Explorer's ring 3

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Explorer's ring 3

Picture of Explorer's ring 3 Members only:
Quest item:
Category: Armour and clothing » Jewellery
Examine: “A Lumbridge explorer's ring.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
Current market price range
This item is not tradable
This item is equippable in the ring slot.
0 Stab 0
0 Slash 0
0 Crush 0
+1 Magic 0
0 Ranged 0
-- Summoning 0
Strength 0
Ranged strength 0
Prayer +1
Item uses
  • The ring has three charges to replenish 50% of the player's run energy.
  • Gives the ability to cast low-level alchemy without runes 30 times a day (requires level 21 Magic and gives 31 XP).
  • Gives a 10% chance (per essence) of receiving extra runes when crafting air, water, earth and fire runes. The extra runes given will act as if you were crafting one extra essence, so you will also be given extra XP for that essence and the correct number of runes depending on your runecrafting level.
  • Lets you teleport to the cabbage fields south of Falador (unlimited uses).
Where/how to get

Obtained by Ned in Draynor Village as a reward for completing all the beginner, easy and medium tasks in the Lumbridge and Draynor Achievment diary.

Other information

If you lose or destroy the ring, you can get a new one by talking to Ned in Draynor Village.

The ring recharges once a day at 00:00 UTC/GMT.

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