Axeman's folly(m)

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Axeman's folly(m)

Picture of Axeman's folly(m) Members only:
Quest item:
0 kg
Category: Consumables » Alcoholic drinks
Examine: “This looks a good deal stronger than normal Axeman's Folly.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
1 gp1 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 12.9k Market price: 13.6k Max. price: 14.3k
30 days: +4.7% 90 days: +13.9% 180 days: +24.9%
 Last price update: 114686 hours ago   
Item uses

Stat Bonuses: Woodcutting: +1, Attack: -2, Strength: -2

Where/how to get

Add 2 buckets of water, 2 lots of Barely malt, a pot of ale yeast, and 1 oak tree root to a fermenting vat. After 7 days you can get 8 glasses of this. Requires 49 cooking. Making this gives you 413 Cooking XP (You sometimes get mature ale when making regular ales)

Credits: Nightmare Last updated:
05-Aug-09 22:29
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