Ranged is a great skill for fighting, because it allows you to attack someone from a distance and them not being able to attack you. This is also a free skill, but there are items only members can equip.

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Before you can attack anybody you need a bow and some arrows.
You can buy these in an Archery Shop. Current Archery Shops are:
– Varrock, west of the eastern bank.
– Rimmington, on the main square
– Catherby, west of the Fishing Shop (members only)
– Grand Tree (Members only)
– Ranging Guild (Members only)
– Lathas Camp (Members only)

If you are a member, you can also fletch bows and arrows. See our fletching skill guide for more info.


Bows are the most used Ranging weapons in RuneScape. There are two types of bows:

Shortbows are for close ranged attacks. If you are just starting out training ranged, it is usually best to use shortbows for a while.

These are for long ranged attacks like from one side of Varrock centre to another. If you are attacking someone from long range distance you should use this, it has more accuracy and will hit more on long ranged shots.

Ogres Bows (Members Only)
Ogre Bows can only use Brutal or Ogre arrows.

Picture Name Needed ranged level to wield Attack bonus
Shortbow Shortbow 1 +8
Longbow Longbow 1 +8
Oak shortbow Oak Shortbow 5 +14
Oak longbow Oak Longbow 5 +14
Willow shortbow Willow Shortbow 20 +20
Willow longbow Willow Longbow 20 +20
Willow comp bow 20 +22
Maple shortbow Maple Shortbow 30 +29
Maple longbow Maple Longbow 30 +29
Comp ogre bow
Members only
30 +38
Yew shortbow Yew Shortbow
Members only
40 +47
Yew longbow Yew Longbow
Members only
40 +47
Yew comp bow
Members only
40 +49
Magic shortbow Magic Shortbow
Members only
50 +69
Members only
50 +69
Magic longbow Magic Longbow
Members only
50 +69
Magic comp bow Magic comp bow
Members only
40 +71
Dark bow Dark bow
Members only
60 +95
Crystal Bow
Members only
70 (With 50 Agility) +68
Zaryte bow
Members only
80 +120

Crystal Bow

Elven crystal can be grown into different items, like Crystal Bow. When the Crystal Bow is new, you can trade it, but once you've started to use it, it forms itself to the player, making it untradeable. This bow doesn't require any arrows, and it will become weaker as you use it. After 2500 uses it returns to the original state of Crystal Seed.

This bow has 10 phases to go trough before it returns to the original state. As stated above, it will be weaker and weaker:

Phase Ranged attack bonus
10/10 +100
9/10 +96
8/10 +92
7/10 +88
6/10 +84
5/10 +80
4/10 +76
3/10 +72
2/10 +68
1/10 +64


There are seven types of regular arrows, one for each of the basic metals: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune and Dragon. Only members can use the Rune and Dragon arrows. The better arrows you use, the better bow you need.

When you've fired the arrows, you can pick them up again. However, 25% of the time, your arrows will break, and they will just disappear. If you use the Rapid Attack Style, your arrows will break more often.

Also, members can poison all arrows with weapon poison. Read more in our Herblore guide.

Picture Name Required bow Average Price
Bronze arrow Bronze arrows Any 6 gp
Iron arrow Iron arrows Any 12 gp
Steel arrow Steel arrows Oak 30 gp
Mithril arrow Mithril arrows Willow 45 gp
Adamant arrow Adamant arrows Maple 120 gp
Rune arrow Rune arrows* Yew 280 gp
Dragon arrow Dragon arrows* Yew 4000 gp
*= Members only

Crossbows & Bolts

There are four kinds of Crossbows. Only the normal crossbow and Phoenix crossbow is available for free players.
  • Normal Crossbow
    This crossbow can be bought from any archery shop.
  • Phoenix Crossbow
    This bow can only be found by someone with the key to the cellar to the Phoenix Gang, and is not a gang member.
  • Metal Crossbows
    These bows are like the normal crossbows, but more powerful. The better the crossbow, the better bolts you can use with it, therefore dealing more damage to your opponent. The Dorgeshuun crossbow is obtainable after completing the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest, but can also be bought from fellow players and used before the quest has been done. The Dorgeshuun crossbow uses bone, bronze and iron bolts.
  • Karil's Crossbow
    This is a special crossbow, that you can get from the Barrows. This crossbow use Bolt Racks, which also can be found in the barrows, or bought in the general store in Port Phasmatys. Unlike other crossbows, Karil's one is two-handed and cannot be used with a shield.
The advantage in Crossbows is that you can wield a shield in addition to your crossbow.
The disadvantage is that the crossbow is much less accurate, so you will hit more zeros. However, when they hit, they can even hit more than their corresponding arrows (look at the bolts table).


Picture Name Needed level Range attack bonus Bolts
Crossbow 1 +6 Bronze
Phoenix Crossbow 1 +6 Bronze
Bronze Crossbow 1 +11 Bronze
Blurite Crossbow* 16 +17 Up to blurite
Iron Crossbow 26 +23 Up to iron
Dorgeshuun c'bow Dorgeshuun Crossbow** 28 +42 Bone & up to iron
Steel Crossbow 31 +28 Up to steel
Mithril Crossbow 36 +32 Up to mithril/mithril grapple
Adamant Crossbow 46 +41 Up to adamant
Hunters' crossbow Hunters' Crossbow 50 +55 Kebbit bolts
Rune Crossbow 61 +50 Up to rune
Karil's Crossbow 70 +84 Bolt Racks
* Must have completed The Knight's sword.


Bolts are made by players using the member's fletching skill, they are also dropped by different monsters such as Iron dragons etc. To tip bolts you must use a chisel with the gem of the tips you wish to make, to make that gems tips, e.g Emerald tips, then use the tips with your bolts. The bolts must be compatible with the tips. Barbed tips are avalible from the Rangers' Guild ticket salesman. To make silver bolts you must use a silver bar on a furnace whilst you have a silver bolt mould in your inventory. All bolts can be poisoned using weapon poison or super weapon poison just like arrows!

Some agility obstacles in RuneScape require a grapple to be used. You can make a grapple from making a mithril bolt (level 53 Smithing needed) then add a feather (level 54 Fletching needed). Then make a mith grapple tip (level 59 Smithing needed), Attach the mithril grapple tip to your mith bolt to make a mithril grapple! Then use a rope on your mithril grapple to complete it. Lastly equip your mithril grapple and crossbow to use the grapple agility shortcuts.
Note: Only bronze bolts are available to free players.

Picture Name Available tips to add
Bronze bolts Bronze bolts
Barbed, Opal
Blurite bolts
Iron bolts Iron bolts
Silver bolts None
Bone bolts None
Steel bolts
Red Topaz
Mithril bolts
Emerald, Sapphire, Mithril grapple
Adamant bolts
Ruby, Diamond
Kebbit bolts None
Long kebbit bolts None
Rune bolts
Dragonstone, Onyx
Bolt Rack* None
* Can only be used with Karil's Crossbow

Enchanted bolts

Some bolts when gem tips have been added and they have been enchanted using the level 4 "Enchant Crossbow Bolt" special have effects which can drain, hit higher, etc. When you use the spell, you will be able to select which type of enchantment you wish to use. The better the enchantment is, the higher magic level you need. Note that all enchanted bolts are untradeable.

Enchanted Bronze + Opal bolts: Lucky Lightning
Lucky lightning
Effect: Chance of a lightning bolt striking your opponent and causing extra damage.
Enchanted Blurite + Jade bolts: Earth's Fury
Earth's fury
Effect: Chance of knocking your opponent to the ground; agile opponents may resist this. (Must have completed The Knight's Sword)
Enchanted Iron + Pearl bolts: Sea Curse
Sea curse
Effect: Chance of a mighty bolt of water crashing down upon your opponent. This is negated by opponents wielding water staves, but is increased against fiery opponents.
Enchanted Steel + Red Topaz: Down to Earth
Down to Earth
Effect: Chance of lowering your opponent's Magic level. Only works on other players.
Enchanted Mithril + Sapphire: Clear Mind
Clear mind
Effect: Chance of lowering your opponent's Prayer points and giving part of them to you. Only works on other players.
Enchanted Mithril + Emerald bolts: Magical Poison
Magical poison
Effect: Bolts count as having super poison, with an increased chance of poisoning your opponent.
Enchanted Adamant + Ruby bolts: Blood Forfeit
Blood forfeit
Effect: Chance of losing 10% of your hitpoints to inflict 20% damage on your opponent. Does not work if you can't spare the hitpoints.
Enchanted Adamant + Diamond: Armour Piercing
Armour piercing
Effect: Chance of negating a sizeable portion of your opponent's defence against Ranged attacks.
Enchanted Rune + Dragonstone: Dragon's Breath
No image yet
Effect: Chance of inflicting a dragon's breath hit against your opponent, unless they have an anti-dragonbreath shield, or are some type of fiery beast such as a dragon.
Enchanted Rune + Onyx: Life Leech
No image yet
Effect: Chance of doing extra damage and healing a small amount. Does not work on undead, as they have no life to leech.

Throwing Weapons

All throwing weapons are Members only, and they are a good alternative to bows and arrows. There are 4 types of throwing weapons:
  • Throwing Knives
    These are just smithed. You will get 5 throwing knives per bar.
    They are poisonable, and you can wear a shield when using them.
  • Darts
    Before using Darts, you must complete The Tourist Trap. To make them, smith some Dart Tips, and then add feathers to it.
    They are poisonable, and you can use a shield when using them.
  • Javelins
    These are almost like spears, but you can throw them. You can buy them in the Ranging Guild.
    They are poisonable, and you can use a shield when using them.
    The prices in the table are from the Tribal Weapons Salesman in the Ranging Guild.
  • Throwing Axes
    A real barbarian weapon. These can also be bought in the Ranging Guild.
    They cannot be poisoned. You can wear a shield when using them.
    The prices in the table are from the Tribal Weapons Salesman in the Ranging Guild.

Throwing Knives

Picture Name Needed Ranging level
Bronze knife Bronze throwing knife 1
Iron knife Iron throwing knife 1
Steel knife Steel throwing knife 5
Black knife Black throwing knife 10
Mithril knife Mithril throwing knife 20
Adamant knife Adamant throwing knife 30
Rune knife Rune throwing knife 40


Picture Name Needed Ranging level
Bronze dart Bronze dart 1
Iron dart Iron dart 1
Steel dart Steel dart 5
Black dart Black dart* 10
Mithril dart Mithril dart 20
Adamant dart Adamant dart 30
Rune dart Rune dart 40
*= You can get these from looting killed Burthorpe guards


Picture Name Needed level Ranging attack bonus Price
Bronze javelin Bronze javelin 1 +5 5gp
Iron javelin Iron javelin 1 +8 7gp
Steel javelin Steel javelin 5 +12 31gp
Mithril javelin Mithril javelin 20 +17 83gp
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 30 +24 208gp
Rune javelin Rune javelin 40 +38 520gp

Throwing axes

Picture Name Needed level Ranging attack bonus Price
Bronze thrownaxe Bronze throwing axe 1 +4 3gp
Iron thrownaxe Iron throwing axe 1 +5 9gp
Steel thrownaxe Steel throwing axe 5 +8 33gp
Mithril thrownaxe Mithril throwing axe 20 +12 91gp
Adamant thrownaxe Adamant throwing axe 30 +17 228gp
Rune thrownaxe Rune throwing axe 40 +26 572gp


Ranged armour can protect you from ranged attacks and some of it can even protect you against Magic attacks.
Both free players and members can craft leather armour, but only members can craft dragonhides. See our Crafting guide for more information.

NOTE: All ranging armour gives 0 to stab, slash and crush bonus.

Leather armour

Everyone can use leather armour.
Picture Name Attack bonuses Defence Bonuses
Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
Leather cowl Leather cowl 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +2 +3
Leather vambraces Leather vambraces 0 +4 +2 +2 +1 0 0
Leather body Leather body -2 +2 +8 +9 +10 +4 +9
Leather chaps Leather chaps 0 +4 +2 +3 +1 0 0
Hardleather body Hardleather body -4 +8 +12 +15 +18 +6 +15
Coif Coif -1 +2 +4 +6 +8 +4 +4
Studded body Studded body -4 +8 +18 +25 +22 +8 +25
Studded chaps Studded chaps -5 +6 +15 +16 +17 +6 +16

Dragonhide items are much better than normal leather items, but they're more expensive, and they are harder to get.

They all need 40 defence to wear, but also require a ranged level depending on its colour:
  • Green dragonhide armour
    40 Ranged
  • Blue dragonhide armour
    50 Ranged - Members only
  • Red dragonhide armour
    60 Ranged - Members only
  • Black dragonhide armour
    70 Ranged - Members only

Dragonhide Armour

Picture Name Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses
Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
Green d'hide vamb Green dragonhide vambraces -10 +8 +3 +2 +4 +2 0
Green d'hide chaps Green dragonhide chaps -10 +8 +22 +16 +24 +8 +22
Green d'hide body Green dragonhide body -15 +15 +40 +32 +45 +20 +40
Blue d'hide vamb Blue dragonhide vambraces -10 +9 +4 +3 +5 +4 0
Blue d'hide chaps Blue dragonhide chaps -10 +11 +25 +19 +27 +14 +25
Blue d'hide body Blue dragonhide body -15 +20 +45 +37 +50 +30 +45
Red d'hide vamb Red dragonhide vambraces -10 +10 +5 +4 +6 +6 0
Red d'hide chaps Red dragonhide chaps -10 +14 +28 +22 +30 +20 +28
Red d'hide body Red dragonhide body -15 +25 +50 +42 +55 +40 +50
Black d'hide vamb Black dragonhide vambraces -10 +11 +6 +5 +7 +8 0
Black d'hide chaps Black dragonhide chaps -10 +17 +31 +25 +33 +26 +31
Black d'hide body Black dragonhide body -15 +30 +55 +47 +60 +50 +55

Karil's Armour

Karil the Tainted's set is a members only set of ranged armour with large bonuses. 70 defense and 70 ranged are both required to wear it. Note that if you wear the full set (chest, leg, helm, bow) you have a chance to temporarily drain an target's agility level if you hit them. It also loses durability over time, taking a total of 15 hours in combat to break it. You can repair damaged pieces at a few blacksmiths in Runescape or at an armour stand in a house.

Picture Name Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses
Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
Karil's Coif -1 +3 +6 +9 +12 +6 +10
Karil's Leathertop -15 +30 +47 +42 +50 +65 +57
Karil's Leatherskirt -10 +17 +26 +20 +28 +35 +33

Dwarf Multicannon

The Dwarf MultiCannon is a powerful ranging device allowing you to fire cannonballs (made in smithing by smelting steel bars while having a cannonball mould in your inventory). You have to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest before using it.

Cannon parts
Cannon base Base
Cannon stand Stand
Cannon barrels Barrels
Cannon furnace Furnace
The cannon can hit up to 30 hp at once, but the higher ranging level you have, the better will the cannon hit: If you are level 1 ranging, you will mostly hit below 10, if you are ranging level 60, you will often hit over 20.

To set up the cannon, follow these steps:
1. Set up the Cannon Base
2. Use the Stand on the Base
3. Use the Barrel on the unfinished cannon
4. Use the Furnace on the unfinished cannon
5. Use cannonballs on the Dwarf MultiCannon (max 30 at once)
6. Click on the cannon, and it will start firing at enemies.

As stated above, the cannon can not be loaded with more than 30 cannonballs at once. So you will need use more balls on the cannon regularly.
If you are not fighting, the cannon will shoot at ALL enemies. When you are fighting, the cannon will only shoot the enemy you are fighting, unless you are in a multicombat area (it will fire at all enemies anyway).
Note that the cannon can not be used against other players, like dueling, castle wars or fighting in wilderness.

If you use the cannon too much without picking it up, it will eventually decay. If this happens, you can get a new one for free from Nulodion.
If you for some reason don't pick up the cannon, for instance you've teleported from somewhere without picking it up, you can also get one for free.
If you die while the cannon is set up, you will also be able to get a new one.
However, if you die while the cannon is in your backpack, or you drop or trade it with other players, you won't get a new one.

The price for the cannon is 750K (750,000gp). If you buy all parts seperately, you will need to pay 250K (250,000gp) for each part, so it will cost you 1M gp.(1,000,000gp).
The street price is around 500-600K (500,000-600,000gp), so buying it from another player is the cheapest way to get a cannon.
When the cannon is sold to another player, the other player will now own the cannon, and if he dies, teleport or whatsoever, then he (and NOT the old owner) will be able to get a new cannon.
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