Gunnar's ground

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Gunnar's ground

Picture of Gunnar's ground Members only:
Quest item:
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Category: Miscellaneous » Books & scrolls
Examine: “A poem to convince Gunthor to settle the barbarians permanently.”
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Given to you during the quest Gunnar's Ground.

Other information

The scroll contains the following poem:

Our people dwelt on mountains steeped in lore,
A might tribe as harsh as any beast
Who then, in face of madness, swept to war,
The warlod Gunnar leading to the east.

This legacy of honour still lives on
In Gunnar's bloodlines, fierce to this day.
We sing the tales of battles long since won
And from his righteous purpose never stray.

But long is gone the author of that threat
And even rolling boulders come to rest,
For Gunnar's ground is rich and fruitful yet
And Gunnar's blood with beauty also blessed.

Now let these freemen from this conflict cease
And let this be the time of Gunthor's peace.

Credits: Aliensvortex Last updated:
21-Sep-10 20:13
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