Runecrafting is the skill you need to make runes. You have to do the Rune Mysteries quest before you can use this skill, but the quest is very easy, and everything you have to do, is to talk. To train this skill, you don't need much. You only need a pickaxe to get the Rune (or Pure) Essence and the talisman of the rune you want to craft.

NOTE: Everything written in italic in this guide is members only. Also, Only members can craft Cosmic, Chaos, Nature, Law, Death Runes, Blood, and Soul Runes.

Rune Essence Mining map

Mining Rune Essences and Pure Essences

To start, you have to mine the rune essence. To do this, you should only gather the pickaxe with you.

To enter the rune essence mining fields, you have to be teleported by one of these magicians:

F2P teleportations:

• Aubury in the rune shop in Varrock
• Head Wizard in the basement of Wizard Tower

Member teleportations:

Wizard Distentor in the Magic Guild
Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne
Brimstail in the underground cave in Tree Gnome Village.

Once you get teleported, you'll be in a cave with four rooms with a giant rock in the middle of each room. You will be teleported into one of the rooms. You have to mine one of the large rocks in the middle of a room to get the rune essences.

To get out of the cave, go through the portal. Bank the essences and go back to mine more, and when you have many essences, craft them.

There are currently two types of essences:

Rune Essence
The Rune Essence can be used to make the 6 basic runes: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind and Body runes, but cannot be used to make runes that can only be crafted on members servers, such as Chaos Runes or combination runes.

Pure Essence
The Pure Essence can be used to make any rune, including the high-level runes and combination runes. Monsters dropping essences will always drop the Pure essences. To mine the Pure Essence, you will have to be on a members-only world, and have higher than level 30 in mining.

For each essence you get, you will earn 5 mining XP.

Talismans and Altars


Talismans are either obtained as quest rewards, monster drops, or bought off the Grand Exchange. They are commonly available.
Picture Name How to get it
Air talisman Air Given by Sedridor in Rune Mysteries Quest, dropped by lvl2 goblins.
Mind talisman Mind Dropped by Imps, Wizards, Dark Wizards, Yanille Tower Guards, Colonel Radick
Water talisman Water Dropped by Wizards and Dark Wizards
Earth talisman Earth Dropped by Men & women, Al Kharid Warriors, Farmers, Rogues
Fire talisman Fire Wizards, Dark Wizards, Guards, lvl18 skeletons, Phoenix Guardians
Body talisman Body Wizards, Dark Wizards, Guards, Hill Giants
Cosmic talisman Cosmic Dropped by Lesser Demons, Ice Giants, Otherworldly Beings, given from Mysterious Old Man, found in Caskets (Big Net Fishing)
Chaos talisman Chaos Dropped by Lesser Demons, Fire Giants, lvl 45 skeletons, Moss Giants, Chaos Dwarfs, Shadow Warriors, Otherworldly Beings, Hobgoblins, Mountain Dwarfs, Black Demons, Baby Blue Dragons, Ice Warriors, given by Mysterious Old Man
Nature talisman Nature Dropped by Barbarians, Hobgoblins, Jogres, Moss Giants, Red Dragons, Black Knights, White Knights, Paladins, Ice Warriors, Mountain trolls, Thiefs, Lesser Demons, Greater Demons
Law talisman Law Drop from various monsters including Abyssal creatures, Guards, Terrorbirds, Tortoises, Ghouls, and Paladins.
Death talisman Death Obtained during the Mourning's Ends Part II quest.
Blood talisman Blood Obtained at the end of the Legacy of Seergaze quest.
Elemental talisman Elemental Dropped by monsters within the Abyss. It can be used at any of the four Elemental Altars. It cannot be used for combination runes or made into a tiara.
Omni talisman Omni Obtained through playing the Great Orb Project. It grants access to all runecrafting altars and can be made into a tiara or a staff.

Altar Locations

You can use your talisman to locate altars, just right click and select locate, as shown on the picture below. To enter the altar, use the talisman with the mysterious ruins. If you have a tiara, you cannot locate the altar, but you will be able to wear it (thus saving one inventory slot) and enter the altar by simply clicking on it.

Below, you can see information about each altars' locations.
Altar Location Map
Air Between Varrock and Barbarian Village. Just southwest of the Cooking Guild next to the River. Location map
Mind Between Goblin Village and Dwarven Mountain, just south of Wilderness. Location map
Water South-east from the start location for the Lost City Quest, in Lumbridge Swamp Location map
Earth North-east from Varrrock, not far from the Jolly Boar Inn Location map
Fire Just north of the duelling arena in Al Kharid Desert, south from the mining field Location map
Body South of the Monastery between Dwarven Mountain and Barbarian Village. Location map
Cosmic In Lost City, south of the cow pen, in the end of a long tunnel. Location map
Chaos Level 9 wilderness, north of Edgeville, south of the Dark Warriors Castle Location map
Astral Lunar Isle Location map
Nature Just north of Shilo Village, in the southern part of the Karamjan Jungle Location map
Law Northern part of Entrana, just over the bridge leading to Firebird and the Unicorns Location map
Death Light Temple (Mourning's Ends Part II) N/A
Blood Meiyerditch laboratory N/A


Instead of using a talisman when making runes, you can also use a Tiara, that you can wear. This way you will have one extra inventory space for an essence, and you can simply click on the altar to enter it. Each rune has its own Tiara.

Making Tiaras
Unpowered Tiaras can be made in the Crafting skill with silver. Read more about making tiaras here.
After you've made it, you will have to enchant it. Go to the altar of your choice, while having the talisman and an unpowered Tiara.
"Craft" at the altar, and the talisman will power the Tiara. Once you've done this, you will lose you talisman, but you will get the enchanted Tiara.
Tiaras can be made in every altar you can enter. Below is a table showing how much XP you get for empowering the different tiaras.
Picture Tiara Earned XP
Air tiara Air 25
Mind tiara Mind 27.5
Water tiara Water 30
Earth tiara Earth 32.5
Fire tiara Fire 35
Body tiara Body 37.5
Cosmic tiara Cosmic 40
Chaos tiara Chaos 42.5
Nature tiara Nature 45
Law tiara Law 47.5
Death tiara Death 50
Blood tiara Blood 52.5
Omni tiara Omni -

The Runes: XP, needed level and multiple runes

The higher runecrafting level you get, the better runes you can craft. In addition, you can make more than one rune per essence if you have higher level.

NOTE: Crafting cosmic, chaos, nature, law and death runes is only possible on member servers!

Needed levels and earned XP

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Air rune Air 1 5
Mind rune Mind 2 5.5
Water rune Water 5 6
Earth rune Earth 9 6.5
Fire rune Fire 14 7
Body rune Body 20 7.5
Cosmic rune Cosmic 27 8
Chaos rune Chaos 35 8.5
Astral rune Astral 40 8.7
Nature rune Nature 44 9
Law rune Law 54 9.5
Death rune Death 65 10
Blood rune Blood 77 10.5

Multiple runes per essences

Rune info Needed level to make multiple
Picture Name 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x 10x
Air rune Air 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
Mind rune Mind 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 - -
Water rune Water 19 38 57 76 95 - - - -
Earth rune Earth 26 52 78 - - - - - -
Fire rune Fire 35 70 - - - - - - -
Body rune Body 46 92 - - - - - - -
Cosmic rune Cosmic 59 - - - - - - - -
Chaos rune Chaos 74 - - - - - - - -
Astral rune Astral 82 - - - - - - - -
Nature rune Nature 91 - - - - - - - -
Law rune Law - - - - - - - - -
Death rune Death - - - - - - - - -
Blood rune Blood - - - - - - - - -

Combination Runes

Combination runes can only be used on member servers, and can serve as two different runes at the same time.

To make a combination rune, you need to bring the talisman of one of the runes you want to combine, and go to the altar for the other rune you want to combine.
If you want to make the Mist Rune, which is a combination of Air and Water, you can do one of these:
• Go to the Air Altar, with a Water Talisman and Water Runes.
• Go to the Water Altar, with an Air Talisman and Air Runes.
Remember, you will also need essences.

Once you're in the altar, enter it and craft normally. This will use up the original runes, your essences AND YOUR TALISMAN. Also, combining Runes only have 50% chance of success. However, you can wear a Necklace of Binding to increase the chance rate to 100%. The Necklace will allow you to make 15 combination runes before running out.
Picture Rune Needed level Earned XP Made from
Mist rune Mist 6 8- Air & Water
Dust rune Dust 10 8.3 Air & Earth
Mud rune Mud 13 9.31 Water & Earth
Smoke rune Smoke 15 9.48 Air & Fire
Steam rune Steam 19 10 Water & Fire
Lava rune Lava 23 10.48 Earth & Fire


Bar none, pouches are the best update runecrafters have ever received in this game. They allow you to carry extra essence each trip, allowing you to create more runes, allowing you to get more experience and cash. They are obtained via a couple different methods, though killing creatures in the abyss is the original method. You can position your pouches in your inventory so that it is easiest for you to click quickly to empty at the altar. It varies from person to person, so choose what fits you best. You can only obtain one of each pouch, so make sure to get them all!

Pouches degrade over time and must be repaired. You can do this by talking to the Dark Mage in the middle of the Abyss, using the lunar spell 'Contact NPC' (talk to the Dark Mage), or by paying Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild.

Picture Name Essence Held RC level Obtained From
Small pouch Small Pouch 3 1 Abyss Drop
Medium pouch Medium Pouch 6 25 Abyss Drop, Wizard Korvak
Large pouch Large Pouch 9 50 Abyss Drop, Wizard Korvak
Giant pouch Giant Pouch 12 75 Abyss Drop, Wizard Korvak


The Abyss is a place that grants quick access to Runecrafting altars. To gain access, you must first complete a small task by the Zamorak mage located just north of Edgeville. This is the same mage that you must talk to each time to be teleported to the Abyss. While the Abyss is a great place to quickly access Runecrafting altars, the return of player-killing has made this a very dangerous method. You must pass the player-killers, enter the Abyss, then make your way past even more creatures attacking you in a multi-combat area to get to your respective altar. This sounds mindboggling, but it is actually quite simple.

When you enter the Abyss, you will have your prayer drained to zero and become skulled. The area consists of two things: an inner and outer circle. You begin on the outside and must find a way to the inside. There are shortcuts that require various skills to cross through. Higher levels will give you a higher success rate (meaning faster runecrafting runs). Skills that may be required are thieving, woodcutting, mining, firemaking, and agility. You don't need to meet the requirements for ALL of them. Instead, you can just bring a pickaxe and find a mining entrance each time. When you enter the inner ring, you will find portals in the middle. Simply find the portal that corresponds to the altar you want to go to. In the very center is the Dark Mage, who will repair your pouches when they degrade.

The most common method of using the Abyss is to have a bank full of charged Amulet of Glorys. Run through the Abyss, craft your runes, teleport to Edgeville, bank and repeat.

Zamorak Mage Institute (ZMI) / Ourania Altar

Looking for fast runecrafting experience? Then look no further. The ZMI Altar is the fastest experience for runecrafting on a consistent basis. There isn't much profit involved (if any), but the experience is the best. The entrance to this altar is near the Red Sallamanders hunter spot, north of Castle Wars. There is a banker located near the altar that requires payments of runes to access his bank each time. He charges 20 of any one rune each time. There are two different routes to get from the banker and entrance to the altar. The long route is completely safe and involves running around a windy maze and crossing through an Agility shortcut. The short route consists of running through some medium level zamorak rangers and warriors.

The most effective way to use the ZMI Altar is to fill up your bank. Have your three largest pouches, an air staff, weight-reducing gear, and lots of one type of rune for payment (fires work great). You will also want to be on the Lunar spellbook. There is a ZMI Runecrafting world that will make this place completely safe because of the mass numbers of players. Prayer isn't even needed, but it doesn't hurt to use it.

  1. Talk to the banker and use Fire Runes for payment to withdraw pure ess
  2. Fill up your pouches through 2-3 transactions
  3. Run along the short route using protect from range (leave on if you want)
  4. Craft your runes at the altar, empty the pouches, craft again
  5. Use the 'OuraniaTeleport' spell
  6. Run back down the ladder and recharge prayer at the altar if needed
  7. Talk to the banker and go again!

Explorer's Ring

The Explorer's Ring 2 from the Lumbridge and Draynor achievement diary has a 10% chance to craft an additional rune per essence you use. This only works with air, water, earth, and fire runes and the chance is for each essence. This means that you will get an average of about 3 extra essence per trip.
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