Dragon impling jar

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Dragon impling jar

Picture of Dragon impling jar Members only:
Quest item:
0 kg
Category: Miscellaneous » Tools
Examine: “Dragon impling in a jar.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
2 gp3 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 301.8k Market price: 317.7k Max. price: 333.6k
30 days: -1.0% 90 days: -4.6% 180 days: +5.4%
 Last price update: 112504 hours ago   
Where/how to get

This item is obtained by successfully capturing a dragon impling while having an empty jar

Other information

This is the hardest impling to attain as it is very rare. Elnock Inquisitor will trade you three empty jars for this item, as with any other jar containing a captured impling, although not recommended for this item Level 83 Hunter Required

Credits: Night_elf45 Last updated:
11-Aug-09 08:44
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