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Welcome to the hall of the greatest cooks in RuneScape! The Cooks' Guild, also known as the Cooking Guild or Chefs' Guild, is located north-west of Varrock city [map] and requirements to enter are a minimum of level 32 Cooking and donning a chef's hat. There is a mill in the guild and the nearest wheat grows just in front of the Champions' Guild south of Varrock. Let us work our way from the top to the bottom.

Top floor

This floor contains wine ingredients as well as the hopper to grind your grains into flour. Spawns on this floor includes jugs, pots, grapes and cooking apple.

Middle floor

This is where you can cook. Two ranges lay in wait ready to be use by anyone. Spawns on this floor include pie dish, bowl, cake tin and cooking apple.

Ground floor

This floor contains the chute where you can collect your flour and a sink for water as well as a chocolate spawn. The proud owner of the guild, the head chef is always there ready to welcome new members to his guild.

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