Herblore is an interesting skill, allowing you to make your own potions, poisons and drinks by combining the correct ingredients together. Each potion has a different effect when you drink it, such as raising a skill or curing poison. Some poisons allow you to poison a weapon. Herblore is a members-only skill, and you need to complete the Druidic Ritual quest before you can begin making potions and cleaning herbs.

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The Basics of Herblore

All potions are made with a specific herb, and another ingredient which is added to your unfinished potion. These ingredients can be obtained by killing monsters, but many of the secondary ingredients can also be found on the ground, items such as spider eggs and white berries which can be obtained in the deep Wilderness or at red spiders.

Nearly all creatures/humans in RuneScape drop herbs, but some creatures are better than others to kill if you are trying to get herbs. The best way to get herb drops is to kill Skeletons and Druids. You will need to clean the herb before you can use it in you potion, more about this later.

Making potions
To make a potion you need a water-filled vial. If your vial is empty you can fill it by using it on a sink or a fountain. Then, use your identified herb with your water-filled vials to get an Unfinished Potion. Then, use your secondary ingredient with your unfinished potion to complete it.

Vials can either be made in Crafting, bought in herblore shops, and you can even buy water-filled vials in Ardougne, Entrana and Shilo General Store.

Empty vial
Empty vial
Vial of water
Vial of water

Combining & Emptying potions

Most of the potions you will make has 3 doses, which means that you can drink/use it 3 times before the vials is empty, with exception to Weapon Poison which only has 1 dose (One dose is enough to poison a dagger or 15 arrows.) You can also use two potions of 3 doses together, and you will get one with 4 doses and one with 2 doses. Remember that the potion need to be of the same type, else it won't work. You can also choose the option “Empty Potion” to get an Unfilled Vial which you can use to make an other potion.

Greenman's Ale

Greenman's ale
This drink works like Wizard Mind Bomb and the Dwarven Stout, but it will give you a quick level to Herblore (1+, temporarily). This drink can be very useful if you are one level away from making a potion or if you are doing a quest and you are one Herblore level less the quest require. You can buy it from the bar in Yanille west of the Wizard’s guild for 10 gp. Greenman’s Ale is also used for the Bar Crawl which allows you to enter The Barbarian Outpost.

Cleaning Herbs

Before you add the Herb to the water filled vial you have to clean it. You can clean a herb by clicking on a grimy herb if you have a high enough level to do so. When you are a low level herblorist you may not be able to clean many herbs, but when you get better you will be able to clean more. Remember, you will need to be level 3 to clean the first herb!

Below there is a table with information on required levels to clean, and earned XP.
Picture Herb Name Needed Level Earned XP
Clean guam Guam 3 2.5
Clean rogue's purse Rogue's Purse 3 2.5
Clean marrentill Marrentill 5 3.8
Clean tarromin Tarromin 11 5
Clean harralander Harralander 20 6.3
Clean ranarr Ranarr 25 7.5
Clean toadflax Toadflax 30 8
Clean spirit weed Spirit weed 35 7.8
Clean irit Irit 40 8.8
Clean avantoe Avantoe 48 10
Clean kwuarm Kwuarm 54 11.3
Clean snapdragon Snapdragon 59 11.8
Clean cadantine Cadantine 65 12.5
Clean lantadyme Lantadyme 67 13.1
Clean dwarf weed Dwarf Weed 70 13.8
Clean torstol Torstol 75 15

Secondary Ingredients

As stated in the Basics of Herblore section of this guide, there is also a second ingredient in a potion, in addition to herbs. These ingredients are very different, and below, we have gathered information about the different ingredients.
Picture Name Where to get Used in
Eye of newt Eye of Newt Tavelry Herblore Shop or Magic Emporium in Port Sarim, dropped by Zombies Attack and Super Attack Potion
Unicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust Ground Unicorn Horns (dropped by Unicorns) with Pestle and Mortar, dropped by Chaos Druid Warriors Antipoison, Super Antipotion
Snake weed Snake Weed Marshy Swamp Vies (North of Cairn Isle), Southern Karamja. Relicym's Balm
Limpwurt root Limpwurt Root Common Hobgoblin and Hill Giant Drop. Strength and Super Strength Potion
Red spider's eggs Red spider's Egg Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon, 6 north of entrance; Varrock Sewers, 2 near Moss Giants; Karamja Dungeon, 1 near Deadly Red Spiders; Arandar Pass, 3 near deadly Red Spiders Restore and Super Restore Potion
Ashes Ashes Fire Remains, dropped by imps Serum 207
Chocolate Dust Cooking store in the Grand Tree; obtained by grinding chocolate bar; Cooking Guild; Port Sarim Food Store Energy Potion
Goat horn dust Obtained by crushing desert goats' horns, dropped by Goats Combat Potion
White Berries Wilderness level 36-42 on Red Dragon Isle; dropped by citizens in Canifis (in wolf form too) Defence and Super Defence Potion
Toads Legs Norhteast of Gnomeball field in Tree Gnome Stronghold; pick up toads South of Tavelry or Lumbridge Swamp and remove their legs. Agility Potion
Cockatrice egg Cockatrice egg Dropped by cockatrices in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. Summoning potion
Snape Grass Hobgoblins west of the Crafting Guild (3); uncommon drop by Chaos Druids and Chaos Druid Warriors. Prayer Potion, Fishing Potion
Mort Myre Fungi Nature Spirit Quest and Silver Sickle required. Cast bloom spell near rotten logs in Mort Myre Swamp. Super Energy Potion
Dragon Scale Dust Near Blue Dragons in Tavelry Dungeon (dust key required) Weapon and Anti-fire Breath Potion
Yew Roots Chop down a Yew and use a spade on the tree stump to dig up the roots. Extra-Strong Antipoison Potion
Wine of Zamorak Chaos Temple north of Goblin Village, use Telekinetic Grab, else the monks will not let you pick it up. Ranging Potion
Potato Cactus Kalphite dungeon, in the Kalphite Queen's chamber (5) Magic Potion
Jangerberries West of Yanille, on a small island. Either use Telekinetic grab or use a rope to swing across the river (level 30 agility required) Zamorak Potion
Magic Tree Roots Chop down a Magic Tree and use a spade on the tree stump to dig up the roots. Super-Strong Antipoison Potion
Poison Ivy Berries Can be farmed with the Farming Skill Super-Strong Weapon Poison Potion
Coconut Milk Smash a coconut with a hammer, and pour the milk into an empty vial. Used instead of water-filled vial. Super-Strong and Extra-Strong Poisons
Cactus Spine Not second ingredient, nor herb. Can only be farmed. Extra-Strong Weapon Poison Potion
Crushed nest Crushed Bird's Nest Use a Pestle and Mortar with a Bird's Nest, which can be obtained randomly while cutting wood. Saradomin's Brew
Nightshade Not second ingredient, nor herb. Can only be farmed. Super-Strong Weapon Poison Potion

Pestle and mortar

Grinding Ingredients

Some of the potions require you to grind up the secondary ingredient before you can add it to the Unfinished Potion. The item you need to do this is a Pestle and Mortar, use the item you wish to grind with the Pestle and Mortar, and it will be ground. The Pestle and Mortar is one item and can be bought in the Taverley Herblore shop.
Normal item Ground Item
Unicorn horn
Unicorn horn
Unicorn horn dust
Unicorn horn dust
Chocolate bar
Chocolate bar
Chocolate dust
Chocolate dust
Desert goat horn
Desert goat horn
Goat horn dust
Goat horn dust
Blue dragon scale
Blue dragon scale
Dragon scale dust
Dragon scale dust

Making the Potions

Now that you have the identified herb and your second ingredient, you may want to mix and make these potions?
As stated in the Basics of Herblore section of this guide, you will need to have one water-filled vial per potions you make.

Coconut milk
In the Extra-Strong and Super-Strong potions, you will need a Vial of Coconut Milk instead of a Vial of Water.
To make this, smash a coconut with a hammer, and pour the milk into a vial.

Below, we have made a table with information about required ingredients: both herb and second ingredient, needed level and earned XP.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP Primary ingredient Secondary ingredient Potion Effect
Attack Potion 3 25 Guam Leaf Eye of Newt Temporarily +12.5% Attack level
Anti-poison Potion 5 37.5 Marrentill Ground Unicorn Horn Cures poison if poisoned
Relicym's Balm 8 40 Rogue's Purse Snakeweed Cures Disease
Strength Potion 12 50 Tarromin Limpwurt Root Temporarily +12.5% Strength level
Serum 207 15 50 Tarromin Ash Heals afllicted in Mort'ton
Stats restore potion 22 62.5 Harralander Red Spiders' Eggs Restore all stats to maximum level except life points&prayer
Energy Potion 26 67.5 Harralander Chocolate Dust Restores 10% energy
Defence Potion 30 75 Ranarr Weed White Berries Temporarily +12.5% Defence level
Agility Potion 34 80 Toadflax Toads Legs Temporarily +3 levels to Agility
Combat Potion 36 84 Harralander Ground goat's horn Combined attack/strength potion
Prayer Potion 38 87.5 Ranarr Weed Snape Grass Restores 1/3 of overall prayer level (if drained)
Summoning potion Summoning potion 40 92 Spirit weed Cockatrice egg Restores 7-31 Summoning points
Super Attack Potion 45 100 Irit Leaf Eye of Newt Temporarily +20% Attack level
Super antipoison 48 107.5 Irit Leaf Unicorn Horn Dust Cures poison and gives temporarily protection to further poison
Fishing Potion 50 112.5 Avantoe Snape Grass Temporarily +3 levels to Fishing
Super Energy Potion 52 117.5 Avantoe Mort Myre Fungi Restores 20% energy
Super Strength Potion 55 125 Kwuarm Limpwurt Root Temporarily +20% Strength level
Weapon Poison Potion 60 137.5 Kwuarm Ground Blue Dragon Scale Poisons 5 ranged ammos, 1 dagger or 1 spear
Super Restore Potion 63 142.5 Snapdragon Red Spiders' Eggs Restores non-combat stats as well as combat ones. It can be used as a better version of a prayer potion as it restores 38.33% of your prayer points.
Super Defence Potion 66 150 Cadantine White Berries Temporarily +20% Defence level
(Extra-strong antipoison)
68 155 Toadflax Yew Roots + Coconut Milk* Cures poisoning, and gives longer immunity than Super Antipotion.
Antifire Potion 69 157.5 Lantadyme Ground Blue Dragon Scale Temporary resistance to Dragon's Firebreath (full if wearing antidragon shield)
Ranging Potion 72 162.5 Dwarf Weed Wine of Zamorak Temporarily +15% Ranging level
Weapon poison(+)
73 165 Cactus Spine Red Spider's Egg + Coconut Milk* This poison is stronger than normal poison
Magic Potion 76 172.5 Lantadyme Potato Cactus Temporarily +4 magic levels
Zamorak brew 78 175 Torstol Jangerberries Life points & Defence lowered by 10%, +10% strength, +20% attack
(Super-strong antipoison)
79 177.5 Irit Leaf Magic Tree Roots + Coconut Milk* Cures poison and gives long immunity
Saradomin's Brew 81 180 Toadflax Crushed Bird's Nest -(10%+2) Attack, strength, magic, range; +(20%+2) defence; +(15%+20) life points
Weapon poison(++)
82 190 Nightshade Poison-Ivy Berries + Coconut Milk* Strongest Weapon Poison
* Coconut Milk is made by smashing a coconut with a hammer, and pouring the milk into an empty vial. Used instead of water-filled vial.

Quest potions and herbs

There are some herbs potions that are only used in quests. Below we have gathered information about different quest potions.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP Used Herb Secondary Ingredient Info
Relicym's Balm 8 40 Rogues Purse Snake Weed Used in the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, cures disease.
Serum 207 15 50 Tarromin Ashes Used in Shades of Mort'ton quest, heals afflicted in Mort'ton
Blamish Oil 25 80 Harralander Blamish Snail Slime Heroes' Quest. Use on Fishing Rod to make Oily Rod, used to fish Lava Eeels
Troll Potion 31 77.5 Ranarr Weed Troll Thistle Eadgar's Ruse quest.
Bravery 45 0 Ardrigal Snake Weed Enables the player to explore a cave in Legends' Quest.

Below, there is a table with information about herbs that are used in the Jungle Potion quest (sorted alphabetically).

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Ardrigal 3 2.5
Clean rogue's purse Rogue's Purse 3 2.5
Sito Foil 3 2.5
Snake Weed 3 2.5
Volencia Moss 3 2.5

Guthix Rest

The Guthix's Rest is like a tea, but is made with herblore ingredients and gives herblore experience. It cures poisoning, restores run energy and boost life points by 50 if you have full health.

How to make it:
1. Get a bowl, fill it with water and heat it.
2. Pour the water into a Tea Cup.
3. Add 1 Harralander, 2 Guam Leaves and 1 Marrentill.

Image Name Needed level Earned XP
Guthix Rest 18 59.5

Guide credits
Written by: Psi Command and Aliensvortex
The basics of Herblore: Psi Command
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