gpMagical armour
Black 2h sword
Black 2h sword 987 gpMelee weapons
Bandana (purple)
Bandana (purple)Members only1,075 gpClothing
Bronze hasta (p+)
Bronze hasta (p+)Members only1,102 gpMelee weapons
Baby impling jar
Baby impling jarMembers only1,261 gpTools
Beaver pouch
Beaver pouchMembers only1,272 gpSummoning
Black kiteshield
Black kiteshield 1,372 gpMetal armour
Black chainbody
Black chainbody 1,525 gpMetal armour
Babydragon bones
Babydragon bonesMembers only1,542 gpBones
Blue d'hide vamb
Blue d'hide vambMembers only1,667 gpRanged armour
Bronze jav'n(p++)
Bronze jav'n(p++)Members only1,755 gpThrown weapons
Bronze arrow(p++)
Bronze arrow(p++)Members only1,760 gpArrows
Black hatchet
Black hatchet 1,767 gpTools
Bronze minotaur pouch
Bronze minotaur pouchMembers only1,796 gpSummoning
Bronze dart(p++)
Bronze dart(p++)Members only1,802 gpThrown weapons
Blue spiky vambs
Blue spiky vambsMembers only1,987 gpRanged armour
Black plateskirt
Black plateskirt 2,020 gpMetal armour
Black platelegs
Black platelegs 2,020 gpMetal armour
Bloated leech pouch
Bloated leech pouchMembers only2,042 gpSummoning
Blue dragonhide
Blue dragonhideMembers only2,137 gpCrafting
Black scimitar
Black scimitar 2,358 gpMelee weapons
Blue d-leather
Blue d-leatherMembers only2,370 gpCrafting
Bunyip pouch
Bunyip pouchMembers only2,417 gpSummoning
Blue d'hide chaps
Blue d'hide chapsMembers only2,449 gpRanged armour
Black dart(p++)
Black dart(p++)Members only2,462 gpThrown weapons
Black halberd
Black halberdMembers only2,696 gp2h melee weapons
Blue d'hide chaps (t)
Blue d'hide chaps (t)Members only3,107 gpRanged armour
Black d'hide vamb
Black d'hide vambMembers only3,207 gpRanged armour
Black dragonhide
Black dragonhideMembers only3,617 gpCrafting
Bronze boots
Bronze bootsMembers only3,883 gpMetal armour
Black d-leather
Black d-leatherMembers only3,884 gpCrafting
Black platebody
Black platebody 3,912 gpMetal armour
Black claws
Black clawsMembers only4,048 gp2h melee weapons
Black spiky vambraces
Black spiky vambracesMembers only4,301 gpRanged armour
Black mace
Black mace 4,379 gpMelee weapons
Blue d'hide body (g)
Blue d'hide body (g)Members only5,341 gpRanged armour
Blue d'hide body (t)
Blue d'hide body (t)Members only5,405 gpRanged armour
Blue d'hide body
Blue d'hide bodyMembers only5,452 gpRanged armour
Black d'hide chaps
Black d'hide chapsMembers only6,371 gpRanged armour
Broken axe (rune)
Broken axe (rune) 8,008 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Black armour set (l)
Black armour set (l) 8,020 gpMetal armour
Black armour set (sk)
Black armour set (sk) 8,020 gpMetal armour
Bronze hasta (p++)
Bronze hasta (p++)Members only8,092 gpMelee weapons
Black d'hide body
Black d'hide bodyMembers only8,158 gpRanged armour
BattlestaffMembers only8,490 gpStaffs
Blue d'hide trimmed set
Blue d'hide trimmed setMembers only8,702 gpRanged armour
Blue dragonhide set
Blue dragonhide setMembers only9,582 gpRanged armour
Black plateskirt (t)
Black plateskirt (t) 10.4kMetal armour
Black dragonhide set
Black dragonhide setMembers only17.2kRanged armour
Blue D'hide chaps (g)
Blue D'hide chaps (g)Members only19.3kRanged armour
Blood talisman
Blood talismanMembers only20kTools
Blue d'hide gold-trimmed set
Blue d'hide gold-trimmed setMembers only25kRanged armour
Blood tiara
Blood tiaraMembers only29.4kJewellery
Brown headband
Brown headbandMembers only32.5kClothing
Black headband
Black headbandMembers only34.4kClothing
Body body
Body bodyMembers onlyQuest item34.8kMagical armour
Blue boater
Blue boaterMembers only41.9kClothing
Beginner wand
Beginner wandMembers only42.8kStaffs
Black plateskirt (h1)
Black plateskirt (h1) 47.4kMetal armour
Black plateskirt (h4)
Black plateskirt (h4) 48.1kMetal armour
Black plateskirt (h2)
Black plateskirt (h2) 48.2kMetal armour
Black plateskirt (g)
Black plateskirt (g) 48.8kMetal armour
Black plateskirt (h5)
Black plateskirt (h5) 48.8kMetal armour
Black plateskirt (h3)
Black plateskirt (h3) 49.4kMetal armour
Blue beret
Blue beretMembers only77kClothing
Berserker helm
Berserker helmMembers only78.2kMetal armour
Black boater
Black boaterMembers only85.9kClothing
Black full helm(t)
Black full helm(t) 92.7kMetal armour
Battle hood 0
Battle hood 0Members only100.2kMagical armour
Black platelegs (h2)
Black platelegs (h2) 147.3kMetal armour
Black platelegs (h5)
Black platelegs (h5) 152.5kMetal armour
Black platelegs (h4)
Black platelegs (h4) 178.8kMetal armour
Black platelegs (h3)
Black platelegs (h3) 191.1kMetal armour
Black platelegs (h1)
Black platelegs (h1) 192.1kMetal armour
Black beret
Black beretMembers only205.6kClothing
Black kiteshield (g)
Black kiteshield (g) 282.7kMetal armour
Black trimmed armour set (sk)
Black trimmed armour set (sk) 286.1kMetal armour
Black full helm(g)
Black full helm(g) 287.8kMetal armour
Black platebody (h2)
Black platebody (h2) 293.6kMetal armour
Black platebody (h5)
Black platebody (h5) 304.8kMetal armour
Blue skirt (g)
Blue skirt (g) 307.7kMagical armour
Black trimmed armour set (l)
Black trimmed armour set (l) 349.3kMetal armour
Black platebody (h4)
Black platebody (h4) 365kMetal armour
Black platebody (h1)
Black platebody (h1) 366.4kMetal armour
Black platebody (h3)
Black platebody (h3) 368.8kMetal armour
Black cavalier
Black cavalierMembers only399.1kClothing
Bandos plateskirt
Bandos plateskirtMembers only406.6kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 2 (sk)
Black heraldic armour set 2 (sk) 412.3kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 5 (sk)
Black heraldic armour set 5 (sk) 430.9kMetal armour
Bandos stole
Bandos stoleMembers only433.3kRanged armour
Black heraldic armour set 3 (sk)
Black heraldic armour set 3 (sk) 434.2kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 4 (sk)
Black heraldic armour set 4 (sk) 434.4kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 1 (sk)
Black heraldic armour set 1 (sk) 446.5kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 2 (lg)
Black heraldic armour set 2 (lg) 473.6kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 5 (lg)
Black heraldic armour set 5 (lg) 478.4kMetal armour
Bandos boots
Bandos bootsMembers only503.6kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 3 (lg)
Black heraldic armour set 3 (lg) 505.2kMetal armour
Bat staff
Bat staffMembers only517.3kStaffs
Black heraldic armour set 4 (lg)
Black heraldic armour set 4 (lg) 567.4kMetal armour
Black heraldic armour set 1 (lg)
Black heraldic armour set 1 (lg) 586.6kMetal armour
Bandos platelegs
Bandos platelegsMembers only657.7kMetal armour
Blue d'hide blessed set
Blue d'hide blessed setMembers only677.8kRanged armour
Black mask
Black maskMembers only680.7kMisc. armour
Black mask (10)
Black mask (10)Members only680.7kMisc. armour
Black unicorn mask
Black unicorn maskMembers only997.3kMisc. armour
Battle robe bottom 0
Battle robe bottom 0Members only1000kMagical armour
Black gold-trimmed armour set (sk)
Black gold-trimmed armour set (sk) 1.1mMetal armour
Bandos platebody
Bandos platebodyMembers only1.1mMetal armour
Black gold-trimmed armour set (l)
Black gold-trimmed armour set (l) 1.2mMetal armour
Bat mask
Bat maskMembers only1.2mMisc. armour
Battle robe top 0
Battle robe top 0Members only1.8mMagical armour
Bandos kiteshield
Bandos kiteshieldMembers only2.1mMetal armour
Berserker necklace
Berserker necklaceMembers only2.3mJewellery
Bandos full helm
Bandos full helmMembers only2.3mMetal armour
Blessed spirit shield
Blessed spirit shieldMembers only2.6mMetal armour
Barrows - torag's set
Barrows - torag's setMembers only2.9mMetal armour
Bandos armour set (lg)
Bandos armour set (lg)Members only3.5mMetal armour
Blue dragon mask
Blue dragon maskMembers only3.8mMisc. armour
Barrows - guthan's set
Barrows - guthan's setMembers only3.9mMetal armour
Berserker ring
Berserker ringMembers only4mJewellery
Barrows - verac's set
Barrows - verac's setMembers only5mMetal armour
Barrows - ahrim's set
Barrows - ahrim's setMembers only6.9mMagical armour
Barrows - karil's set
Barrows - karil's setMembers only7.6mRanged armour
Bronze dragon mask
Bronze dragon maskMembers only8.8mMisc. armour
Bandos armour set (sk)
Bandos armour set (sk)Members only9mMetal armour
Barrows - dharok's set
Barrows - dharok's setMembers only9.2mMetal armour
Bandos hilt
Bandos hiltMembers only12.1mOther materials
Bandos godsword
Bandos godswordMembers only12.3m2h melee weapons
Bandos chestplate
Bandos chestplateMembers only17.3mMetal armour
Bandos tassets
Bandos tassetsMembers only19.6mMetal armour
Black dragon mask
Black dragon maskMembers only27.4mMisc. armour
Blue h'ween mask
Blue h'ween mask 65.1mDiscontinued items
Blue partyhat
Blue partyhat 707.1mDiscontinued items
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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