When you have mined different ores, you need to smelt them. When you have smelted them into bars, you will be able to forge them into another item, usually a weapon or piece of armour. To smelt something, you need to use a secondary ore with it, normally coal. Silver and gold are exceptions; they are used in crafting. The iron ores are also special: They only have 50% chance of conversion, as they are in 50% considered as impure.

To smelt, you have to use the ore with the furnace, or click on the furnace and select which ore you want to smelt.



Locations of Furances:

• Al Kharid(Closest for Free Worlders)
• Falador
• Lumbridge
• Level 28 Wilderness
• East Ardougne Members only
• Lost City Members only
• Shilo Village (you must pay 20gp in order to access) Members only
• Neitiznot Members only
• Edgeville (Must have completed Easy Varrock Diaries) Members only
• TzHaar Members only
• Port Phasmatys Members only
• Keldagrim Members only
• Lost City (Zanaris) Members only
• Entrana Members only
• Piscatoris Members only


To smelt an ore, simply go to a furnace (see locations above), and use the ore on the furnace (not coal). Also, the Magic spell "Superheat Item" can be used on the ore to smelt it.

NOTE: If you want to smelt the whole inventory of ore into bars, you can click on the furnace, then right-click on the ore you wish to smelt, and select smelt x, then enter how many you want to smelt. This is very effective as you don't have do click all the time.

Ore(s) needed Produces Needed level Earned XP Info

Copper ore

Tin ore

Bronze bar
1 6.5 Click on one of the ores, then on the furnace, and it will automatically smelt it. (Or click the furnace)

Iron ore

Iron bar
15 12.5 You get the bar only 50% of all tries.

Silver ore

Silver bar
20 13.5 Used in Crafting

Elemental ore

4 Coals

Elemental bar
20 7.5 Used to make Elemental Shields, after completing Elemental Workshop I.

Iron ore

2 Coals

Steel bar
30 17.5 Click on one of the ores, then on the furnace, and it will automatically be smelted.

Gold ore

Gold bar
40 22.5 Used in Crafting. If used in conjunction with Goldsmithing Gauntlets, a reward from the Family Crest quest, the experience gained will be approximately doubled.

Mithril ore

4 Coals

Mithril bar
50 30 Mithril is sometimes abbreviated "Mith".

Adamantite ore

6 Coals

Adamantite bar
70 37.5 Adamantite is sometimes abbreviated "Addy".

Runite ore

8 Coals

Runite bar
85 50 Best ore/bar in RuneScape.



Once you have the bars, you can forge them into different items: Weapons, pieces of armour, throwing knives and so on.

To forge, you need the bars and a hammer. Then, use the bar on an anvil. You can buy hammers in general stores for 1gp.

Hammer Anvil

When you use the bar with an anvil, a menu appears.

Smithing window

If you don't have enough bars to make a specific object, the bar numbers will be in red. Otherwise, it's green. If your required level is not high enough to make a specific object, the name will be in black; otherwise, it's white. When you click on a black item, it tells you the required smithing level.

A lot of people are training smithing and mining because you can make a good profit from them. You can sell the items to shops or other players, or use low and high alchemy spells on the items to convert them into money.

Smithing tables

Bronze Iron Steel Mithril Adamantite Runite

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