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Jade machete
Jade macheteMembers only9,086 gpTools
Jogre bones
Jogre bonesMembers only784 gpBones
Jungle camo legs
Jungle camo legsMembers only510 gpClothing
JangerberriesMembers only421 gpMisc. edible food
Jungle camo top
Jungle camo topMembers only387 gpClothing
JadeMembers only113 gpCrafting
Jug 101 gpTools
Jug of water
Jug of water 101 gpMiscellaneous
Jug of wine
Jug of wine 82 gpAlcoholic drinks
Jangerberry seed
Jangerberry seedMembers only61 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Jug of vinegar
Jug of vinegarMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Jackal bone
Jackal boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Jogre bone
Jogre boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Jail key
Jail keyMembers onlyNot tradableMiscellaneous
Journal (Horror from the deep)
Journal (Horror from the deep)Members onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Jack lantern mask
Jack lantern mask Not tradableDiscontinued items
Journal (Drozal's Journal)
Journal (Drozal's Journal)Members onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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