Orb of oculus

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Orb of oculus

Picture of Orb of oculus Members only:
Quest item:
2 kg
Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellaneous
Examine: “An orb of mystical excellence.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
Current market price range
This item is not tradable
This item is equippable in the weapon slot.
0 Stab -20
0 Slash -20
0 Crush -20
0 Magic -20
0 Ranged -20
-- Summoning 0
Strength 0
Ranged strength 0
Prayer 0
Item uses

When equipped, you can "gaze-into" the orb, giving you complete control over the camera. This item was originally intended for videomakers so that they could create dynamic shots that weren't limited to the simple camera control possible with just the arrow keys.

The orb can also be used to get a closer look at areas the player can't access (or doesn't want to).

Where/how to get

Sold by Faruq in Al Kharid near the houses north of the Palace for 20 gp.

Other information

The orb is essentially a two-handed weapon as it cannot be used with a shield. If you are attacked while gazing into the orb, you will return to normal "avatar view".

The orb has 2 separate modes - aim mode and focus mode. Aim mode is the standard mode and allows you to control the camera freely giving it a "flowing" motion which is ideal for video making. Using the arrow keys in this mode will pan the camera. Focus mode allows you to point the camera at a specific spot on the ground. Using the arrow keys in this mode will move the focus point. The controls are shown below:

The Orb of oculus is also the only item besides the Ring of kinship that can be taken into Daemonheim.

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