Dragon platebody

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Dragon platebody

Picture of Dragon platebody Members only:
Quest item:
9 kg
Category: Armour and clothing » Metal armour
Examine: “Provides excellent protection.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
566,667 gp850,000 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 7.6m Market price: 8m Max. price: 8.4m
30 days: -21.2% 90 days: -24.8% 180 days: -29.4%
 Last price update: 91927 hours ago   
This item is equippable in the torso slot.
Required levels to equip:
Needed Defence level: 60
0 Stab +109
0 Slash +107
0 Crush +97
-30 Magic -6
0 Ranged +106
-- Summoning +50
Strength 0
Ranged strength 0
Prayer 0
Where/how to get

92 Smithing, parts of the platebody is received through the reward of the While Guthix Sleeps quest and dropped by Tormented Demons. Must have all 3 parts of the platebody in order to make it. Can also buy off players.

Other information

Platebodies are a popular choice for warriors; it gives high defence to three of the most widely used attacks, stab, slash, and ranged. A platebody gives a lower defence against crushing attacks, and, being a metal armor, it has a bad defence against magic attacks.

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22-Jun-09 11:28
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