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Zamorak arrows
Zamorak arrowsMembers only663 gpArrows
Training arrows
Training arrows Not tradableArrows
Steel arrow(p++)
Steel arrow(p++)Members only1,787 gpArrows
Steel arrow(p+)
Steel arrow(p+)Members only147 gpArrows
Steel arrow(p)
Steel arrow(p)Members only50 gpArrows
Steel arrow
Steel arrow 45 gpArrows
Saradomin arrows
Saradomin arrowsMembers only615 gpArrows
Rune arrow(p++)
Rune arrow(p++)Members only1,910 gpArrows
Rune arrow(p+)
Rune arrow(p+)Members only270 gpArrows
Rune arrow(p)
Rune arrow(p)Members only173 gpArrows
Rune arrow
Rune arrowMembers only159 gpArrows
Ogre arrow
Ogre arrowMembers onlyQuest item32 gpArrows
Mithril arrow(p++)
Mithril arrow(p++)Members only1,801 gpArrows
Mithril arrow(p+)
Mithril arrow(p+)Members only161 gpArrows
Mithril arrow(p)
Mithril arrow(p)Members only70 gpArrows
Mithril arrow
Mithril arrow 49 gpArrows
Iron arrow(p++)
Iron arrow(p++)Members only1,773 gpArrows
Iron arrow(p+)
Iron arrow(p+)Members only133 gpArrows
Iron arrow(p)
Iron arrow(p)Members only36 gpArrows
Iron arrow
Iron arrow 22 gpArrows
Guthix arrows
Guthix arrowsMembers only587 gpArrows
Dragon arrow(p++)
Dragon arrow(p++)Members only3,308 gpArrows
Dragon arrow(p+)
Dragon arrow(p+)Members only1,668 gpArrows
Dragon arrow(p)
Dragon arrow(p)Members only1,571 gpArrows
Dragon arrow
Dragon arrowMembers only1,527 gpArrows
Bronze arrow(p++)
Bronze arrow(p++)Members only1,760 gpArrows
Bronze arrow(p+)
Bronze arrow(p+)Members only120 gpArrows
Bronze arrow(p)
Bronze arrow(p)Members only23 gpArrows
Bronze arrow
Bronze arrow 9 gpArrows
Adamant arrow(p++)
Adamant arrow(p++)Members only1,896 gpArrows
Adamant arrow(p+)
Adamant arrow(p+)Members only256 gpArrows
Adamant arrow(p)
Adamant arrow(p)Members only159 gpArrows
Adamant arrow
Adamant arrow 141 gpArrows
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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