Abyssal drain scroll

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Abyssal drain scroll

Picture of Abyssal drain scroll Members only:
Quest item:
0 kg
Category: Raw materials » Summoning
Examine: “A scroll for an abyssal parasite familiar.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
122 gp184 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 120 gp Market price: 126 gp Max. price: 132 gp
30 days: +3.2% 90 days: -2.3% 180 days: +6.7%
 Last price update: 82716 hours ago   
Item uses

When used with your Abyssal Parasite Summoning monster, it'll shoot a magic attack that drains the Opponent's Prayer. This uses 6 points on it's special attack meter

Where/how to get

Use an Abyssal parasite pouch on an obelisk to receive 10 of these. (Requires 54 Summoning )

Other information

Using this gives 5.5 Summoning xp, also uses 6 points on the Special moves bar.

You can put these scrolls in your headdress, by using the scrolls on it, it will hold the scrolls. The amount held varies upon the type of headdress.

Credits: Nightmare Last updated:
25-Jun-10 01:04
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