Dragon spear

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Dragon spear

Picture of Dragon spear Members only:
Quest item:
Category: Weapons » 2h melee weapons
Examine: “A dragon tipped spear.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
24,960 gp37,440 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 37k Market price: 37.6k Max. price: 39.4k
30 days: +1.3% 90 days: +1.0% 180 days: +1.0%
 Last price update: 117135 hours ago   
This item is equippable in the weapon slot.
Required levels to equip:
Needed Attack level: 60
+55 Stab +1
+55 Slash +1
+55 Crush 0
0 Magic 0
0 Ranged 0
-- Summoning 0
Strength +60
Ranged strength 0
Prayer 0
Where/how to get
62 monsters drop this item [expand]
Level 8Crawling HandLevel 13Chaos Druid
Level 23Cave CrawlerLevel 23Cave Slime
Other information

Spears are very versatile. Their stats are the same in all three attack styles, stab, slash, and crush, and they have a "controlled" attack style. Spears are two-handed, and can be poisoned.

The Dragon spear has a special attack, Shove, which deals no damage to your opponent, but forces them back away from you and stuns them for a short time. It uses 25% of the special attack energy. The special attack can not be used against large monsters.

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