Firemaking is used to light a few things including logs and light sources. It is closely linked to Woodcutting, as you can burn the logs that you cut. As you level up, you'll be able to burn higher level logs. The fires that you light can be used in the Cooking skill. This is currently the most effective way to train cooking in F2P, as the ranges in that version of the game all require a bit of walking from the bank.

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The Basics


The most common tool used in Firemaking would be a tinderbox, shown above. This simple tool can be bought from general stores throughout RuneScape, or you can just ask the Woodsman Tutor in Lumbridge for one.

To light a fire, you "Use" the log with the tinderbox, or vice versa. Your character will then drop the log on the ground, kneel, light the log and will move 1 square west of the log unless you have failed to light it, in which case your character will just stand on it.

With the release of Barbarian Training, you can now use bows in place of tinderbox to light logs upon the completion of the Firemaking part of the miniquest. Any longbow or a shortbow made of logs from a normal, oak, willow, maple, yew or magic tree is capable of making a fire. This method is inefficient for training however, as you can only use a log with a bow, or have to perform a right click in order to be able to "Use" a bow with a log whereas with a normal tinderbox you can click on the log then double click on the tinderbox, click on another log and so forth.


The below is a list of plain logs that you can burn. Refer to our Woodcutting guide for the information on the trees that the logs are from, and where to find them.

Image Log Level to burn with tinderbox Level to burn with bow XP Gained Members
Logs 1 21 40 No
Achey logs 1 21 40 Yes
Oak logs 15 35 60 No
Willow logs 30 50 90 No
Teak logs 35 55 105 Yes
Arctic pine logs 42 62 125 Yes
Maple logs 45 65 135 No
Mahogany logs 50 70 157.5 Yes
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs 58 78 193.5 Yes
Yew logs 60 80 202.5 No
Magic logs 75 95 303.75 Yes

Pyre Logs (Members)

Pyre logs are obtained by using a log with the Sacred Oil from the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. They are used more to get the Splitbark armour rather than for training, partly because of the fact that they take so long to get, and can't be burned in the old-fashioned way with a tinderbox or a bow.

With a remain of a Shade, these fancy logs marinated in oil are used to carry out a mini funeral in which you will gain more Firemaking experience from the logs you used than you would normally do.

To burn these logs, you need to use whatever pyre logs you made on one of the Funeral Pyres, use Loar Remains on it then simply choose the "Light" option on the pyre.

Below is a table of Pyre Logs showing the level needed, XP gained and amount of Sacred Oil needed for each set of logs.

Image Log Level to burn XP Gained Number of oil doses Type of shades burnt
Pyre logs 5 50 2 Up to Phrin
Oak pyre logs 20 70 2 Up to Phrin
Willow pyre logs 35 100 3 Up to Riyl
Teak pyre logs 40 120 3 Up to Riyl
Arctic pine pyre logs 47 158 3 Up to Riyl
Maple pyre logs 50 175 3 Up to Riyl
Mahogany pyre logs 55 210 3 Up to Riyl
Eucalyptus pyre logs Eucalyptus pyre logs 63 246 4 Up to Asyn
Yew pyre logs 65 225 4 Up to Asyn
Magic pyre logs 80 404.5 4 Up to Fyre

Light Sources (Members)

A light source is a must have item for anyone in RuneScape. You need them to gain access to quite a few important areas that are too dark to see. To light a torch/candle/lantern you simply use it with a tinderbox. Also, note that all light sources are untradable after being lit.

Each light source will behave differently depending on what type they are. Sturdy light sources can will never, ever go out unless extinguished by the player, but a candle or a torch can be put off by a slight wind in the area or even worse, ignite cave gas and thus deal you damage and go out at the same time. Wind won't effect closed light sources, but they will go out or break if you fall into a water.

The brightness of the screen when you're in a dark area also depends on your lamp. The brightness adds up to 3 (the max brightness) if you take multiple light sources. For example, if you took a torch and the candle, the brightness of your screen would be 2.

Image Name Level to light Type Crafted Brightness (1-3)
Torch 1 Open No 1
Candle 1 Open No 1
Candle lantern 4 Closed Yes 1
Oil lamp (lit) Oil lamp 12 Open Yes 2
Oil lantern 26 Closed Yes 2
Sapphire lantern 49 Sturdy Yes 2
Bullseye lantern 49 Sturdy Yes 3
Mining helmet 65 Sturdy, can be equipped in the helmet slot. No 2
  • Candles can be bought from candle stores throughout runescape, and torches from Hunting stores.
  • To obtain the Mining helmet, kill the miners in the Dorgeshuun mines that can be accessed after getting to a certain point in The Lost Tribe.
  • Refer to our Crafting guide for the information on how to craft lamps and lanterns.

Extra Features

Gnomish Lighters

Gnomish firelighters obtained as a possible loot from Treasure Trails can be used to dye a normal log to the colour of the lighter used. These logs then can be burned using a tinderbox, with each of them giving 10 xp more than a normal log. They are stackable, and one firelighter is used for each log burnt.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Construction Fireplace - You can build these yourself, or find them in other players' houses. To light them, you use a normal log with a tinderbox in your inventory to gain more XP than you would do if you just burned a log the old fashioned way.
  • Iron Spit - 1 iron bar is needed to smith this item. This is an essential equipment when you want to cook the chompy/jubbly that you hunt. Also, rabbits cooked with this will heal more.
  • Construction Burners - When lit with a marrentil, these burners will add 50% each to the prayer XP that you gain from using bones with your POH altar. All burners from oak to marble gives the same bonus, and note that candlesticks and torches will add nothing to the prayer XP that you gain.
  • Harpie Bug Lantern - Bought from slayer masters. You need to have this equipped in your shield slot to slay Harpie Bug Swarms. Note that this is not a light source.
Image Name Level required XP Gained
Construction Fireplace 1 80
Iron Spit 20 N/A
Construction Burners 30 N/A
Harpie Bug Lantern 33 N/A

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