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Gnome Cuisine is well known all over RuneScape for its unusual ingredients and unique flavours. Toad Battas G and Worm Crunchies G are two of the more popular dishes that most humans turn their noses up at, but for travel-worn gnomes a long way from the Grand Tree, gnomish foods are a sweet taste of home. For too long has the art of gnomish cooking been neglected!

Visitors to the Gnome Stronghold will find a refurbished restaurant area, with new improved recipes (including improved XP and a more streamlined cooking process) for all the gnome foods and cocktails.

Aluft Gianne's entrepreneurial son Aluft jnr. has also set up a new Gnome food delivery business right next to his dad's restaurant. Once trained you will be asked to make and deliver gnome foods to gnomes all over the world. But don't take too long, time is of the essence! After a more challenging delivery, you may find your customers are so pleased that they will give you an extra special tip – maybe some new gnomish explorer's equipment, or standard issue gnome pilot's clothing.

In this guide I will explain how this fun minigame works, I'll give a few tips about how to do a delivery faster, and I'll tell you about the rewards. I hope you will enjoy your job at Aluft Aloft Gnome Food Deliveries.

How to start out

If you wish to work for Aluft Jnr. you'll need proper training in cooking gnome food and mixing cocktails. Who can give you this trainig? The master himself of course! To learn everything about preparing the finest gnome foods, go and talk to Aluft Gianne, who is always at his restaurant. However Aluft is a good cook, he doesn't know how to mix good cocktails, for that you should talk to Blurberry, who owns a cocktail bar at the other side of the tree.

Gianne and Blurberry will both give you a couple of assignments to complete the training. They will give you everything you will need to prepare the drinks and dishes. They will also give you a cookbook and a cocktail guide with information on how to prepare everything they desire.

For the training a Cooking level of 29 is required to play most of this minigame, but it is ideal to have a cooking level of 42 or more.

Time to work

Now you have finished your training, don't run to Aluft Jnr. but run to the bank first. This is what you should have in your inventory:
  • A ring of Charos, in case you need to pay for your travels, you'll pay less or even nothing if you use this ring. You need to complete the Garden of Tranquility Quest to obtain it.
  • Everything a gnome chef needs in his/her kitchen, including gnome spice and a knife to cut some ingredients.
  • A cookbook and a cocktail guide to look up the recipes for your orders.
  • Some cocktail glasses, you will need these to serve your cocktails in.
  • Fresh ingredients you can't buy but you have to obtain from the swamp: king worms and toad legs.

Ok, now we're really going to start out.

You can now go to Aluft Gianne Jnr. and ask him for a job, he will explain how the mini game works, which is very easy. He will give you an order to prepare some gnome food, and deliver it to a gnome. There are two "levels" in this minigame, easy and hard ones. The easy ones are just in the gnome stronghold, the hard ones can be anywhere in RuneScape on locations varying from Ape Atoll to the cold Trollweiss mountain. So prepare for heat and angry Ninja monkeys, and half frozen Trolls.

Preparing your orders isn't such a big deal, just look up the ingredients in your book, buy them, and start cooking. For most ingredients you can visit Hudo in the kitchen of the restaurant to buy them. Some cocktail ingredients however, are only sold by Heckel Funch, next to Blurberry's cocktail bar.

The deliveries are harder. I would recommend using gnome gliders and spirit trees to get around quick and cheap. If you don't like walking but you do have money, you can also use teleports to deliver quickly, however you usually have enough time to deliver orders on the slow way with gliders, spirit trees and your legs.


Except that this is a fun minigame, it is also rewarding. For easy deliveries in the stronghold you get some money as a tip, this is more than the ingredients cost. For the hard deliveries you can get items as tip, rare items like gnome clothes and grand tree seed pods, but also common items like gems, half keys, and even gnome balls.

Grand tree seed pods are used as fast teleports to the Grand Tree. You can either squash them, so the roots of the Grand Tree will transport you to King Narnode Shareen's throne room. Or you can launch them, so a Gnome pilot will pick you up and take you to the upper floor of the grand tree, where the gliders depart. Squashing the pod is the fastest way, but will drain your farming level by 5, launching the pod will give you 100 farming xp, but it will take some time before a gnome pilot picks you up. Both ways won't work after level 30 wilderness or inside a building.

Another reward you get are free delivery credits. For each easy delivery you get one credit, for each hard delivery you get 3 credits. Every 12 credits you get the right to order gnome food for free. Up to ten items.


Frequently Asked Questions.

I see that you can also buy gnome food at the restaurant and the cocktail bar, would you recommend buying it for use in the minigame?
No, the food you buy in the restaurant and bar is exactly the same as the food you prepare yourself. Except that it is premade and not good enough for the customers of Aluft Aloft.

What quests would you recommend for this minigame?
You should complete The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village to be able to use Gnome Gliders and Spirit Trees. For some deliveries you will need to acess areas for which you need to have completed a quest, like Ape Atoll. Or areas for which you need to have reached a certain level in a skill, like a Gnome studying human magics in the Wizards' guild.
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