Fist of Guthix Guide


Fist of Guthix is a two-round, player-versus-player minigame in which you and your opponent each have a chance to be the ‘hunter’ and the ‘hunted’. The ‘hunter’ is the player that is trying to track down and defeat the ‘hunted’ while the ‘hunted’ is trying to stay alive as long as possible to gather charges with the Stone of Power which is picked up at the beginning of the ‘hunted’s’ turn. The hunted also takes continual damage during their turn. The main concept is fairly simple, but when portals, strategies, and skills are added into the mix, things can get pretty confusing. That’s what this guide is for.

The Basics

The Hunted

During one round of the game, each player gets a chance to be the ‘hunted’. First let’s go over the basics:

1. This is the Stone Dispenser. Click on it as soon as the ‘hunted’ round begins to receive the Stone of Power. Once it is in your inventory, click on it again to equip it and it will automatically start collecting charges. You cannot attack while holding the stone, but you can re-equip your armor and attack with that at any time during the round.

2. This is the timer for the round. If the hunted is not defeated or the stone is not full by the time this runs out, the timer will mark the end of the round.

3. This shows you how many charges you have collected. The more the better! Whoever collects the most charges by the end of both rounds is the winner (see 5 for more information).

4. This shows you the name of the player you are up against. In this round, it’s the person you’re trying to avoid at all costs. They are the hunted and will try to defeat you. They are marked on the minimap with a yellow arrow.

5. You can refer to the minimap to see your location and the hunter, but it can also be used to show about how many charges you’ll get by standing in that area. A lighter colored area allows you to receive more charges at a time but you’ll also be weaker and will take more automatic damage from the area and more from the hunter when they attack. Be careful where you stand! It could change the outcome of the round.

Max. Charges you can get at a time: 28
Min. Charges you can get at a time: 3

6. While you are in the waiting area, you receive the following items:
  • 1000 Elemental runes
  • 300 Catalytic runes
  • 5 Bandages (heal 15hp)
  • 1 Tele-orb

The runes will be plenty to cast any spells needed during the game, so don’t worry about bringing your own. The bandages heal 15 hit points each. Don’t be afraid to run out! Use all of them when you get to half hp or less so you don’t get hit with a strong spell and die with four bandages still left. It’s a good idea to try and use all of your items (except runes, of course) during the ‘hunted’ round, since you don’t need them during the ‘hunter’ round. Even if a ‘hunted’ player uses his regular equipment to attack you, if you die you get sent back to the outside of the arena where you started, free to hunt again.

The Hunter

During the round that you are not being hunted, you are the hunter. Let’s take a look at another snapshot:

1. This yellow arrow marks your opponent: the ‘hunted’. Right-click on where they are standing and choose their name from the list to attack.

2. Here is an example of the dark-to-light on the minimap that was mentioned before. Lighter grey equals more charges gained at a time and the weaker the player is.

3. This yellow arrow (ignoring the flag) marks your opponent. This shows up in both the 'hunter' and 'hunted' rounds.

** Also, try to refrain from using your items during this round (except for runes to attack). They are much more helpful during the 'hunted' round.

Useful Equipment and Skills

Okay, now that we’ve gone over the basics, we can take a deeper look into Fist of Guthix. The following will include strategies and helpful hints to help you get your rating up.


To start, the weapons you use in the game can have a huge impact on the results.

Probably the most helpful and the most useful weapon to have is a magical staff. It doesn’t matter if it is a specific element (fire staff, air staff) since you have so many runes, but the ability to continually cast magic spells can be a lifesaver since it can be tough to get right up close to your opponent to attack. The only downside is that you should have a high enough magic level to inflict significant damage.

Another helpful item to have is a bow and arrows. Since this is ranged, you can also attack without worrying about trying to get up close to your opponent. Just make sure you’re a high enough level to use it seriously.

While these may be the most easily used choices for weapons, there’s nothing wrong with using your average sword or dagger. It’s really up to you to decide which weapons are best.


Ranged armor like leather and dragonhide provides you with good protection against ranged attacks and dragonhide is also good armor to protect against magic if you’re a high enough level to wear it.

Robes give great defense against magical attacks, but give no or next-to-no protection against melee or ranged attacks. If you are planning on using robes, have some regular metal armor on hand as well until you see that your opponent is a solid magic user, then equip the robes. If they use any attack besides magic and you don’t have any other armor, you’re going to be in trouble. It’s up to you whether robes are worth the effort.

Average metal armor like platebodies and chainmail give pretty good all-around protection against melee attacks. While they don’t work at all against magic (it actually makes you more vulnerable!) or that well against ranged attacks (in fact it's better to simply remove the armor entirely), it is much more convenient then switching between robes and leather to get the protection that you need.


Along with armor, there are multiple skills that can aid you in Fist of Guthix. If you don’t have them at this point, the extra training is worth it.

Prayer Level 37
Once you get to this level, you can use the ‘Protect from Magic’ prayer skill. This skill decreases magic’s effect by 40% and can help you stay alive a LOT longer. Higher then this, and you can start using other serious protection spells like Protect from Missiles and Protect from Melee. Even if you aren’t this high-leveled yet, other simple prayer skills like Rock or Thick Skin can help you out a bit.

Magic Level 41
Once your mage level is this high, you can start using some serious spells. Even if you aren’t, Fist of Guthix is a great minigame for training magic. Magic can be the most helpful skill to use while you are the ‘hunter’ and I highly recommend it! Also, other spells like Bind or Snare can be a very helpful way to stop your opponent before they run into a portal and could be the difference between a two-minute round and a seven-minute round.

Strategies for the Hunter

Finding the ‘Hunted’

Having trouble finding your opponent and don’t know where to look? The first best place to look is the center of the arena where the ‘hunted’ can collect the most charges at a time. Don’t rush to the middle, however, because the ‘hunted’ still needs to grab the stone and lumber their way to the middle. If you go to the center too soon and the ‘hunted’ sees you waiting, they’re likely to go find a new hiding place. So when the round starts, equip your weapons and set the attack you’re going to use, then walk to the middle. If you wait for more then fifteen seconds and they still haven’t arrived, start looking around the outside. Some common places your opponent will be hiding include:

  • Near portals
  • The outside edge of the arena
  • Behind ruins

And if your opponent still can’t be found, there are a few other possibilities:

  • Your opponent could be walking around the outside of the arena. Walk in circles inside of the portals and you should catch up to them if they are doing this.
  • Your opponent could have circled around the outside until you left the center, then come to the middle while you were out searching. Be sure to check the center constantly.

Catching the ‘Hunted’

Okay, now you’ve found them. But do they keep running away? One strategy for catching the ‘hunted’ is to most importantly make sure your running energy stays up. Until you find the ‘hunted’, don’t turn on running and charge up your energy quickly in the center of the arena. Another is to, once on your screen, cast Bind or Snare on them to get in a few good hits before they run away. Even if it doesn’t defeat them, it will still use up their bandages, which won’t last forever. Another strategy is, if they are running in circles around the arena, run in smaller circles closer to the center until they run out of running energy. Since you are running in smaller circles, you’re going a smaller distance and will use up less energy than them. You can then close in for the attack. Also, don’t worry about tele-orbs since they always teleport the user to the center. Also, if you have already targeted them, your character will automatically chase after them no matter which direction they’ve gone in. The only thing that can throw off your character after you’ve targeted your opponent is a portal. The best thing for you to do if the ‘hunted’ goes into a portal is to wait in the center or walk in small circles around the center so you can see which direction your opponent runs off to. That way you can close in again and resume attacking. Sooner or later your opponent will run out of bandages and be defeated. If getting in some good hits doesn’t come so easily to you, Fist of Guthix is a good way to gain some xp and gain levels for the next time around.

It is also recommended to use magic attacks and prayer to boost your stats. Don’t worry about saving your prayer points for use during the ‘hunted’ round, as they will be reset to full at the end of the round. This also applies to running energy and hit points.

Strategies for the Hunted

Level 30 and below

Fist of Guthix can be an awfully challenging game for players that are below level 30. Even below level 50 can be tough, as most of the users who venture into the Wilderness are more experienced. However, since my character is actually below level 30, I have a few strategies that I use myself that work fairly well.

  • Stay around the outside towards the beginning of the round, for about 15 to 20 seconds. That way the ‘hunter’ is likely to leave the center and start searching, then go to the center when you think they’ve left. Leave into a portal as they start to approach, and try not to let them target you; since you won’t be able to take many hits it is important to stay on the move. Then repeat the whole thing again.
  • Stay near portals. While some users may say that portals are only for noobs, I think they just say that so you don’t use them anymore to make you easier to catch. However, don’t use them as a shelter as they will hurt you constantly. Saying that, make sure you have at least five hit points left when you walk into a portal. Portals aren’t exactly the most trustworthy, however, as they will sometimes ‘malfunction’ and send you to the center of the arena, in plain sight. Use them at your own risk! If you don’t want to chance being sent somewhere out in the open, don’t teleport. Hide inside the portal until your opponent runs away, then run out the back. If they don’t leave, however, just teleport before the portal absorbs all of your hit points!
  • Use Prayer to boost your defense, and only turn it on while you are being attacked to make it last.
  • Stay around the outside edge of the arena. While you may only get a few charges at a time, most opponents don’t search close enough to the outside to find you quickly. Then, as the start to approach and BEFORE they target you, use your tele-orb and run to another spot on the outside once again. This will cause them to have to search again. Next time they find you, run to a portal and to the outside as fast as you can.
  • Use all of your bandages!!

Level 31-45

This is still a pretty tough stage to be in, so most of the level 30 and below strategies will work for you pretty well but will be easier to pull off since you have a higher defense. You can also try the following:

  • If you are above level 40, you might want to try staying in the middle (turn on Prayer! You will take more damage in the center). That way you will still be able to take a few hits from both your opponent and the environment. Also, if you move from spot to spot in the center where other people are standing, it could take a little while for your opponent to be able to target you and begin attacking since they have to spend the time to right-click and choose your username from the list.
  • If your opponent uses melee attacks, hide behind ruins or a portal. When they approach one way, go the other way around the ruins so they can’t get close and attack. This usually only lasts a little while though since if they target you they will close in eventually. Tele-orbs are also more helpful against a melee user since they have to close in on you to attack as compared to magic users who can attack from afar. If you are planning on using a tele-orb make sure your hiding place is farther from the center, and then use a portal after using the tele-orb.

Level 46+

Now is when you can really start getting into the game. Use a combination of strategies from above and you’ll win much more often! Staying in the middle to get charges (recommended if you have 50+ prayer and a high defense level) is very helpful when going against a lower-level player, since they won’t be able to inflict any serious damage. By this point you can make up your own strategies that emphasize your own personal strengths. If you don’t have a high-level prayer, stay around the outside. If you are confident in your defense, stay in the middle. When going against a higher-level player, don’t be ashamed to use portals. Once you can make full use of your items and skills, creating a good strategy is a piece of cake. Still having trouble? Use strategies from above and they will work just as well, if not better.


When you win a round of Fist of Guthix, you get tokens which you can use to get special prizes that are hard to find anywhere else. Once you have at least 15 tokens you can talk to Reggie to start buying prizes. If you need to recharge your item, right-click on the item and use it on Reggie and he will ask you if you want to recharge it.

The prizes are as follows:

Fist of Guthix rewards

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