Construction is a flexible members-only skill that allows players to build their very own house, and add items such as chairs, tables, decoration etc. to it. Items can be sold to fellow players. Constructing your house is not only fun and easy, but is also beneficial to many other skills like prayer.

Construction is by far the most expensive skill in RuneScape. If you want to start training this skill, you should have more than 500K, but for the more serious trainers, millions of GP is advised.

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The basics

Estate agentStarting
To start building a house, you need to buy a plot of land. This costs 1,000 gp and can be bought from any Estate agent:
• East of the Grand Exchange [map]
• Falador between the furnace and East bank [map]
• Seers' Village north-east of the Bank [map]
• Ardougne, north-west of the south-eastern bank [map]

The Estate agent will later provide you with new decoration styles for your house, and he can move your house to another location.

Visiting your house
Your first house is located just north of Rimmington. To access it, you have to go through the portal. There will be several options:
Option Use
Go to your house Teleports you to your house. This is the "visit mode", you cannot build in this mode.
Go to your house (building mode) As the name suggests, this teleports you to your house in the building mode. This is the mode you need to be in if you want to build your house. People will not be able to visit your house while it is in building mode.
Go to a friend's house Click this and enter the name of the friend's display name. This friend has to be logged on, have their private chat turned on and be in their house to allow you to enter it.
You can also use the Teleport to house magic spell to teleport to your house.

Building your house
If you want to enter the building mode while you're in the normal mode, click on the player controls button next to the jukebox button, and select "house options". You can then set the building mode to "on". Note that if you have a bank pin, you will need to enter it before you enter the building mode, unless you have done it earlier in the same log in session.

When you have entered your house in building mode, you will see lots of white, semi-transparent "Hotspots". This is where you can build new rooms or furniture.

If you select the "build" option on a furniture hotspot, a "furniture creating menu" appears. This one is similar to the menu that appears when you are smithing. The menu shows you the items that can be built, the needed level and needed materials.

If you want to remove a piece of furniture to built a better one or just "power-level", right-click on it and select remove while you're in building mode. Some pieces of furniture can actually be upgraded without removing them first.

Similarly, if you want to make a new room, right-click on one of the door hotspots. A list of rooms appears, and you have to pay a certain amount of GP to make the room. It can also be removed like other objects. If you do remove a room but want it back later you will have to pay the same amount again to gain it back. More info about rooms can be found in the rooms section of this guide.

The construction materials
NOTE: All materials can also be bought from fellow players.

Saw and hammer
The saw is needed when you're using a plank, and you always need a hammer. Hammer obtained from the 10th anniversary Christmas Cracker can be wielded and used in Construction allowing an extra inventory space.. The saw can be bought from the Sawmill operator, located north-east of Varrock. It costs 13 gp.

Nails are very important, mainly for lower levels, but are less used when you get higher level. Nails can be bent when you're using them. Better nails and higher construction level will result in less bent nails. Nails are made in smithing.

The planks are also one of the most important materials in your house. There are 4 types of planks:
• Normal planks
• Oak planks
• Teak planks
• Mahogany planks
Planks cannot be made by players. To make them, get the logs, and go to the sawmill operator located north-east of Varrock. They can also be obtained from the Grand Exchange or from plank hotspots (i.e. the wilderness graveyard)

Cloth is needed for curtains, beds etc. You can only get them from the sawmill operator for ~650 gp.

Other items
There are a wide range of other items that are used in construction, such as Limestone bricks, Marble blocks, iron bars, clay etc. Many of these items can be bought from the Stonemason in Keldagrim, and some of them can be made using the smithing skill.

Other info
• If you die in your house, you will spawn outside the portal. You will not lose any items.
• Your portal can be locked by right-clicking on it and select "lock". No-one will be able to enter your house if it's locked.
• If your private chat is set to "friends", only people that are in your friends list can enter your house.

Construction NPCs

There are a few NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in RuneScape that are related to the construction skill.

Estate Agents
As mentioned in the basics section, the Estate agents sells you the plot of land where your house is. They are located here:
• East of the Varrock Palace [map]
• Falador between the furnace and East bank [map]
• Seers' Village north-east of the Bank [map]
• Ardougne, north-west of the south-eastern bank [map]

After you gain more levels, you can speak to the Estate agent to move your house to a new location. These are the possible locations:
Location Needed level Price
Rimmington 1 5,000 gp
Taverley 10 5,000 gp
Pollnivneach 20 7,500 gp
Rellekka 30 10,000 gp
Brimhaven 40 15,000 gp
Yanille 50 20,000 gp
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Estate agents can also redecorate your house with a new style if you wish:
Style Needed level Price Wall style Ground style
Basic Wood 1 5,000 gp
Basic Stone 10 5,000 gp
Whitewashed Stone 20 7,500 gp
Fremennik-style Wood 30 10,000 gp
Tropical Wood 40 15,000 gp
Fancy Stone 50 25,000 gp
Sawmill Operator
The Sawmill operator, located north-east of Varrock [map], turns logs into planks. However, you have to pay him a small fee.
Picture Name Cost
Plank Plank 100 gp
Oak Oak plank 250 gp
Teak Teak plank 500 gp
Mahogany Mahogany plank 1500 gp
Saw, which is needed where you use planks can also be bought from him. He also sells clothes and nails.

The Garden Supplier in the Falador Park [map] sells bagged plants, flowers and trees, which can be planted in your garden.
Name Price
Bagged dead tree 1600 gp
Bagged nice tree 3200 gp
Bagged oak tree 8000 gp
Bagged willow tree 10,000 gp
Bagged maple tree 15,000 gp
Bagged yew tree 20,000 gp
Bagged magic tree 50,000 gp
Bagged plant 1 1600 gp
Bagged plant 2 8000 gp
Bagged plant 3 16,000 gp
Thorny hedge 5000 gp
Nice hedge 10,000 gp
Small box hedge 15,000 gp
Topiary hedge 20,000 gp
Fancy hedge 25,000 gp
Tall fancy hedge 50,000 gp
Tall box hedge 100,000 gp
Bagged flower 5750 gp
Bagged daffodils 10,000 gp
Bagged bluebells 15,000 gp
Bagged sunflower 5000 gp
Bagged marigolds 10,000 gp
Bagged roses 15,000 gp
When you gain more levels, you will eventually need Limestone bricks, Marble blocks, Gold leaves or magic building stones. These items can be bought from the Stonemason in southern Keldagrim.

Image Item Cost
Limestone Brick 45 gp
Marble Block 325,000 gp
Gold Leaf 130,000 gp
Magic Stone 975,000 gp
Certain monsters will occasionally drop their head when you kill them (or hand if you're killing a Crawling Hand). If this happens to you, take the head (or hand) to the Taxidermist in Canifis (just south of the General store). She can preserve the head for a small fee so it can be mounted on a wall.
Image Monster Needed level (to mount) Cost Stuffed image
Crawling hand 38 1000 gp
Cockatrice 38 2000 gp
Basilisk 38 4000 gp
Kurask 58 6000 gp
Abyssal demon 58 12,000 gp
King Black Dragon 78 50,000 gp
Kalphite queen 78 50,000 gp
The Herald is located upstairs in the White Knight Castle in Falador [map]. He sells maps, portraits and other decorations for your house. He even amends your Family Crest. When he finds out your family crest, your house decorations will have the crest on it. If you do not like your crest, you can pay him to change it.

Portraits and maps are quest-related, and you have to complete quests to get certain maps or portraits.

The servants

The servants cook food for you and your friends, go to the bank and bring items to help you build, and the best servants can even go to the sawmill and get planks from your logs.

To hire the servants, go to the Servants' Guild north of the main square in East Ardougne. Different servants requires different construction levels. They also need to be paid. You have to pay them when you hire them, and then give them their wage on a regular basis. Their wage is the same as the price you hired them for.
Picture Name Needed level Cost Abilities
Rick 20 500 gp • Takes 6 items to and from bank
• Welcomes visitors
• Serves shrimps
Maid 25 1000 gp • Takes 10 items to and from bank faster than Rick
• Welcomes visitors to your house
• Serves stew and cups of tea
Cook 30 3000 gp • Takes 16 items to and from bank faster than the Maid
• Takes wood to the sawmill to get planks
• Welcomes visitors to your house
• Serves Pineapple pizzas
Butler 40 5000 gp • Takes 20 items to and from bank faster than the Cook
• Takes wood to the sawmill to get planks faster than the Cook
• Welcomes visitors to your house
• Serves Chocolate cakes
Demon Butler (Alathazdrar) 50 10,000 gp • Takes 26 items to and from bank faster than the Butler
• Takes wood to the sawmill to get planks faster than the Butler
• Welcomes visitors to your house
• Serves Curry

Level 1 - Garden

The garden is one of two areas you can build at level 1. When you start with your first house, you will by default have a garden with a portal. This portal cannot be removed, as you need to have at least one portal in your house.

If you make more gardens, there will be a hotspot called "Centrepiece" where the portal is in your first garden area.

• Centrepiece
• Big Tree
• Tree
• Small Plant 1
• Small Plant 2
• Big Plant 1
• Big Plant 2
• Room

The items
NOTE: if you're planting, you will gain the same amount of XP to farming too. So if you gain 50 construction XP on a tree, you also gain 50 farming XP.

Level 1 - Parlour

The parlour is one of two areas you can build at level 1, and it is the first room that you'll be dealing with. When you enter your house for your first time, there will already be a parlour. It contains 3 chairs around a fireplace and some bookcases.

The fireplace can be lit with some logs and a tinderbox, and you can sit in the chairs enjoying the fire but will go out if you leave and then re-enter your house. The bookcases also contains books from your question adventures. from quests you've done.

• Chair
• Rug
• Fireplace
• Curtain
• Bookcase

The items

Level 5 - Kitchen

Once you reach level 5, you will be able to make a kitchen. Do so by clicking on a door hotspot, and select "Build". Chose the Kitchen, and then rotate the room as you wish to have it. You will find the kitchen useful for cooking and improve your Cooking skill. You can even get unlimited supplies of some of the ingredients!

A sink can be built to get water, which can be used to get soft clay, thus helping you in the construction. The larder gives unlimited supplies of a few ingredients, but when you're building better larders, you will get more ingredients. You can also add a barrel, which gives you an unlimited supply of the chosen drink. Lastly, there is a place made specially for your cat. Building larders are one of the best ways to train the Construction skill.

• Cat basket
• Stove
• Shelf
• Sink
• Barrel
• Larder
• Table

The items

Level 10 - Dining Room

When you have a kitchen, you most likely need a dining room too. Once your reach level 10, you will get the ability to build it. It costs 5000 gp.

In the center of the dining room, there is a large table with two benches. You can ask your servant to serve you and your visitors some food here or you can serve it yourself. Like the parlour, you also have a fireplace, and as a new feature, you can now decorate the room too.

• Curtains
• Fireplace
• Table
• Bench
• Decoration
• Bell pull

The items

Level 15 - Workshop

Once you reach level 15 construction, you can build a workshop for 10,000 gp. Unlike the other rooms, you can make items here, thus earning money. The central to this room is the workbench, where you do most of your work.

You can make flat-packed items here. This item will use the same materials as the items which would be made normally, and you get the same XP from them, but they are put in your inventory, so you can sell them to other players. This isn't recommended because the selling price is much lower then the price it takes to make the flatpacks. Even if the player doesn't have the required level to make an item, he can set up the flatpacked version on the hotspot.

The repair bench is also very useful. The basic benches allows you to repair broken arrows and staffs, but as your construction level increases, you will even be able to repair your barrows items! This is of course cheaper, but the price actually depends on your smithing level. At smithing level 1, the price will be nearly the same, but at level 99 smithing, it will be almost half the normal cost!

Another important hotspot in this room is the Heraldry hotspot. Here, you can paint your family crest on steel or rune full helms and kiteshields, and even on a banner. Some of these requires quests or levels, while others can be made by everyone.

The last thing you can do here, is clockmaking. Depending on your crafting level, you can make clockwork pieces or toys.

• Tool store
• Repair
• Heraldry
• Crafting table (clockmaking)
• Workbench

The items

Heraldic items
Using the heraldry hotspot, you can make full helmets, shields and wieldable banners in your Family crest colours. You will either need a steel or rune item to make the full helmets and shields, and "normal" construction items for the banners.

Note that the items will look the same, regardless of if it is steel or rune, and you will also earn the same amount of Crafting XP for making them. The only difference is the stat bonuses.
Image Item Needed Crafting level Materials needed Earned Crafting XP
Steel helmets / Rune helmets 38
Steel full helm or Rune full helm
Steel kiteshields / Rune kiteshields 43
Steel kiteshield or Rune kiteshield
Banners 48
1 Plank
1 Cloth
Many family crests will require a certain level or quest, while some of them do not require anything. All crests are listed below in alphabetical order.
Crest name Requirements Helmet Shield Banner
Arrav None
Asgarnia None
Dorgeshuun Lost tribe quest
Dragon Dragon slayer quest
Fairy Lost city quest
Guthix Level 70+ Prayer
H.A.M. None
Horse Toy horse in your inventory
Jogre None
Kandarin None
Misthalin None
Money Costs 500,000 gp
Saradomin Level 70+ Prayer
Skull Skulled while talking to Herald
Varrock None
Zamorak Level 70+ Prayer
Using the Crafting tables (clockmaking hotspots), you can make various clockwork toys. These are made in crafting, so you will earn crafting XP by making them, and you the levels needed will be needed crafting level.
Image Name Needed level Needed materials Earned XP Image (released)
Clockwork 8
1 Steel bar
Soldier 13
1 Clockwork
1 Plank
Doll 18
1 Clockwork
1 Plank
Mouse 33
1 Clockwork
1 Plank
Cat 85
1 Clockwork
1 Plank

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