There is a wide range of food you can cook in Runescape. Food is very useful, as it heals lost life points. As you practice this skill, you will burn less food, and you will be able to make better food which heals more. To cook the food, you have to use it on a range or a fire. Meat and fish can just be cooked, but bread dough have to be made before you cook it.

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Cooking table

Sometimes, you can eat the food in two or more pieces, like cakes and pies. You will get the heal divided by bites (Cake heals 120, and is 3 bites, so it heals 40 each bite)
Image Name Needed level Exp gained Heals(bites)
Shrimps Shrimps 1 30 30
Chicken Chicken 1 30 30
Meat Meat 1 30 30
Karambwanji Karambwanji 1 30 30
Bread Bread 1 40 50
Sardine Sardine 1 40 40
Herring Herring 5 50 50
Mackerel Mackerel 10 60 60
Redberry pie Redberry pie 10 78 100(2)
Thin snail Thin Snail 12 65 50-70
Anchovies Anchovies 15 30 10
Trout Trout 15 70 70
Lean snail Lean Snail 17 85 60-80
Cod Cod 18 70 70
Nettle tea Nettle Tea 20 N/A 30
Pike Pike 20 80 80
Meat pie Meat Pie 20 80 120(2)
Fat snail Fat Snail 22 85 70-90
Salmon Salmon 25 90 90
Stew Stew 25 117 110
Slimy eel Slimy Eel 28 95 60-100
Tuna Tuna 30 100 100
Apple pie Apple Pie 30 130 140(2)
Chompy bird Chompy Bird 30 100 100
Plain pizza Plain pizza 35 143 140(2)
Wine Wine 35 110 110
Lobster Lobster 40 120 120
Cake Cake 40 180 120(3)
Bass Bass 43 130 130
Swordfish Swordfish 45 140 140
Meat pizza Meat Pizza 45 169 160(2)
Oomlie wrap Oomlie Wrap 50 30 140
Chocolate cake Chocolate Cake 50 210 150(3)
Lava eel Lava Eel 53 140 110
Anchovy pizza Anchovy Pizza 55 182 180(2)
Ugthanki kebab Ugthanki Kebab 58 80 190
Curry Curry 60 221 190
Monkfish Monkfish 62 150 160
Pineapple pizza Pineapple Pizza 65 195 220(2)
Karambwan Karambwan 65 105 180
Shark Shark 80 210 200
Sea turtle Sea Turtle 82 212 210
Manta ray Manta Ray 91 216 220

Basic items

Pot, Pie Dish, Bowl
These items can be made in crafting.
Pots can also be bought in General store for 1gp.
Pie dishes respawn in the pickaxe store in Dwarven mine.
Pot of flour
1. You need a pot. Find some weat, either northwest of lumbridge, or north of Yanille
2. Now, go to a windmill and go to the top floor. Use the weat with the hopper, and operate the hopper controls.
3. Go down again and pick up the weat.

You can also buy flour in Draynor Village. Members can also get unlimited amounts of flour in Sinclair Mansion, which is the location of the Murder Mystery quest.
Bucket of water
Find a bucket or jug, you can buy them in general stores.
Go to a fountain or a sink, and use the bucket/jug on it. You can also use buckets on wells.

How to make

Fish and eels
To cook fish, you have to fish a fish of choice, and then just cook it. See our Fishing guide for more info.
Cooked meat
Cooked chicken
To cook chickens, you have to kill chickens and get their meat. For normal meat, just kill a bear, rat, cow etc and cook their meat.
NOTE: Chompy Birds can only be cooked on Ogre Spitroast.
Just use flour with water, and make "Bread Dough".
Cook it.
Use flour with water, and make a Pastry Dough.
Use the dough with an empty Pie Dish.
Add the content of choice:
Redberry pie -> Redberries
Meat pie -> Cooked meat
Mud pie -> Bucket of compost, Bucket of water, Clay
Apple pie -> Cooking apple
Garden pie -> Tomato, Onion, Cabbage
Fish pie -> Cooked trout, Cooked cod, Potato
Admiral pie -> Cooked salmon, Cooked tuna, Potato
Wild pie -> Raw bear meat, Raw chompy meat, Raw rabbit
Summer pie -> Strawberry, Watermelon, Cooking apple
Snails can be found in Mort Myre swamp. Kill snails and cook their meat.
Image Name Obtained from
Thin snail Thin Snail Myre & Ochre blamish snails
Lean snail Lean Snail Bark Blamish Snails
Fat snail Fat Snail Bruise & Blood Blamish Snails
Nettle Tea
Nettle tea
Fill a bowl with water.
Put some picked nettles into the bowl of water.
Cook it.
Use the bowl of nettle tea with a cup.
You can use a bucket of milk on it.
Stew and curry
Get some cooked meat, and fill a bowl with water.
Get some potatoes, either east of Draynor Village, or west of Ardougne.
Add the potatoes and meat to the water-filled bowl.
If you are making a curry, steal or buy some spice in Ardougne, and add it.
Cook it.
Plain pizza
Anchovy pizza
Mix water and flour, and make a Pizza Base.
Use a tomato and some cheese on the pizza base. Get them at the respawn in Draynor Village, or buy it in Port Sarim.
Cook it.
Add your choice of topping to the pizza (optional): Meat, anchovies or pineapple.
Jug of wine
Fill a jug with water. Use grapes on it. You can get grapes in the cooking guild, and goblins drops it.
Wait until the wine ferments. Just wait some seconds.
Chocolate cake
Get an egg from a chicken farm (lumbridge or south of Falador)
Get some milk by using a bucket on a cow. Get some flour.
Get a cake tin. You can find it in the cooking guild. Use the ingredients on it.
Cook it.
If you want to make a chocolate cake, use some chocolate on it. It can be found in cooking guild or in Port Sarim cooking shop.
Oomlie Wrap (Legends Quest needed)
Oomlie wrap
Go to Khazari Jungle, which can be found south of Shilo Village and kill some Oomlie birds. Pick up their meat.
Go to the totem pole in the western part of the jungle, and find a Leafy Palm Tree and shake it. A Palm leaf will appear on the ground.
Use the palm leaf on the Raw Oomlie Meat to wrap it up
Cook it.
NOTE: Unwrapped Oomlie will always burn!
Ugthanki Kebab
Ugthanki kebab
  1. Cook some raw Ugthanki meat.
  2. Get a knife, bowl, an onion and a tomato.
  3. Use the tomato and onion with the bowl (with the knife in your inventory) to make a bowl of onion and tomatos.
  4. Add cooked Ugthanki meat to the bowl.
  5. Mix flour and water to make pitta dough.
  6. Cook the Pitta Dough to make a Pitta Bread.
  7. Use the Pitta Bread with the kebab mix.


Chef's Delight:
Chef's Delight is a member's cooking booster that can be made at level 54 cooking. It can boost your cooking by 4-5 levels while at the same time reducing your attack and strength by two or more levels. It also heals you 10 life points.
Chef's Delight(m):
Chef's Delight (m)is a drink brewed by players only. It will boost your cooking level by 5-6 levels and reduce your strength and attack levels by three or more levels.

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