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Babydragon bones
Babydragon bonesMembers only1,542 gpBones
Bat bones
Bat bonesMembers only369 gpBones
Big bones
Big bones 525 gpBones
Bones 117 gpBones
Burnt bones
Burnt bones 429 gpBones
Curved bone
Curved boneMembers onlyNot tradableBones
Dagannoth bones
Dagannoth bonesMembers only9,069 gpBones
Dragon bones
Dragon bonesMembers only4,598 gpBones
Fayrg bones
Fayrg bonesMembers only5,829 gpBones
Frost dragon bones
Frost dragon bonesMembers only16.1kBones
Jogre bones
Jogre bonesMembers only784 gpBones
Monkey bones
Monkey bones 340 gpBones
Ourg bones
Ourg bonesMembers only13.3kBones
Raurg bones
Raurg bonesMembers only6,850 gpBones
Shaikahan bones
Shaikahan bonesMembers only875 gpBones
Wolf bones
Wolf bonesMembers only493 gpBones
Wyvern bones
Wyvern bonesMembers only5,692 gpBones
Zogre bones
Zogre bonesMembers only1,061 gpBones
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