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1/2 anchovy pizza
1/2 anchovy pizza 724 gpBaked food
1/2 meat pizza
1/2 meat pizza 585 gpBaked food
1/2 p'apple pizza
1/2 p'apple pizzaMembers only668 gpBaked food
1/2 plain pizza
1/2 plain pizza 631 gpBaked food
2/3 cake
2/3 cake 90 gpBaked food
2/3 chocolate cake
2/3 chocolate cake 266 gpBaked food
Admiral pie
Admiral pieMembers only218 gpBaked food
Anchovy pizza
Anchovy pizza 1,449 gpBaked food
Apple pie
Apple pie 255 gpBaked food
Baguette Not tradableBaked food
Bread 49 gpBaked food
Cake 125 gpBaked food
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake 398 gpBaked food
Chocolate slice
Chocolate slice 130 gpBaked food
Doughnut Not tradableBaked food
Fish pie
Fish pieMembers only334 gpBaked food
Garden pie
Garden pieMembers only572 gpBaked food
Half a meat pie
Half a meat pie 185 gpBaked food
Half a redberry pie
Half a redberry pie 163 gpBaked food
Half an apple pie
Half an apple pie 133 gpBaked food
Meat pie
Meat pie 351 gpBaked food
Meat pizza
Meat pizza 1,171 gpBaked food
Pineapple pizza
Pineapple pizzaMembers only1,337 gpBaked food
Plain pizza
Plain pizza 1,263 gpBaked food
Raw fish pie
Raw fish pieMembers only1,433 gpBaked food
Redberry pie
Redberry pie 314 gpBaked food
Slice of cake
Slice of cake 45 gpBaked food
Summer pie
Summer pieMembers only1,151 gpBaked food
Wild pie
Wild pieMembers only1,110 gpBaked food
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