Hand cannon

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Hand cannon

Picture of Hand cannon Members only:
Quest item:
3 kg
Category: Weapons » Misc. weapons
Examine: “A miniature dwarven cannon.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
8,000 gp12,000 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 296.2k Market price: 311.8k Max. price: 327.4k
30 days: +20.8% 90 days: -8.5% 180 days: -2.1%
 Last price update: 78795 hours ago   
This item is equippable in the weapon slot.
Required levels to equip:
Needed Ranged level: 75 Needed Firemaking level: 61
0 Stab 0
0 Slash 0
0 Crush 0
0 Magic 0
+90 Ranged 0
-- Summoning 0
Strength 0
Ranged strength +150
Prayer 0
Item uses

This is an extremely powerful ranged weapon, making it quite effective for use in PVP. It is, however, slightly inaccurate and quite slow.

Where/how to get
  • Obtained as a drop from Chaos Dwarf Hand-Cannoneers
  • Grand Exchange
Other information

Completion of the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest is required to wield this weapon. There is a chance that the hand cannon will be destroyed when used, which is increased if you use its special attack, 'Aimed Shot'. The higher your Firemaking level, the lower the chance that your hand cannon will explode.

Credits: Aeolus Last updated:
26-Sep-09 02:30
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