Crafting is not the most practiced skill in RuneScape, and it is rumoured that it is hard to train, and very boring. But don't let the rumours stop you! This is one of the funniest skills, and there are a lot of different things to do! Like making ranging armours, staffs, glass, pots, bowls, necklaces, rings, and much more!

However, lots of the things that are possible to make in crafting, are only available to members.
Items needed in crafting, like moulds, needle and threads can be bought from a crafting shop. Crafting shops can be found in:
• Al-Kharid
• Rimmington
• Marim on Ape Atoll (members only)

Also, remember to check out our Crafting training guide for tips, methods and hints to train!

NOTE: All cells with a white background, is available to both free playersand members, and blue background is only for members.


Potter's wheel and pottery oven Pots, Pie dishes, Bowls and Pot Lids can all be made in crafting. These items are used in the Cooking skill, and are made with clay. Clay is obtainable by Mining. Once you've obtained your clay, there are three steps to make the items:
  1. You have to soften the clay. First, use a bucket or a jug on a water source, like a fountain or sink. Then use the jug of water or bucket of water on the clay. Once you've done that, you will obtain Soft Clay.
  2. Go to a potters wheel, which can either be found in:
    - Barbarian Village
    - Crafting Guild
    - East Ardougne (members only)
    - Digsite (members only)
    - Rellekka (members only)
    Use your soft clay on the wheel to make a Pot, a Pie Dish, a Bowl or a Pot Lid.
  3. Now, you have to heat your unfired item. Use it on a Pottery Oven, and it will be fired. If you're unlucky, the item will crack and be useless.

Picture Name Needed level Earned spinning XP Earned firing XP Total earned XP Used For
Pot Pot 1 6.25 6.25 12.5 Carrying Flour
Pie dish Pie Dish 7 15 10 25 Making Pies
Bowl Bowl 8 18 15 33 Making Stew
Pot lid Pot Lid 25 20 20 40 One Small Favour Quest, can be made after the quest is done.

Leather and Dragonhides.

Normal Leather and Dragonhides have to be tanned before they can be used. Note that Dragonhides only can be crafted by Members, and free players can only wear Green Dragonhide items.
Tanners can be found in:
• Al-Kharid
• Crafting Guild
• Canifis (members only)
• Ranging Guild (members only)
But tanning isn't free, you will have to pay a small fee do get it done. The prices are:
• Soft Leather: 1 GP per leather
• Hard Leather: 2 GP per leather
• Dragonhides: 20 GP per hide
Note that the tanner in Canifis is slightly more expensive.

You will also need to use a needle and thread to make something out of the tanned leather / hide. You will only need one needle, but the thread can only be used for some of the hides, and then it will disappear.

Soft Leather, Hard Leather, Studded Leather Armour

Leather work is an easy way to gain experience from level 1. To get leather, follow these steps:
  1. Get a Cow Hide, which is dropped from all cows
  2. Tan it (Read above if you don't know how)
  3. Use a needle and thread to make something out of the tanned hide.
Soft leather is used for all leather items except Hard Leather Body, which needs Hard Leather. Studded leather armour are made by making studs out of steel bar and using the studs on regular leather armour.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Leather gloves Leather Gloves 1 13.8
Leather boots Leather Boots 7 16.3
Leather cowl Leather Cowl 9 18.5
Leather vambraces Leather Vambraces 11 22
Leather body Leather Body 14 25
Leather chaps Leather Chaps 18 27
Hardleather body Hardleather Body 28 35
Coif Leather Coif 38 37
Studded body Studded Leather Body 41 40+25
Studded chaps Studded Leather Chaps 44 42+27


You will need a high crafting level to be able to craft dragonhide armour; it's much more difficult than normal leather.

Green Dragons drop Green Dragonhide, Red dragons drops Red dragonhides and so on. Metal Dragons (such as Iron Dragons) do NOT drop any hides. Also, you will need higher ranged level if you want to wear Dragonhide Armour.

After you have the dragonhide, tan it like leather, and then use a needle on the hide (Remember to have threads too), and select what you want to make.
Note that Dragonhide crafting is members only!

Picture Name Needed Hides Needed Level Earned XP
Green d'hide vamb Green dragonhide vambraces 1 57 62
Green d'hide chaps Green dragonhide chaps 2 60 124
Green d'hide body Green dragonhide body 3 63 186
Blue d'hide vamb Blue dragonhide vambraces 1 66 70
Blue d'hide chaps Blue draonghide chaps 2 68 140
Blue d'hide body Blue dragonhide body 3 71 210
Red d'hide vamb Red draonghide vambraces 1 73 78
Red d'hide chaps Red draonghide chaps 2 75 156
Red d'hide body Red draonghide body 3 77 234
Black d'hide vamb Black draonghide vambraces 1 79 86
Black d'hide chaps Black draonghide chaps 2 82 172
Black d'hide body Black draonghide body 3 84 258


Capes can't actually be MADE in RuneScape, but you can dye black cape (obtained by killing Highwaymen) or red capes (bought from the Clothes Shop in Varrock) to various colours. To get dyes, talk with Aggie in Draynor Village. It will also cost you 5 gp per dye you buy from her.

You can dye all capes at level 1.

Picture Colour Earned XP How to get
Cape (red) Red 2 You need 3 Redberries to make Red Dye. Redberries can be found west of the mining site which is southeast of Varrock.
Cape (yellow) Yellow 2 You need 2 onions to make Yellow Dye. Onions can be found west of the mining site in Rimmington.
Cape (blue) Blue 2 You need 2 Woad Leaves to make Blue Dye. Woad Leaves can be bought from Wyson the Gardener in the park in Falador for 15 gp each. NOTE: You will get 2 woad leaves if you offer 20 gp!
Cape (orange) Orange 3 To make Orange Dye, just use Red Dye with Yellow Dye.
Cape (purple) Purple 3 To make Purple Dye, just use Red Dye with Blue Dye.
Cape (green) Green 3 To make Green Dye, just use Yellow Dye with Blue Dye.


Spinning wheels are all around the RuneScape World, you will find a lot of spinning wheels if you look at the World Map. There are two items to spin:
Item to spin Spinned Item Needed Level Earned XP
Wool Wool Ball of wool Ball of wool 1 3
Flax Flax Bow string Bowstring 10 15


Jewelry is a huge part of the Crafting Skill. Most of the things that are made in Jewelry section requires a cut gem of your choice, except silver items. You don't have to put a gem in the rings, necklaces and amulets you make, but if there are no gem, it will be useless.

The Gems

Gems are used in Rings, Necklaces and Amulets. When you enchant one of these items with Magic, the item will get a special power (Doesn't apply to all necklaces).

However, you will need to cut the gems before you can use them.
Regular gems can be obtained randomly while mining any rock. They are also a drop from many monsters around the RuneScape World.
Picture (Uncut) Picture (Cut) Name Needed level Earned XP
Uncut sapphire Sapphire Sapphire 20 50
Uncut emerald Emerald Emerald 27 67
Uncut ruby Ruby Ruby 34 85
Uncut diamond Diamond Diamond 43 107.5
Uncut dragonstone Dragonstone Dragonstone 55 137.5

Shilo Gems

In addition to the normal gems, there are gems known as Shilo Gems. After you have completed the Shilo Village quest, you will be able to mine rocks that contains the "Shilo Gems". They are not used in crafting. In fact, Jades and Red Topaz are not used to anything. But you can sell them to the store, it can be a good XP source.

However, Opals are used in Fletching. You can cut Opals twice, and you will get Opal bolt tips. You will earn fletching XP the second time you cut it. You will also earn more XP if you use them on normal bolts (you can't use the tips without having the actual bolt).

Remember that all Shilo Gems are members only.

Picture (Uncut) Picture (Cut) Name Needed level Earned XP
Uncut opal Opal Opal 1 15
Uncut jade Jade Jade 13 20
Uncut red topaz Red topaz Red Topaz 16 25

Gold Jewelry

You can make rings, necklaces and amulets with gold. Usually, there is a gem too. Also, it's normal to enchant the ring/necklace/amulet to give it special powers when worn. But you need to have added a gem if you wish to enchant it.

To make gold jewelry, follow these steps:
  1. Get a gold bar. Either buy it, or mine it (level 40 Mining needed), and then smelt it in a furnace (level 40 Smithing needed)
  2. Get a gem if you want that (cut it if it's uncut)
  3. Get a mould. You will need a Ring Mould to make a Ring, a Necklace Mould to make a Necklace etc.
  4. Use the gold bar on the furnace and select what you want to make.


You can not see the rings when it's worn, but it can give great bonuses. See our Magic guide for more info about enchanting.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Gold ring Gold Ring 5 15
Sapphire ring Sapphire Ring 20 40
Emerald ring Emerald Ring 27 55
Ruby ring Ruby Ring 34 70
Diamond ring Diamond Ring 43 85
Dragonstone ring Dragonstone Ring 55 100


You make necklaces the same way as you make rings, but you will need higher level, and you will earn more XP by crafting necklaces. However, only Sapphire and Emerald Necklaces can be enchanted, so the other necklaces are useless... See our Magic guide for info about enchanting.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Gold necklace Gold necklace 6 20
Sapphire necklace Sapphire necklace 20 55
Emerald necklace Emerald necklace 29 60
Ruby necklace Ruby necklace 40 75
Diamond necklace Diamond necklace 56 90
Dragon necklace Dragonstone necklace 72 105


Amulets, also known as "Ammys" are the best items you can make with gold & gems, and they can all be enchanted to give different combat bonuses. With the Amulet of Glory, the enchanted Dragonstone Amulet, you can even teleport to different places.

However, you need more than only a mould to make these.
First, you have to make them as you make the rings and necklaces. But you also have to add a ball of wool to each amulet you make, so you can wear it. Look in the Spinning Section of the guide to read more about Wool. Also, remember to check out our Magic Guide for enchanting info.
Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Gold amulet Gold amulet 8 30
Sapphire amulet Sapphire amulet 24 65
Emerald amulet Emerald amulet 31 70
Ruby amulet Ruby amulet 50 85
Diamond amulet Diamond amulet 70 100
Dragonstone amulet Dragonstone amulet 80 150


Making silver items gives very good XP, therefore, the silver prices are very high. All silver items are made the same way, but you need different moulds for different silver items: Tiara Mould to make a Tiara, Sickle Mould to make a Sickle and so on. However, different items can be used to different things. There is some information about each items below the Silver Table.
To make a Silver item, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Get some silver either buy mining it (level 20 Mining required) or buying it.
  2. Use it on a furnace to smelt it if it isn't already smelted (level 20 Smithing required).
  3. Get a mould depending on what you're planning to make.
  4. Use the silver bar on a furnace, and select which item you want to make.
Additionally, if you want to make a Holy or Unholy Symbol, you will need to string it: Use ball of wool on the unstrung item.

Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Holy symbol Holy symbol 16 50
Unholy symbol Unholy symbol 17 50
Silver sickle Sickle 18 50
Tiara Tiara 23 52.5

Holy Symbols

Holy Symbols are used in Prayer. To enchant it, you have to go to Brother Jered in the Prayer Guild (level 31 required) and talk to him. If you have your symbol with you, he will ask you if you want him to bless it. Blessing the symbol is free. The Prayer Guild is found upstairs in the Monastery west of Barbarian Village.

Unholy Symbols

To get the Unholy Symbol Mould, you have to talk to the Spirit of Scorpius in the Zamorak Worshipping Site north of the Observatory. You need to have done the Observatory Quest. This mould is not tradeable, and you can get it unlimited times. After you have made it and stringed it, Spirit of Scorpius can bless it. It gives +2 in all Attack stats and +8 in Prayer bonus.

Silver Sickles

You have to do the Nature spirit quest before you can make and use Silver Sickles. This item can also be blessed. To get it blessed, talk to the Nature Spirit grotto in Morty Myre swamp. The blessed Silver Sickle can be used to cast bloom. This is used to generate items for your Druit Pouch, and to fight Ghasts.

Tiaras are worn on your head, and are used in the Runecrafting skill as a talisman. You won't have to have a talisman in your backpack, which is usefull since you can use the free space for an essence. See our Runecrafting guide for more info.


Glassmaking is a members-only feature. There are lots of different items to make with glass: Beer glasses, Candle Lantern, Vials and so on. Candle Lanterns, Oil Lamps and Lantern Lenses can only be made after "learning how" from the man outside the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, south of Lumbridge Castle in the Lumbridge Swamps.
Picture Name How to get Used for
Seaweed Seaweed Found on Entrana (8spawns), Shilo Village (3 spawns) or fished with Big Net. Making Soda Ashes, needed to make Molten Glass.
Bucket Bucket Buyable from all General Stores Carrying Sand
Glassblowing pipe Glassblowing pipe Respawn on Entrana, north-east of the Herblore Shop, or in a building in Hemenster, east of Fishing Guild. Used on the Molten Glass to make the actual item
Molten glass Molten glass Must to be crafted, see below That's what you use the Glassblowing Pipe on.

All glass items are made with "Molten Glass". To obtain Molten Glass, follow these steps:
  1. Cook some seaweed on a range to make some Soda Ashes. (Can't be done on fire)
  2. Use your bucket on a sandpit. Sandpits can be found in:
    – Entrana
    – Yanille
    – Lost City
    – Rellekka
  3. Use your Bucket of Sand or Soda Ash on a furnace.
To craft the Molten Glass, you need to use the Glassblowing Pipe on it. Then, you can select which item you wish to make.
Picture Name Needed level Earned XP
Molten glass Molten glass 1 20
Beer glass Beer glass 1 17.5
Candle lantern Candle lantern 4 19.5
Oil lamp 12 25
Vial Vial 33 35
Unpowered orb Orb 46 52.5
Lantern lens Bullseye lantern lens 49 55

Candle Lantern, Oil Lamp and the Lantern Lens cannot be used without other items, they require other items to work properly:

Candle Lantern: To finish your Candle Lantern, you have to buy a candle. There is a candle seller in Catherby. Put the candle into the lantern, and light it. (level 4 firemaking required). You can also buy a lit candle from the seller in Lumbridge Swamp, but it's very expensive.
Oil Lantern: -Use the Oil Lamp you crafted with an Oil Lantern Frame, that can be smithed from iron (level 26 smithing required)
-Light the Oil Lantern with some Lamp Oil (level 26 firemaking required)
Bullseye Lantern: -Use the Lantern Lens with a Buslleye Lantern, which can be made from steel (level 49 smithing required).
-Light the Bullseye Lantern with some Lamp Oil (level 49firemaking required)

To make Lamp Oil, you have to get some Swamp Tar from Lumbridge Swamp, one for each Lantern you want to make. Take the Swamp Tar and the Lantern to the Chemist in Rimmington. In the eastern part of the room there is a Small Oil Still. Use the Swamp Tar with the Still, the use the Lantern and Still on each other, and it will be filled with oil. You can now lit the lantern with a Tinderbox. If you want to Extinguish the Lantern, you can right-click on it and select Extinguish.

Battlestaffs and Mystic Battlestaffs

Making Battlestaffs are a members-only feature, and Battlestaff can only be used by members.

Battlestaffs gives unlimited runes of the one it is (eg. Fire Battlestaff gives unlimited Fire Runes). The battlestaffs gives the same magic bonuses as normal staffs, but gives higher melee stats. To make a battlestaff, you need:
  • A Battlestaff, which can be bought from Zaff in Varrock, or in the Magic Shop in the Magic Guild for 7000gp
  • A Glass Orb, see the Glass section of this guide for more info.
  • 3 Cosmic runes
  • 30 basic runes of the staff you want. (eg. Fire runes for Fire battlestaff)
To power the unpowered orbs, you have to go to the obelisk of the basic rune you want (Fire Obelisk for Fire Staff), and use the Charge Orb spell on the Obelisk.

Picture Orb Name Needed Magic Level Obelisk Location
Water orb Water orb 56 The Tavelry Dungeon. In the Black Dragon Room, go up the ladder and the Obelisk will be next to you.
Earth orb Earth orb 60 Edgeville Members Dungeon. Past the Black Demons, go south, through the gate.
Fire orb Fire orb 63 The Tavelrey Dungeon. Past the Black Dragons, to the South-West in a little room with lava.
Air orb Air orb 66 Edgeville Members Dungeon. Past the Black Demons, go north, and up the ladder, and it will be next to you.

After you have powered the orb, use it on the Battlestaff. It will then be ready to use. But if you have done the Scorpion Catcher Quest, you can talk to Thormac the Sorcerer west of Catherby and get it enchanted to a Mystic Battlestaff for 40,000 gp. A Mystic Battlestaff is one of the best magic weapons in the game! And it will have the same melee stats as a Rune Longsword!

Below is a table with needed crafting level to attach the orb to the Battlestaff, and how much XP you get for attaching it.

Picture Staff Needed level Earned XP
Water battlestaff Water battlestaff 54 100
Earth battlestaff Earth battlestaff 58 112.5
Fire battlestaff Fire battlestaff 62 125
Air battlestaff Air battlestaff 66 137.5

Snelms - Snail Shell Helmets

Snelms This is a members only feature. After you have done the Priest in Peril quest and started on the Nature Spirit quest, you will have access to the Mort Myre Swamp. In the Mort Myre Swamp, there are 9 different Blamish Snails. When you kill them, you will get a Snail Shell and a Snail Corpse. Use a Chisel on the Shell to make a Snelm. It is recommended to bring an Elemental shield (after completing Elemental Workshop) as their acid attack is magical.
Needed Level: 15
Earned XP: 32.5
Different Snails / Snelms: 9
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