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Adamant dart
Adamant dartMembers only100 gpThrown weapons
Adamant dart(p)
Adamant dart(p)Members only120 gpThrown weapons
Adamant dart(p+)
Adamant dart(p+)Members only217 gpThrown weapons
Adamant dart(p++)
Adamant dart(p++)Members only1,857 gpThrown weapons
Adamant javelin
Adamant javelinMembers only73 gpThrown weapons
Adamant knife
Adamant knifeMembers only386 gpThrown weapons
Adamant thrownaxe
Adamant thrownaxeMembers only111 gpThrown weapons
Black dart
Black dartMembers only711 gpThrown weapons
Black dart(p)
Black dart(p)Members only725 gpThrown weapons
Black dart(p+)
Black dart(p+)Members only822 gpThrown weapons
Black dart(p++)
Black dart(p++)Members only2,462 gpThrown weapons
Black knife
Black knifeMembers only75 gpThrown weapons
Bronze dart
Bronze dartMembers only48 gpThrown weapons
Bronze dart(p)
Bronze dart(p)Members only65 gpThrown weapons
Bronze dart(p+)
Bronze dart(p+)Members only162 gpThrown weapons
Bronze dart(p++)
Bronze dart(p++)Members only1,802 gpThrown weapons
Bronze jav'n(p++)
Bronze jav'n(p++)Members only1,755 gpThrown weapons
Bronze javelin
Bronze javelinMembers only4 gpThrown weapons
Bronze javelin(p)
Bronze javelin(p)Members only18 gpThrown weapons
Bronze javelin(p+)
Bronze javelin(p+)Members only115 gpThrown weapons
Bronze knife
Bronze knifeMembers only50 gpThrown weapons
Bronze thrownaxe
Bronze thrownaxeMembers only4 gpThrown weapons
ChinchompaMembers only301 gpThrown weapons
Dragon dart
Dragon dartMembers only414 gpThrown weapons
Dragon dart(p)
Dragon dart(p)Members only428 gpThrown weapons
Dragon dart(p+)
Dragon dart(p+)Members only525 gpThrown weapons
Dragon dart(p++)
Dragon dart(p++)Members only2,165 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart
Iron dartMembers only45 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart(p)
Iron dart(p)Members only61 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart(p+)
Iron dart(p+)Members only158 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart(p++)
Iron dart(p++)Members only1,798 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin
Iron javelinMembers only5 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin(p)
Iron javelin(p)Members only19 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin(p+)
Iron javelin(p+)Members only116 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin(p++)
Iron javelin(p++)Members only1,756 gpThrown weapons
Iron knife
Iron knifeMembers only52 gpThrown weapons
Iron thrownaxe
Iron thrownaxeMembers only13 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart
Mithril dartMembers only73 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart(p)
Mithril dart(p)Members only88 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart(p+)
Mithril dart(p+)Members only185 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart(p++)
Mithril dart(p++)Members only1,825 gpThrown weapons
Mithril javelin
Mithril javelinMembers only30 gpThrown weapons
Mithril knife
Mithril knifeMembers only155 gpThrown weapons
Mithril thrownaxe
Mithril thrownaxeMembers only103 gpThrown weapons
Red chinchompa
Red chinchompaMembers only683 gpThrown weapons
Rune dart
Rune dartMembers only300 gpThrown weapons
Rune dart(p)
Rune dart(p)Members only330 gpThrown weapons
Rune dart(p+)
Rune dart(p+)Members only427 gpThrown weapons
Rune dart(p++)
Rune dart(p++)Members only2,067 gpThrown weapons
Rune javelin
Rune javelinMembers only210 gpThrown weapons
Rune knife
Rune knifeMembers only1,375 gpThrown weapons
Rune thrownaxe
Rune thrownaxeMembers only267 gpThrown weapons
Steel dart
Steel dartMembers only54 gpThrown weapons
Steel dart(p)
Steel dart(p)Members only70 gpThrown weapons
Steel dart(p+)
Steel dart(p+)Members only167 gpThrown weapons
Steel dart(p++)
Steel dart(p++)Members only1,807 gpThrown weapons
Steel javelin
Steel javelinMembers only18 gpThrown weapons
Steel javelin(p)
Steel javelin(p)Members only32 gpThrown weapons
Steel javelin(p+)
Steel javelin(p+)Members only129 gpThrown weapons
Steel javelin(p++)
Steel javelin(p++)Members only1,769 gpThrown weapons
Steel knife
Steel knifeMembers only95 gpThrown weapons
Steel thrownaxe
Steel thrownaxeMembers only38 gpThrown weapons
Toktz-xil-ulMembers only958 gpThrown weapons
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