Thieving is a members only skill where you can pickpocket characters all around RuneScape, steal from different stalls, lockpick locked doors and steal from chests around the RuneScape World. Thieving is a relatively popular skill, and is especially popular amongst farmers who pickpocket Master farmers for seeds.


When pickpocketing, all you have to do, is right click on the character you want to pickpocket, and select "Pickpocket". An exception is the Master Farmer, where you just can click on him.

If you're successful, you will get a loot and some experience. However, if you're caught, you will be stunned for a few seconds and be hurt.

Pic Name Level XP Dmg. if stunned Location Loot
Man, Woman 1 8 10 All around RuneScape 3 gp
Farmer 10 14.5 10 Farms 9 gp
Female H.A.M 15 18.5 10* H.A.M. Headquarters Read below the table*
Male H.A.M 20 22.5 10-30* H.A.M. Headquarters Read below the table*
Warriors 25 26 20 Al-Kharid, Ardougne 18 gp
Rogue 32 35.5 20 Level 54 wilderness 25/40gp, 8 air runes, Iron dagger (p), Wine, lockpick
Master Farmer 38 43 30 Draynor village Seeds. For full list, click here
Guards 40 46.5 20 Many cities 30 gp
Fremennik 45 65 20 Relekka 40 gp
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit 45 79.4 40 Pollnivneach Antipoison, lockpick, 40 coins
Desert Bandit 53 79 30 Pollniveach 30-50 gp, antipoison (1), lockpick
Knight of Ardougne 55 84.5 30 Ardougne 50 gp
Pollnivnian Bandit 55 84.3 50 Pollnivneach 50 gp
Yanille Watchman 65 137.5 30 Yanille Watchtower 60 gp + bread
Menaphite Thug 65 137.5 50 Pollnivneach 60 gp
Paladin 70 152 30 Ardougne 80 gp + 2 chaos runes
Gnome 75 198.5 30 Gnome Stronghold, Tree gnome village 200-400gp, 1 earth rune, swamp toad, gold ore, king worm, fire orb
Hero 80 275 40 Ardougne 100-300gp, 2 death runes, blood rune, fire orb, gold ore, wine, cut diamond
Elf 85 353.3 50 Lletya 280/350 gp, 3 nature runes, diamond, wine, 2 death runes, fire orb, gold ore
Dwarf Trader 90 556.5 10*** Keldagrim 100/400 coins, noted bronze bar, noted iron bar, noted steel bar, noted mithril bar, noted adamantite bar, noted runite bar, noted tin ore, noted copper ore, noted iron ore, noted mithril ore, noted adamantite ore, noted runite ore, noted coal, level 3 clue scroll
* Sometimes when you're hit by H.A.M. followers, you will either be hit over the head and removed from the H.A.M. area, or you will be put in the H.A.M. jail. To get out, picklock the door. (thieving level 1)
Possible loots are:
Small amount of money, tinderbox, different logs, uncut gems, raw chicken or anchovies, H.A.M. clothes, level 1 clue scrolls, and other worthless items: rusty swords, damaged armour etc.

** Seeds dropped from Master Farmer and found in Seed Stalls are:
Herb (14 different seeds), Belladonna, Limpwurt, Poison Ivy, Watermelon, Jangerberry Bush, Cactus, Wildlood, Potato, Asgarnian Hop, Woad, Strawberry, Onion, Yanillian Hop, Nasturtium, Marigold, Barley, Rosemary, Jute, Tomato, Hammerstone Hop, Redberry Bush, Cabbage, Sweetcorn, Krandorian Hop, Dwellberry Bush, Cadavaberry Bush, Mushroom Spore

*** Even though the dwarf trader will only deal a small amount of damage, you will also be attacked by level 86 guards, even if you're still stunned. You can pay the director of your company like you did in The Giant Dwarf to stop them from attacking you for 10 minutes.

Stealing from Stalls

Characters are not the only things you can steal from. There are also stalls in some cities around the RuneScape world. After you have stolen from a stall, you will either have to wait until the items are back, or move to another stall.

But stealing from stalls isn't that easy. You have to watch out for the stall owner and guards, paladins, heroes, etc. If the stall owner catches you, he/she will only be yelling and you will be unsuccessful. However, if a guard, paladin or hero sees you stealing from stalls, you will be attacked.

Level XP Watch out for Loot Respawn time
Vegetable Stall
2 10 Greengrocer, Skaeling Tomato, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Cabbage 1 sec
Baker's Stall
5 16 Baker, Warrior, Guard Cake, Bread, Slice of Chocolate Cake 2.5 sec
Crafting Stall
5 16 Monkey Archers Chisel, Ring Mould, Necklace Mould 6.5
General Stall
5 16 Monkey Archers Pot, Hammer, Tinderbox 6.5
Food Stall
5 16 N/A Banana 6.5
Tea Stall
5 16 Tea Merchant Cup of Tea 6.5
Rock Cake Stall
15 6.5 N/A Rock Cake N/A
Silk Stall
20 24 Silk Merchant, Guards, Knights Silk 6.5
Seed Stall
27 10 Olivia, Market guard Seeds. For full list, click here. 12.5
Fur Stall
35 36 Fur Merchant, Guard Grey Wolf Fur 15
Fish Stall
42 42 Fish Monger, Market Guard, Skraeling Raw Tuna, Raw Salmon, Raw Lobster 20
Silver Stall
50 54 Silver Merchant, Guard, Warrior Silver Ore 30
Spice Stall
65 81 Spice Merchant, Knight of Ardougne, Paladin Spice 80
Magic Stall
65 100 Monkey Archers 1 Air, Earth, Fire, Water or Law Rune 80
Scimitar Stall
65 100 Monkey Archers Iron Scimitar 80
Gem Stall
75 16 Gem Merchant, Knight, Paladin, Hero Uncut gem: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby or Diamond 180


All around the RuneScape World, you will find doors that are locked. If you're lucky, you may be able to picklock them to open them.

Some doors requires a Lockpick, which can be obtained from fellow players or by pickpocketing Rogues or Desert Bandits. Anyway, the success rate is higher if you have Lockpick with you.

Tip: Hold down the Shift-key when you're clicking on the map link to open it in a new window.
Location Map Level XP
East Ardougne, east of the Main Square (southern house) Picture 1 3.75
East Ardougne, east of the Main Square (northern house) Picture 14 15
East Ardougne, house just north of the church in Ardougne Picture 16 15
The house with Anvils south of Yanille Bank Picture 16 15
H.A.M. Trapdoor, East of Draynor Village Picture 17 4
Ardougne Sewers, door to the mine & zombies N/A 32 25
Axe Hut, level 54 Wilderness* Picture 32 25
Pirate Hall, level 54 Wilderness* Picture 39 35
Chaos Druid Tower north of Ardougne w/ blood rune chest Picture 46 37.5
Jail Doors in Iban's cave N/A 50 4
Ardougne Palace, upstairs Picture 61 50
Back entrance to Agility Dungeon, downstairs in southern Yanille* Picture 82 50
* You need a lockpick to open these doors

Stealing from Chests

Thieving from chests can give a good profit, but they're more dangerous than other ways of thieving. If you don't take care when thieving from chests, hidden traps may hurt you. To find the traps, simply right-click and select "Search for traps", and your character will find the trap and disarm it, if your level is high enough.

This is not the only thing that can hurt you. When you're thieving from chests, you may get a poisonous gas randomly. It will poison everyone standing close to the chest, and can only be cured by Anti-potions (or by waiting, if you don't get killed). So when thieving from chests, you should have some antipoison with you.

Since there's a long respawn time, you won't gain much XP by thieving from chests, but you make a good profit by thieving the Blood Rune Chest or the Paladin Chest.

Chest location Level XP Thieved Items Respawn Time Map
Ardougne (x2) 10 7 10gp 7 sec Picture
Ardougne (x2), Relekka 28 25 3gp, 1 Nature Rune 8 sec Picture
Ardougne, Axe Hut 43 125 50gp 55 sec Picture
Hemenster 47 150 5 Steel Arrow Tips 210 sec Picture
Chaos Druid Tower 59 250 2 Blood Runes, 500gp 135 sec Picture
Ardougne Palace 72 500 1Kgp, Raw Shark, Adamant ore, Uncut Sapphire 120 sec Picture

Lure and K.O.

After you've completed The Feud (level 30 thieving needed), there are new ways to steal from people in the city of Pollnivneach.

Get a Blackjack; either an Oak Blackjack (obtained during the quest) or buy a Willow Blackjack from the trader outside the Kebab Shop for 600gp. Wield the blackjack and choose a person to thieve:
• Villager (level 3)
• Bandit (level 41, level 56)
• Menaphite Thug (level 55)

Right-click, and select "lure". You will tell the person to follow you. Lead the person to a place out of sight (out of the city or behind a building), and right-click, this time you select "Knock-out" (be sure to wield the blackjack). if you're successful, you will knock down the innocent person, and you will be able to pickpocket him/her. If you fail, you will be attacked.

Note that Villagers must be knocked out before pickpocketing. Bandits and thugs can be pickpocketed normally, but you will earn extra XP by knocking them out first.

If you're caught by a Bandit or Menaphite Thug, you will lose 50 life points. If a Pollnivneach Villager see you're trying to knock out the Bandit or Thug, you will lose 40 life points.

Pickpocket & knock-out info is shown in the table below.

Name Needed level XP for K.O. Pickpocket XP Loot
Villager 30 8 0 5 gp
Bandit level 41 45 10 65 50 gp
Bandit level 56 52 10 84 50 gp
Menaphite Thug 65 20 137.5 50 gp

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