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Tan cavalier
Tan cavalierMembers only15.3kClothing
TansymumMembers only6 gpMisc. quest items
Tarromin seed
Tarromin seedMembers only6 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Tattered scroll
Tattered scrollMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Tatty kyatt fur
Tatty kyatt furMembers only43 gpMiscellaneous
Tatty larupia fur
Tatty larupia furMembers only986 gpMiscellaneous
Taupe afro
Taupe afro 89 gpClothing
Teacher wand
Teacher wandMembers only782.1kStaffs
Teak logs
Teak logsMembers only57 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Teak pyre logs
Teak pyre logsMembers onlyNot tradableFletching & Woodcutting
Team-1 cape
Team-1 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-10 cape
Team-10 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-11 cape
Team-11 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-12 cape
Team-12 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-13 cape
Team-13 cape 344 gpClothing
Team-14 cape
Team-14 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-15 cape
Team-15 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-16 cape
Team-16 cape 147 gpClothing
Team-17 cape
Team-17 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-18 cape
Team-18 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-19 cape
Team-19 cape 347 gpClothing
Team-2 cape
Team-2 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-20 cape
Team-20 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-21 cape
Team-21 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-22 cape
Team-22 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-23 cape
Team-23 cape 348 gpClothing
Team-24 cape
Team-24 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-25 cape
Team-25 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-26 cape
Team-26 cape 148 gpClothing
Team-27 cape
Team-27 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-28 cape
Team-28 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-29 cape
Team-29 cape 348 gpClothing
Team-3 cape
Team-3 cape 339 gpClothing
Team-30 cape
Team-30 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-31 cape
Team-31 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-32 cape
Team-32 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-33 cape
Team-33 cape 304 gpClothing
Team-34 cape
Team-34 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-35 cape
Team-35 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-36 cape
Team-36 cape 149 gpClothing
Team-37 cape
Team-37 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-38 cape
Team-38 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-39 cape
Team-39 cape 298 gpClothing
Team-4 cape
Team-4 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-40 cape
Team-40 cape 262 gpClothing
Team-41 cape
Team-41 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-42 cape
Team-42 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-43 cape
Team-43 cape 310 gpClothing
Team-44 cape
Team-44 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-45 cape
Team-45 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-46 cape
Team-46 cape 150 gpClothing
Team-47 cape
Team-47 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-48 cape
Team-48 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-49 cape
Team-49 cape 344 gpClothing
Team-5 cape
Team-5 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-50 cape
Team-50 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-6 cape
Team-6 cape 146 gpClothing
Team-7 cape
Team-7 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-8 cape
Team-8 cape 350 gpClothing
Team-9 cape
Team-9 cape 320 gpClothing
Teasing stick
Teasing stickMembers only1 gpTools
Tele-orb Not tradableMiscellaneous
Thatch spar dense
Thatch spar denseMembers only12 gpMiscellaneous
Thatch spar light
Thatch spar lightMembers only6 gpMiscellaneous
Thatch spar med
Thatch spar medMembers only5 gpMiscellaneous
Thin snail
Thin snailMembers only1,498 gpSummoning
Thin snail meat
Thin snail meatMembers only1,409 gpCooked fish & meat
Third-age druidic cloak
Third-age druidic cloakMembers only52.3mClothing
Third-age druidic robe
Third-age druidic robeMembers only47.1mMagical armour
Third-age druidic robe top
Third-age druidic robe topMembers only94.2mMagical armour
Third-age druidic staff
Third-age druidic staffMembers only18.4mStaffs
Third-age druidic wreath
Third-age druidic wreathMembers only49.2mClothing
Thorny snail pouch
Thorny snail pouchMembers only781 gpMiscellaneous
Thread 7 gpTools
Tiara 20 gpJewellery
Tiara mould
Tiara mould 54 gpTools
Tin ore
Tin ore 46 gpOres & bars
Tinderbox 86 gpTools
To-do list
To-do listMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Toad's legs
Toad's legsMembers only251 gpMisc. edible food
Toadflax seed
Toadflax seedMembers only1,885 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
TokkulMembers onlyNot tradableMiscellaneous
Toktz-ket-xilMembers only131.9kMetal armour
Toktz-mej-talMembers only28.6kStaffs
Toktz-xil-akMembers only24.1kMelee weapons
Toktz-xil-ekMembers only14.7kMelee weapons
Toktz-xil-ulMembers only958 gpThrown weapons
Tomato 102 gpInedible ingredients
Tomato seed
Tomato seedMembers only1 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Tool kit
Tool kitMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableTools
ToolkitMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Tooth half of a key
Tooth half of a keyMembers only58.4kMiscellaneous
Top hat
Top hatMembers only124.4kClothing
Top of sceptre
Top of sceptre Not tradableMiscellaneous
Torag's hammers
Torag's hammersMembers only104.7k2h melee weapons
Torag's helm
Torag's helmMembers only520.9kMetal armour
Torag's platebody
Torag's platebodyMembers only713.4kMetal armour
Torag's platelegs
Torag's platelegsMembers only713.4kMetal armour
Tortoise shell
Tortoise shellMembers only7,932 gpMiscellaneous
Toy doll
Toy dollMembers only2,455 gpMiscellaneous
Toy doll (wound)
Toy doll (wound)Members only2,455 gpMiscellaneous
Toy soldier
Toy soldierMembers only2,340 gpMiscellaneous
Trading sticks
Trading sticksMembers only3 gpMiscellaneous
Training arrows
Training arrows Not tradableArrows
Training bow
Training bow Not tradableBows and crossbows
Training shield
Training shield Not tradableMetal armour
Training sword
Training sword Not tradableMelee weapons
Treasure map
Treasure mapMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
TreatyMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Triangle sandwich
Triangle sandwich Not tradableMisc. edible food
Tribal mask (green)
Tribal mask (green)Members only45.4kClothing
Trimmed blue wizard set
Trimmed blue wizard set 1.1mMagical armour
Trimmed leather armour set
Trimmed leather armour setMembers only97.5kMisc. armour
Troll bone
Troll boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Trout 23 gpCooked fish & meat
Tuna 54 gpCooked fish & meat
Turquoise afro
Turquoise afro 61 gpClothing
Tyras helm
Tyras helmMembers only1,452 gpMetal armour
Tzhaar-ket-omMembers only51.9k2h melee weapons
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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