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Face mask
Face maskMembers only391 gpMisc. armour
Fake beak
Fake beakMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableClothing
Family crest
Family crestMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Family gauntlets
Family gauntletsMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Famine scroll
Famine scrollMembers only138 gpSummoning
Fancy boots
Fancy boots Not tradableClothing
Farming manual
Farming manualMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Farseer helm
Farseer helmMembers only46.9kMagical armour
Fat snail
Fat snailMembers only856 gpMiscellaneous
Fat snail meat
Fat snail meatMembers only799 gpCooked fish & meat
Fayrg bones
Fayrg bonesMembers only5,829 gpBones
Feather 13 gpMiscellaneous
Feather headdress (blue)
Feather headdress (blue)Members only195 gpMisc. armour
Feather headdress (green)
Feather headdress (green)Members only123 gpMisc. armour
Feather headdress (orange)
Feather headdress (orange)Members only183 gpMisc. armour
Feather headdress (red)
Feather headdress (red)Members only148 gpMisc. armour
Feather headdress (yellow)
Feather headdress (yellow)Members only813 gpMisc. armour
Feldip weasel fur
Feldip weasel furMembers only8 gpMiscellaneous
Fever grass
Fever grassMembers only1,619 gpOther materials
FezMembers only320 gpClothing
Fighter torso
Fighter torsoMembers onlyNot tradableMetal armour
Fighting boots
Fighting boots Not tradableClothing
Fine cloth
Fine clothMembers only11.1kConstruction
Fire battlestaff
Fire battlestaffMembers only9,117 gpStaffs
Fire cape
Fire capeMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Fire feather
Fire featherMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Fire giant bone
Fire giant boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Fire orb
Fire orbMembers only1,628 gpMiscellaneous
Fire rune
Fire rune 5 gpRunes
Fire talisman
Fire talisman 2,179 gpTools
Fire tiara
Fire tiara 659 gpJewellery
Fire titan pouch
Fire titan pouchMembers only3,439 gpSummoning
Fireball assault scroll
Fireball assault scrollMembers only72 gpSummoning
Firemaking cape (t)
Firemaking cape (t)Members onlyNot tradableClothing
Firemaking hood
Firemaking hoodMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Fish offcuts
Fish offcutsMembers only2 gpMiscellaneous
Fish pie
Fish pieMembers only334 gpBaked food
Fish rain scroll
Fish rain scrollMembers only143 gpSummoning
Fishing bait
Fishing bait 3 gpMiscellaneous
Fishing pass
Fishing passMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Fishing potion
Fishing potionMembers only146 gpPotions
Fishing rod
Fishing rod 86 gpTools
Fishlike thing
Fishlike thing Not tradableMiscellaneous
Fist of Guthix token
Fist of Guthix token Not tradableMiscellaneous
Fixed device
Fixed deviceMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Flagstaff of festivities
Flagstaff of festivities Not tradableDiscontinued items
Flame gloves
Flame glovesMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableClothing
Flared Trousers
Flared TrousersMembers only707.8kClothing
FlaxMembers only51 gpMiscellaneous
Fletching cape (t)
Fletching cape (t)Members onlyNot tradableClothing
Fletching hood
Fletching hoodMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Flier Not tradableBooks & scrolls
FlippersMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
Flowers (black)
Flowers (black)Members only7,305 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (blue)
Flowers (blue)Members only788 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (gold)
Flowers (gold)Members only808 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (lavender)
Flowers (lavender)Members only837 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (primes)
Flowers (primes)Members only996 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (purple)
Flowers (purple)Members only786 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (red)
Flowers (red)Members only1,078 gpMiscellaneous
Flowers (white)
Flowers (white)Members only15.8kMiscellaneous
Flowers (yellow)
Flowers (yellow)Members only779 gpMiscellaneous
Fly fishing rod
Fly fishing rod 102 gpTools
Forge regent pouch
Forge regent pouchMembers only2,452 gpSummoning
Forinthry brace
Forinthry braceMembers only2,357 gpJewellery
Fox mask
Fox maskMembers only1.5mMisc. armour
Fremennik boots
Fremennik bootsMembers only824 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (black)
Fremennik cloak (black)Members only522 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (brown)
Fremennik cloak (brown)Members only350 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (gray)
Fremennik cloak (gray)Members only519 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (green)
Fremennik cloak (green)Members only525 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (pale blue)
Fremennik cloak (pale blue)Members only525 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (pink)
Fremennik cloak (pink)Members only525 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (purple)
Fremennik cloak (purple)Members only477 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (red)
Fremennik cloak (red)Members only525 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (silver)
Fremennik cloak (silver)Members only517 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (turquoise)
Fremennik cloak (turquoise)Members only490 gpClothing
Fremennik cloak (yellow)
Fremennik cloak (yellow)Members only512 gpClothing
Fremennik hat
Fremennik hatMembers onlyN/AClothing
Fremennik robe
Fremennik robeMembers only850 gpClothing
Fremennik shirt (blue)
Fremennik shirt (blue)Members only515 gpClothing
Fremennik shirt (brown)
Fremennik shirt (brown)Members only97 gpClothing
Fremennik shirt (pale green)
Fremennik shirt (pale green)Members only476 gpClothing
Fremennik shirt (red)
Fremennik shirt (red)Members onlyN/AClothing
Fremennik shirt (tan)
Fremennik shirt (tan)Members only284 gpClothing
Fremennik skirt
Fremennik skirtMembers only819 gpClothing
Frog mask
Frog mask Not tradableClothing
Frog spawn
Frog spawnMembers onlyNot tradableInedible ingredients
Frog token
Frog token Not tradableMiscellaneous
Frog-leather boots
Frog-leather bootsMembers only400 gpMisc. armour
Frost dragon bones
Frost dragon bonesMembers only16.1kBones
Frost dragon mask
Frost dragon maskMembers only30.6mMisc. armour
Fruit bat pouch
Fruit bat pouchMembers only2,275 gpSummoning
Fruitfall scroll
Fruitfall scrollMembers only256 gpSummoning
Full folder
Full folderMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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