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What is a monster database?
The monster database lists all the attackable NPCs (non-player characters) in RuneScape. The database contains detailed information about the monsters, including their combat level, number of life points, possible drops and where they are found.

The search function

The search function is a very useful tool in the monster database. By entering information in one or more fields, you can show only some of the monsters. For example, you can enter "Fire runes" in the drops field to find all monsters dropping Fire runes, or you can enter "Fire runes" in the drops field and in the level fields, you enter "5" as the minimum level and "50" as the maximum level. The results will only show you monsters between combat level 5 and 50 that drops fire runes.
NOTE: You can leave one or all fields blank when searching.

By entering something in the name field, the results will only show the monsters with that name. So if you're searching for "duck", only the monsters with the name Duck will be shown. If you enter "man", all monsters with the name "man" in it will be shown. So Woman and Drunken Man will also be shown if you enter "man".

This is what the monsters can drop. You can enter one or more items. Do not separate the items with anything, only a single space! Also, try to enter the name as it is shown in-game: Enter "Adamant full helm" or "Adamant full" instead of "Addy large".

This is simply where the monster can be found. If you search for "Falador", it will search for the word "falador" in the location field. However, monsters such as guards are "Around the entrances of the main towns". These guards are also in falador, but this has not been stated in that field. So, these will not be shown in the results.

Level range
There are two fields here. The first field is the minimum level; the last field is the maximum level. If you enter 5 in the first field and 20 in the second field, it will show the monsters between level 5 and 20. Note: if you only enter 100 in the first field, but nothing in the second field, it will show all monsters above level 100.

Members monsters
If you are a free player, you can chose to hide Members monsters, so only the monsters in free world are shown.

Quest monsters
These are rarely being trained on, so you might want to not show these when you're searching.

Aggressive monsters
Aggressive monsters attack you automatically if you go close to them. You can turn this off, so you only get monsters that do not attack you automatically.

Life points range
This field works in the same way as the Level range field.

The monster list

If you have not used the search function, it will display a complete list of the monsters in the database. By default, it is sorted alphabetically by name, but you can also choose to sort it by levels, descending or ascending. Search results can also be sorted.

The fields

There are several fields when you view the monsters:

This is simply the combat level of the monsters.

Life points
This is the number of the life points the monster has (how much damage you have to deal before you kill it).

Quest monsters are related to a specific quest, and most of them can only be killed when you are doing a quest.

If the monster is members only, only paying players can kill this monster.

If the monster is aggressive, it attacks you automatically when you go close to it.

Some monsters may attempt to flee when you fight them.

Some monsters may poison you when you are fighting them. If you are going to kill a poisonous monster, you should always have anti-poison potions!

This is what the monster drops. There are several categories to make it easier for you to find a certain item.

A brief description of the monster's location; where it can be found.

Examine info
This is the text shown when you right-click on the monster and select "Examine".

Other info
There may be other useful information for the monster, which will be put here.

This is the people who have contributed with information about the monster.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in our forums.
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