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Air rune
Air rune 7 gpRunes
Astral rune
Astral runeMembers only151 gpRunes
Blood rune
Blood runeMembers only357 gpRunes
Body rune
Body rune 4 gpRunes
Chaos rune
Chaos rune 65 gpRunes
Cosmic rune
Cosmic rune 142 gpRunes
Death rune
Death rune 311 gpRunes
Dust rune
Dust runeMembers only15 gpRunes
Earth rune
Earth rune 21 gpRunes
Fire rune
Fire rune 5 gpRunes
Lava rune
Lava runeMembers only135 gpRunes
Law rune
Law rune 255 gpRunes
Mind rune
Mind rune 5 gpRunes
Mist rune
Mist runeMembers only121 gpRunes
Mud rune
Mud runeMembers only347 gpRunes
Nature rune
Nature rune 174 gpRunes
Smoke rune
Smoke runeMembers only236 gpRunes
Soul rune
Soul runeMembers only262 gpRunes
Steam rune
Steam runeMembers only196 gpRunes
Water rune
Water rune 19 gpRunes
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