Geyser titan pouch

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Geyser titan pouch

Picture of Geyser titan pouch Members only:
Quest item:
0 kg
Category: Raw materials » Summoning
Examine: “I can summon a geyser titan familiar with this.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
2,389 gp3,584 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 3,695 gp Market price: 3,890 gp Max. price: 4,085 gp
30 days: +0.0% 90 days: +0.1% 180 days: +0.4%
 Last price update: 78729 hours ago   
Where/how to get

Bought off of other players or made from one of the seven Summoning Obelisks with a Blue charm, 222 Spirit shards and a Water talisman with 89 Summoning.

Other information

Fights for you with a Combat level of 200. Ranged Boost (+1, +3% of your level). Use bowls on the geyser titan to get bowls of hot water. Use your Amulet of glory on the Geyser Titan to recharge them. Lasts 69 minutes. Requires 89 Summoning.

Credits: Shane the Pain Last updated:
30-Jul-09 00:07
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