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Castle wars is a minigame where 2 teams, Zamorak and Saradomin are participating in a match against each other. Zamorak is red and have a red standard, And Saradomin are blue and have a blue standard.

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How To Get In:

The Castle Wars are located south of the Observatory [map]. There is also a bank chest there that you can use before you join a team.

There are 3 portals: Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. Click on anyone to go into their group.

To join the Zamorak team, enter the red portal. To join the Saradomin team, enter the blue portal. You can also enter the green portal, which will place you on a random team (either Saradomin or Zamorak)

The Castles:

In this match you will have 2 castles which are separated by a river, there are several ways of getting over this river: stepping stones and a bridge. The castles are guarded by a defended, locked door and a normal door which only your team can open. The defended door takes several hits to knock down. You can use a rope on the wall of the castle to climb over. On the first floor there are 3 tables including, Medical kits which heal you, Tinderboxes, Barricades which block opposition, Toolbox, Rocks which you use in the catapult to fire, Pickaxe used for mining blockages in the mine. There is also a teleporter to teleport you out of the game if you would like to quit.


In every match the winning team will get two tickets. In the case of a tie round, everyone will get one ticket. If your team looses the round, you will not get any tickets at all. These tickets are used for buying decorative armour, hoods and much more from the shop.

Ways Through:

To get through you can go to the side and step over the stepping stones to get to the over side of the river. Another way to get past is to go under the ground. Use the ladders from your castle and go through. Make sure you take a pickaxe because there are rocks that you can mine down to the opposition.

2'nd floor looks a bit like this on the inside:

1'st Floor looks a bit like this:

Castle Wars Items

There are several castle wars items, that can be used during the game:

These are used at the catapult. As long as you have 1+ in your inventory you can fire the catapult.

Set these up by left clicking them. They will block a space on the map. E.g Put it in front of the stairs and people will not be able to pass. Although if you left click it while it is down you can attack it to get rid of it, or set it on fire by using a tinderbox on it.

Use this on the catapult when it is destroyed. It can get destroyed by opponents attacking it.

While in castle wars, The only thing you can use it with is the rocks underground. They will fall to the floor and block anybody trying to pass, You can use your pickaxe with them again to get rid of them and move through.

At any of the castles (Yours or opponents) you can use the rope on the wall and climb up. This is a kind of shortcut.

Explosive Potion
Drop this on the floor and it will take damage off you 20 - 25. Use it on a barricade and it will explode.

Use this on a barricade and it will set on fire and destroy.
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