Duel Arena guide


The duel arena is a minigame in Al Kharid where you fight other players. This is a safe minigame; if you die during this minigame you won't lose any of your items unless you stake them in the stake window.
Map of the Duel Arena


Rules Screen

Use this screen to change the rules of your fight and to set a stake:
  • No ranged: No ranging is allowed during duel.
  • No melee: No melee is allowed during duel.
  • No magic: No magic is allowed during duel.
  • No Sp. Atk: No-one can use special attack during your duel.
  • Fun Weapons: Both players must use fun weapons (rubber chickens, etc.) You must have your own fun weapon with you, these aren't provided.
  • No Forfeit: Neither player can forfeit the duel.
  • No Drinks: No drinks may be used during battle.
  • No Food: No food can be used during battle.
  • No Prayer: No prayer can be used during battle.
  • No Movement: Both players will start standing next to each other and will not be able to move from the spot during the fight.
  • Obstacles: Your battle will take place in an arena with obstacles in it.

If you wish to stop both players using a certain item simply click the slot which the item occupies (e.g. shield, ring, legs etc.) Remember both players must agree to the rules.

Your stake

If you wish to duel for a prize make sure the item you wish to gamble is in your inventory when you challenge someone and when you see the rules screen above click the item in your inventory and it will appear in the "your stake" box, the item/s your opponent are staking will appear in their stake box.

Tip: Beware of people who stake good prizes in battles using no armour! Although these players are sometimes lower levels than you they normally use Dragon Daggers P++ which can kill most people quite quickly if they have no armour!

Confirmation screen

This screen shows you the rules of the duel and both players stake, once you have checked this screen click accept to start the fight. (Notice that boosted stats will be restored before each duel so don't bother drinking an attack or strength potion before the duel to give you an advantage)

The fight

Once you enter the arena look on the mini map for your opponent (he will have an arrow) and simply wait for the countdown and then fight.


If you win you will see the following screen:

This screen will tell you the name of the player you beat, their combat level and will also show you the prize you won (if the other player staked), click claim to get your reward.


Mubariz Help Room

You can talk to Mubariz in this room if you need any help regarding the Duel Arena, he will explain the basics to you such as the options (rules of the game) however I will explain these in this guide.

Viewing other people's duels

If you would like to watch other people fighting in the duel arena just go up one of the many platforms to the viewing platform.

Waiting Area

This is usually where everyone who isn't dueling will be waiting; there will usually be quite a few people here who are also trading weapons etc.

Here is where you will need to be to offer someone a duel (you can also offer duels to people just outside this area, as long as the little axe appears in the bottom right corner)


There are 4 healers in the dueling arena, if you do not have full health for any reason right click on one of these healers and select heal (don't worry after a duel as your stats will all be restored.


If at any time you find your prayer isn't full you can go to the alter and recharge your prayer.


There are two bank chests just east of the waiting area which you can use to withdraw some cash or items to use as a stake during your duel. You can also use the bank to change your weapon or armour.

Ring of Dueling

Ring of dueling The Ring of dueling, which can be made from an enchanted Emerald ring, can be used to teleport to the duel arena from anywhere on runescape. You can also use it to teleport to the castle wars arena. This ring has 8 charges, and will disappear when it doesn't have any charges left.

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