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By calling upon the gods of RuneScape, you can perform acts such superhuman strength or invulnerability. As well as using magic spells, you can also pray to the gods of Runescape to give you an higher advantage. However, you have to train this skill. The better prayer level you have, the greater are your advantages.

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Training prayer, bones info

Training your prayer level is very easy, but getting experience is very slow. All you have to do, is bury bones from killed animals/monsters/characters. But not all monsters drop bones, such as imps, demons, ghosts and other characters that shouldn't have any bones.
Here are the different types of bones:

Picture Name Earned XP
Bones Bones 4.5
Burnt bones Burnt bones 4.5
Wolf bones Wolf bones 4.5
Monkey bones Monkey bones 5
Bat bones Bat bones 5.25
Big bones Big bones 15
Jogre bones Jogre bones 15
Zogre bones Zogre bones 22.5
Shaikahan bones Shaikahan bones 25
Babydragon bones Babydragon bones 30
Wyvern bones Skeletal wyvern bones 50
Dragon bones Dragon bones 72
Fayrg bones Fayrg bones 84
Raurg bones Raurg bones 96
Dagannoth bones Dagannoth bones 125
Ourg bones Ourg bones 140
Frost dragon bones Frost dragon bones 180

How to get bones

Now, you know how good each bones are, maybe you're asking yourself: "How can I get all these bones?"

Normally, people are burying the bones they get from character they have killed. But you can also collect and bury the bones in respawn area. However, this is very boring, so if prayer isn't the most important skill for you, you should bury them after killing characters. Monsters like demons, imps, ghosts, scorpions, spiders, insects, animated axes etc will not drop bones.

You can get normal bones from killed animals, all humans, dwarfs, gnomes etc.
Burnt bones
Burnt bones can be found some places in wilderness, like Greater Demons hut. Beware of Revenants when you bury these!

Wolf bones
Dropped by all wolves: White Wolf, Desert Wolf, Grey Wolf, Big Wolf etc.
Monkey bones
Dropped by all monkeys: Monkey, Archer Monkey, Monkey guard etc.
Bat bones
Dropped by Giant Bats in all levels.
Big bones
Dropped by all giants: Hill Giant, Moss Giant, Ogre, Ice Giant etc.
Jogre bones
Dropped by Jogres
Zogre bones
Dropped by Zogres and Skogres.
Shaikahan bones
Dropped by The Shaikahan
Baby Dragon bones
Dropped by Baby Blue Dragon
Skeletal wyvern bones
Dropped by Skeletal Wyverns (72 Slayer needed)
Fayrg, Raurg and Ourg bones
Can be stolen from Ogre Coffins.
Dragon Bones
Dropped by all dragons (not baby): Green Dragons, Red dragons, steel dragons, bronze dragons, black dragons etc.
Dagannoth bones
Dropped by the Dagannoth Kings

Using prayer

To view the prayer menu, just click on the prayer icon in the game interface.

When you're using a prayer spell, your prayer level will slowly drain, and when it's at zero, you have to recharge you prayer. The draining rate depends on the prayer, and the equipment you use. Each of the different prayers can be turned on or off, but only one of the different prayer types can be used at once.

The prayers have different icons when they available, in use or unavailable.

Prayer that you have level to use
Prayer in use
Prayer that you don't have the required level to use


Picture Name Needed level Description Prayer type
Thick skin Thick Skin 1 Increases your defence by 5% Defence
Burst of strength Burst of Strength 4 Increases your strength by 5% Strength
Clarity of thought Clarity of Thought 7 Increases your attack by 5% Attack
Sharp eye Sharp Eye 8 Increases range by 5% Range
Rock skin Rock Skin 10 Increases your defence by 10% Defence
Superhuman strength Superhuman Strength 13 Increases your strength by 10% Strength
Improved reflexes Improved Reflexes 16 Increases your attack by 10% Attack
Rapid restore Rapid Restore 19 2x restore rate for all stats except life points and prayer. Restore
Rapid heal Rapid Heal 22 2x restore rate for life points. Healing
Protect item Protect Item 25 Keep 1 extra item if you die. Item protection
Hawk eye Hawk Eye 26 Increases range by 10% Range
Mystic lore Mystic Lore 27 Increases magic by 10% Magic
Steel skin Steel Skin 28 Increases your defense by 15%. Defence
Ultimate strength Ultimate Strength 31 Increases your strength by 15%. Strength
Incredible Reflexes Incredible Reflexes 34 Increases your attack by 15%. Attack
Protect from Summoning Protect from Summoning 35 100% Immunity to familiars' right-click abilities, 40% damage reduction from familiars' special moves Protection
Protect from Magic Protect from Magic 37 100% Immunity to monsters' Magic attacks, 40% damage reduction from player Magic attacks, 50% reduction in effect of player spells Protection
Protect from Missiles Protect from Missiles 40 100% Immunity to monsters' Ranged attacks, 40% damage reduction from player Ranged attacks Protection
Protect from Melee Protect from Melee 43 100% Immunity from monsters' Melee attacks, 40% damage reduction from player melee attacks Protection
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 44 Increases your ranged by 15% Ranged
Mystic Might Mystic Might 45 Increases your magic by 15% Magic
Retribution Retribution 46 If this prayer is active when you die, it deals damage of up to 25% of your max-Prayer to all nearby enemies* N/A
Redemption Redemption 49 If this prayer is active when your health drops below 10% but doesn't reach 0 life points, you will be healed for 25%*10 of your maximum Prayer N/A
Smite Smite 52 If this prayer is active when you are fighting another player, they will lose 1 Prayer point for every four points of damage you do to them** N/A
Chivalry Chivalry 60 Increases your defence by 20%, your strength by 18% and your attack by 15%*** Attack, Strength and Defence
Piety Piety 70 Increases your defence by 25%, your strength by 23% and your attack by 20%*** Attack, Strength and Defence
* This prayer won't hurt other players outside of PvP areas, and it won't hit multiple targets in non-multiway combat zones
    • This prayer drain effect isn't affected by your victim's protection prayers
      • Knights Wave training ground must be complete to use these prayers (King's Ransom)

Prayer items

There are many different armours, shields and weapons that you can wield to make your prayer better. The best combination, however, is monks robe (bottom and top), the best mace you can wear, holy symbol, and a book (members can use this as shield).

Armour and Robes

Image Name Prayer bonus
Monk's robe (top) Monk's robe (top) +6
Monk's robe (bottom) Monk's robe (bottom) +5
Shade robe (top) Shade robe (top) +5
Shade robe (bottom) Shade robe (bottom) +4
Druid's robe (top) Druid robe (top) +4
Druid's robe (bottom) Druid robe (bottom) +4
Zamorak robe (top) Zamorak robe (top) +3
Zamorak robe (bottom) Zamorak robe (bottom) +3
Priest gown (top) Priest gown (top) +3
Priest gown (bottom) Priest gown (bottom) +3
Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak robe top +4
Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak robe bottoms +4
White knight armour (any) +1
Initiate sallet +3
Initiate hauberk +6
Initiate cuisse +5
Proselyte sallet +4
Proselyte hauberk +8
Proselyte cuisse +5
Proselyte tasset +5
Helm of neitiznot Helm of neitiznot +3
Verac's helm Verac's helm +3
Verac's brassard Verac's brassard +5
Verac's plateskirt Verac's plateskirt +4
Bandos chestplate Bandos chestplate +1
Bandos tassets Bandos tassets +1
Bandos boots +1


Image Name Prayer bonus
Bronze mace Bronze mace +1
Iron mace Iron mace +1
Steel mace Steel mace +2
Black mace Black mace +2
Mithril mace Mithril mace +3
Adamant mace Adamant mace +3
Rune mace Rune mace +4
Dragon mace Dragon mace +5
White knight weapons (any) +1
TokTz-Mej-Tal +5
Verac's flail Verac's flail +6
Saradomin sword +2
Zamorakian spear +2
Godsword (any) +8
Ancient mace +3
Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak crozier +6
Black cane +2
Adamant cane +3
Rune cane +4
Wolfbane +5
Keris +2
Blessed mithril axe +2
Ivandis flail +5


Image Name Prayer bonus
Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak cloak +3
Fire cape Fire cape +2
Attack cape (t) Skill cape (t) +4


Image Name Prayer bonus
Holy symbol Blessed Holy Symbol +8
Unholy symbol Unholy Symbol of Zamorak +8
Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak stole +10
Amulet of power Amulet of power +1
Amulet of glory Amulet of glory +3
Amulet of fury Amulet of fury +5
Berserker necklace Berserker necklace +3
Explorer's ring 1-3 +1


Image Name Prayer bonus
Holy book +5
Unholy book +5
Book of balance +5
Broodoo shield (any) +5
Falador shield 1 +3
Falador shield 2 +5
Falador shield 3 +7
Spirit shield +1
Blessed Spirit Shield +3
Arcane Spirit Shield +3
Divine Spirit Shield +3
Elysian Spirit Shield +3
Spectral Spirit Shield +3

Protection Prayers

The protection prayers (Protect from Summoning, Magic, Missiles and Melee) are very useful. These can protect you 100% against all monsters, so they will only hit you 0. However, you can only use one of these at once. The protection prayers doesn't protect you from Dragon Breath.

These are very useful if you are fighting high level monsters, who normally do a lot of damage. Like the other prayers, it will drain slowly when you're using it. Remember that if you are training with a protection prayer, bring Prayer Potions to keep your prayer from draining totally.

Against other players, you won't get 100% protection. Therefore, in Castle Wars, Duel Arena and Wilderness, you will only get 40% protection from other players. Even if it's only 40%, it can be very useful in some situations.

Recharging your prayer

An altar
Locations of altars in RuneScape
When you use prayer, the prayer rate will slowly drain. To recharge it, you have to pray at an altar. Altars are found all over RuneScape, mainly in churches.

A small map where you can find all altars to recharge on is shown to the right. Check the main map to find them.
If there is not an altar nearby, you may drink or eat special items to recharge your prayer:

Picture Item How to get Effect
Prayer potion Prayer restore potion Made by mixing Ranarr weed and Snape grass with Herblore Restores 30% of your prayer points. (2 extra prayer points are restored if you are carring the Holy Wrench from Rum Deal)
Super stat restore potion Made by mixing Snapdragon and Red spider's eggs with Herblore Restores 38.33% of your prayer points.
Jangerberries Jangerberries Spawns on the Ogre Island slightly west of Yannile, can also be farmed. 1 Prayer Point.
Falador Shield (1-3) Falador achievement diary reward. Restores a percentage of your prayer once per day. 25% (1), 50% (2), 100% (3)

Ancient Mace

During the quest Another Slice of H.A.M., you are given the Ancient Mace. Besides giving a prayer bonus, it has a special attack that adds the damage you do to your prayer points. These points you gain can go over the maximum and do not go away like a stat boosting potion.

For example, if you hit a 13 with 64/64 prayer, you would have 77/64 prayer that you keep until you use it up, die, or have it reset some other way.

The prayer bonus it gives is great for boss fights where a few extra points could give you an edge or save a spot that would otherwise be occupied by a prayer restore potion. Also, since the special takes 100% of the meter to use, here are some things that can help you get the most out of it.

• Use the special a while before you go into a fight so that your meter can recharge for you to use special attacks on a weapon with a better special attack.
• Recharge your prayer points before you use the special.
• Equip as many items with +strength that you can.
• Attack a monster that is easy to hit and has a decent amount of life points. (look for something with 150-200 life points)
• Activate a prayer with a strength bonus just long enough for the special attack and then deactivate it quickly afterward. Charging your prayer at the monastery would be a good idea for this for the additional 2 points so that you do not use up any points. Piety and chivalry are good choices for prayers because they also give an attack bonus.
• If you want, drink a dose of a strength and maybe attack potion before you do the special to do even more damage.

The Ancient Mace also counts as a Bandos item for the God Wars Dungeon.
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