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Using the calculator

If this is the first time you're using the monsters database fighting calculator, please read the information below. Otherwise, you can hide this (resets the calculator).

RuneScape name
If you appear in the hiscores, enter your RuneScape name in the RuneScape name field and click calculate. The XP will automatically be retrieved from the hiscore.

The XP fields
Enter your current XP in the XP fields. Note that you only need to fill out the fields that you want to train. You will have to enter something in at least 1 field if you don't enter anything in the RuneScape Name.

The target level fields
These are updated automatically when you click the calculate button, and will by default be one level above your current level. You don't need to enter anything in these.

If there is a skill you do not want to include in the calculator results, enter 0 in its target level field. It will be excluded until you enter something else in it.

The results
Once you click calculate, the results will be shown. There are 3 columns in the results:
– Skill name: This is the name of the skill you may be training. Only the skills which have XP information will be calculated.
– Attack style: The type of attack you're using. This is selectable in the weapons interface in RuneScape.
– Number: This is how many times you need to kill the monster to get a level.