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The Mage Training Arena is a place where people who wish to train there magic can go and try out 4 different mini-tasks. In this guide I will be explaining what you can do there and some of the benefits of training your magic here.

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Getting there

The training arena is found in the duel arena. You can easily get to the duel arena by using a ring of duelling or simply walking. Once at the arena head north of the hospital area (more commonly known as the "waiting" area) and you will find a grand looking building. The nearest bank is a little west of the waiting area. Below is a map of the area and a few key points listed.

Starting off

Once you know where the Mage training arena is walk inside by opening the door. Once you're in, talk to the Entrance Guardian. He will blabber on about this and that. Once you have finished talking to him, you should receive the Progress hat.

This will allow you to keep track of all your pizazz points (more about them later in the guide). If you head up to the north side of the building, you will see 4 different portals. These will lead to the 4 different mini tasks which will earn you the pizazz points. There are four different types of games, The Telekinetic Theatre, The Alchemists Playground, The enchanting chamber and The creature graveyard. Completing tasks in these games will earn you pizazz points. Pizazz points are the currency in the training arena and can be used to buy things upstairs.

The Telekinetic theatre

Required: Level 33 Magic, Law runes, Air runes or Staff of air.

As you can probably guess from the name, in this mini game you will be using the Telekinetic grab spell.

The objective of the game is to move the statue from the start of the maze to the end of maze. To move the statues use your spell on it. It will move in the direction that you are standing until it hits an object or a wall. For example, if you are standing on the south side of the wall, cast your spell on the statue and it will move in a straight line south until it hits a wall. Use this method to complete the maze. Once the maze is completed you will receive two Telekinetic Points. Once you complete 5 mazes, you will receive 8 Bonus points, magic exp and some law runes. That just about sums up the Telekinetic theatre.

HINT: If you right click on the statue and click observe, you will get an over head view of the maze as shown below.

Enchanting Chamber

Required: Cosmic runes, at least level 7 magic and elemental runes/staff depending on which spell you will use.

The Enchanting Chamber is a fairly good place to train your magic, and is probably the cheapest in the arena. Once you enter the arena you will see a screen looking something like this:

Find the Enchament guardian and talk to him. He will give you a basic idea of what to do. There is a trick to this. To earn Pizazz points in this game you must enchant the different objects into orbs. You do this by using 1 of the 5 different enchant spells on the objects. As you can see in the corner of the screen there is a coloured shape with the word bonus above it. Enchanting the shape that is indicated will give you extra points. Go around and pick up 5 of each coloured shape and head into the centre. Your inventory should look like this (amount of runes may vary due to spell being cast).

Once the bonus shape changes, quickly enchant all of the ones in your inventory. Once you have enchanted a shape, it will turn into an orb. Once all your shapes have been transformed into orbs, click deposit on the hole in the middle. For every orb you enchant you will get 1 pizazz point + a bonus for every 20 you deposit. That just about covers it for Enchanting chamber! Next stop Alchemists Playground.

Alchemists Playground

Required: At least 21 Magic, Nature runes and fire runes/staff (staff highly recommended)

In my opinion, this task is FAR too expensive, but if done correctly then you can do it and lose nothing what so ever. As you can probably guess from the name, in this game you will be casting the Low level alchemy (21 magic needed) and the high level alchemy (55 Magic needed). Once you enter speak to the guardian and he will give you the basic rules. To start off with, search all the cupboards until you have found 4 of every item. Your inventory should look like this.

So now you have 1 of every item in your inventory, it's time to keep an eye on the item prices. The item prices are in the top right hand corner and these will keep changing. If you wish to earn your points fast then just keep alching the 30 item. However, when there is a green arrow next to an item, this will mean you will be able to use the Alchemy spell on it and it will not use up any fire runes or any nature runes. This is the only way you will ever make a profit from doing this task. Once you have had enough of this game, head to the coin dispenser on the North side of the room. Deposit all you coins and you will receive 1 pizazz point for every 100 coins you deposit. That’s about it for the Alchemists Playground. Finally it's the creature graveyard.

The Creature Graveyard

Required: Level 15 magic, runes for Bones to bananas spell and Maybe some food!

This is the final mini task and is the one which could lose you all your well earned points. In this task you will be casting the Bones to bananas spell to earn points. Be careful though, you may need to eat some of your bananas to stay alive. Once you enter, you will see this room:

As soon as you enter you will start getting hit 2's every 5 seconds. So the best thing to do is to start grabbing bones, casting spells and eating a few of them. Once you have a full inventory of bananas, you must put the bananas down the food chute located here.

Each time you put bananas down here, you will earn some pizazz points. That's about it for the Graveyard game aswell.


Required: Some pizazz points

So, you have worked hard in all the games and you are now wondering what you can do with your points. If you head upstairs you will find the Rewards guardian. Here you will be able to trade your points for the following things:

To find the value of an item right click on it and select Value. For the wands, to buy the best wand, you must have all the other 3 wands. To buy the second best wand, you must have the first wand etc...

You can also buy a new spell here to use in the creature graveyard. It is called bones to peaches. It works in the same way as the first spell, except it turns bones to peaches instead of bananas. Peaches heal 12 which is very helpful.
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