Fletching is a members only skill that allows you to make Ranged weapons, including bows, arrows, crossbows and throwing weapons.

The most important item here is a knife. You can get this at the respawn just south of Lumbridge Castle, and there's also a respawn in Seers' Village, in a house just east from the bank. Also, there is a knife respawn in Rellekka by the rock crabs just above the mining pit.

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To make arrows, follow these steps:

1.   Use a knife on normal logs to get 15 arrow shafts
2.   Use feathers on the arrow shafts to get headless arrows
3.   Add arrow heads of your choice to the headless arrows (bronze-rune)

When making arrows, you will always make 15 shafts with one log, you can't use more than 15 feathers on 15 headless arrows at the same time, you make 15 arrows heads when you smith arrows, and you can only add 15 arrow heads to 15 headless arrows at the same time.

Note that the earned XP is from cutting, adding feather and adding the arrow heads.
Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
15 Arrow Shafts 1 15
15 Headless Arrows 1 15
Bronze arrow 15 Bronze Arrows 1 39.5
Iron arrow 15 Iron Arrows 15 57.5
Steel arrow 15 Steel Arrows 30 95
Mithril arrow 15 Mithril Arrows 45 132.5
Adamant arrow 15 Adamant Arrows 60 165
Rune arrow 15 Rune Arrows 75 225


To make bows, you need:

1.   A log of your choice. You need normal logs for normal bows, oak logs for oak bows etc.
2.   A knife to cut the logs.
3.   A bowstring, obtained by spinning flax.

Flax can be found south of Seers' Village. To spin flax, you need crafting level 10.
After you've cut the logs into an unstrung bow, just use the bowstring on it, and it's ready to use.
NOTE: You will get 50% of the XP by cutting the logs, and another 50% by attaching a bowstring.
Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Shortbow Shortbow 5 10
Longbow Longbow 10 20
Oak shortbow Oak shortbow 20 33
Oak longbow Oak longbow 25 50
Willow shortbow Willow shortbow 35 66.5
Willow longbow Willow longbow 40 83
Maple shortbow Maple shortbow 50 100
Maple longbow Maple longbow 55 116.5
Yew shortbow Yew shortbow 65 135
Yew longbow Yew longbow 70 150
Magic shortbow Magic shortbow 80 166.5
Magic longbow Magic Longbow 85 183


Before making darts, you must have completed The Tourist Trap. Darts are throwing weapons, so you can wield them in the weapon spot.

To make a dart, you need smith some Dart tips, and then simply add feathers to it.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Bronze dart Bronze dart 1 18
Iron dart Iron dart 22 32
Steel dart Steel dart 37 75
Mithril dart Mithril dart 52 112
Adamant dart Adamant dart 67 150
Rune dart Rune dart 81 188


As you may know, normal bolts are NOT possible to make. But there are special types of bolts, which has a different bolt tip: Opal Tipped Bolts, Pearl Tipped Bolts and Barbed Tipped Bolts. To make them, you have to get some normal bolts, and then use the bolt tips on them.

There are three ways to get normal bolts:
– Buy it from Lowe's Archer Emporium in Varrock, or from a player.
– It's a fairly common drop from many monsters, so kill them and pick up the bolts.
– There are respawns some places in the Wilderness, where you can pick it up.

Here is a guide on how to make the different Bolt Tips:

Opal Tipped Bolts:
  • Go to Shilo Village and mine some of the Gem Rocks (Read more in our Mining guide). You will need to have finished the Shilo Village Quest though.
  • Use a Chisel on the Opal(s) to cut them, and then do it again to get the Opal Tips. You will get 2 tips per gem. (Read more in our Crafting Guide)
  • Use the Opal Tips on normal Bolts, one tip per bolt, and you will get Opal Tipped Bolts.
Pearl Tipped Bolts:
  • Try to fish some Oysters with a Big Net. Oysters are not too common, nor too rare, but you won't always get a pearl in them. Read more in our Fishing Guide.
  • When you get an Oyster Pearl, use a chisel on the Pearl twice to cut it. You will get 2 tips per Pearl.
  • Use the Pearl Tips on normal Bolts, one tip per bolt, and you will get Pearl Tipped Bolts.
Barbed Tipped Bolts:
  • Go to the Ranger Guild (You need level 40 in Ranged to enter), shoot at the targets untill you have 140 tickets.
  • Buy 30 Barb Tips for the tickets.
  • Use the Barb Tips on normal Bolts, one tip per bolt, and you will get Barbed Tipped Bolts.

Ogre Bows and Arrows

Ogre Arrows
To make Ogre Arrows, you will need to have completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. Cut some logs from the Achey trees in Feldip Hills, then use a knife with them to make Ogre arrow shafts. You will get between 2 and 6 shafts at once.. Then, add feather to the Ogre Arrow Shafts to make Flighted Ogre Arrows, you will need at least 4 feathers per arrow! Get some Wolf Bones and use a Chisel on it to get Wolfbone Arrowtips, you can get 2-6 tips. Add the Arrowtips to the Flighted Ogre Arrows to complete your Ogre Arrow.

Ogre Composite Bow and Brutal Arrows

After completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, you can make Ogre Composite Bows and Brutal Arrows.

To make the Ogre Composite Bow, you need to cut some logs from the Achey Trees in Feldip Hills, then cut the logs with a knife while you have Wolf Bones in your backpack.

To make Brutal Arrows, smith some Nails of your choice (also see our Smithing guide), and use them on the Headless Ogre Arrows, while you have a Hammer in your inventory. Composite Ogre Bows can also be purchased from Uglag Nor after you've done the quest.

NOTE: When making Brutal Arrows, you will get 1.5 XP per shaft you make, and you will earn the rest of the XP when you attach the heads to the headless arrows.
Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Ogre Bow 1 (Quest) N/A (Quest)
Ogre Arrow Shafts 5 2 per shaft
Headless Ogre Arrows 5 5 per shaft
Ogre Arrows 5 Varies
Bronze Brutal Arrows 7 1.33333
Iron Brutal Arrows 18 2.66667
Ogre Composite Bow 30 90
Steel Brutal Arrows 33 5.166667
Black Brutal Arrows 38 6.33333
Mithril Brutal Arrows 49 7.5
Adamant Brutal Arrows 62 10.16667
Rune Brutal Arrows 77 12.5

Using alchemy on bows

Instead of dropping your bows, you can use Low and High Level Alchemy on them to gain magic experience. Just withdraw all bows as notes, wear a Fire Staff and have the same amount of Nature Runes as you have bows, and start using High or Low Level Alchemy on them. Nature Runes can be expensive, so you won't earn money if you use High Alchemy on low leveled bows, but you will earn alot of experience. Remember that you will get more money if it's strung, and High Alchemy will give a better reward and more XP than Low Alchemy.

Strung bows

Picture Name Low Alchemy High Alchemy
Shortbow Shortbow 20 30
Longbow Longbow 32 48
Oak shortbow Oak Shortbow 40 60
Oak longbow Oak Longbow 64 96
Willow shortbow Willow Shortbow 80 120
Willow longbow Willow Longbow 128 192
Maple shortbow Maple Shortbow 160 240
Maple longbow Maple Longbow 256 384
Yew shortbow Yew Shortbow 320 480
Yew longbow Yew Longbow 512 768
Magic shortbow Magic Shortbow 640 960
Magic longbow Magic Longbow 1024 1536

Unstrung bows

Picture Name Low Alchemy High Alchemy
Shortbow (u) Shortbow (u) 9 15
Longbow (u) Longbow (u) 24 36
Oak shortbow (u) Oak Shortbow (u) 20 30
Oak longbow (u) Oak Longbow (u) 32 48
Willow shortbow (u) Willow Shortbow (u) 40 60
Willow longbow (u) Willow Longbow (u) 64 96
Maple shortbow (u) Maple Shortbow (u) 80 129
Maple longbow (u) Maple Longbow (u) 128 192
Yew shortbow (u) Yew Shortbow (u) 160 240
Yew longbow (u) Yew Longbow (u) 256 384
Magic shortbow (u) Magic Shortbow (u) 320 480
Magic longbow (u) Magic Longbow (u) 512 768

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