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Guardian mummy


In the town of Sophanem lies a pyramid full of many mysterious treasures. You will need to use your thieving skills to loot many different artefacts from the urns, pots and chests that lay inside the pyramid. You must have haste as you only have five minutes to loot the pyramid. A local archaeologist will be willing to pay for your artefacts, so be on the look out for trinkets and other valuables. Whilst looting you may stumble across an ancient sceptre belonging to an ancient king, this sceptre will allow you to use various teleports, see the Pharaoh's Sceptre section for more information.

Note: This is not a safe mini-game; if you die in this mini-game you will lose your items.


Level 21 Thieving is required to enter the pyramid. As you advance through the rooms, the requirement will rise by ten levels a time, e.g Level 21, Level 31, Level 41 etc. The higher the level of the room your in, the greater chance of recieving better rewards there is, although you may recieve all the rewards in any room.
  • Room 1 requires level 21 Thieving
  • Room 2 requires level 31 Thieving
  • Room 3 requires level 41 Thieving
  • Room 4 requires level 51 Thieving
  • Room 5 requires level 61 Thieving
  • Room 6 requires level 71 Thieving
  • Room 7 requires level 81 Thieving
  • Room 8 requires level 91 Thieving

You will need to have started or completed the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest to be able to enter Sophanem. Bringing an armour and food is advised since if you fail to loot the Sarcophagi and chests level 98 Scarabs and level 86 Mummies will attack you. An anti-posion potion is also advised since the snakes in the urns may posion you. Lastly a flute is also useful to stop being posioned by the snakes. A flute can be obtained from Ali the Snakecharmer in Pollnivneach.


When outside the pyramid you will see four doors into the temple, one of these doors will randomly have the Guardian Mummy inside, you must find the correct door and speak to the Guardian Mummy to start the mini-game. Upon speaking to the mummy you will be moved to the first room, as you enter the room make sure to choose the "Pass" option on the wall otherwise the spears will damage you, you must do this for every room. Now you may loot the urns, and the sarcophagi and the golden chest.

If you fail to loot the urns the snake will damge you and posion you.
If you fail to loot the Sarcophagi or Golden Chest you will be attacked by Mummies and Scarabs.

Trinkets can be looted from the urns, but from the Sarcophagi and Golden Chest you may loot the Pharaoh's Sceptre, this is a random chance and is more likely to be looted from higher level rooms, you may also loot trinkets from them. Once you have finished in a room, you must pick-lock the doors on the walls, you will fail less if you use a pick lock but opening the doors without a pick lock will result in earning more xp.


All the objects in the pyramid give thieving xp except the Sarcophagus which gives strength xp.

Name Rooms
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Speartrap 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Urn (without using snake flute) 60 90 150 215 300 450 675 825
Urn (using snake flute) 40 60 100 140 200 300 450 550
Chest 40 60 100 140 200 300 450 550
Sarcophagus (strength xp) 20 30 50 70 100 150 225 275
Door (without using a lock pick) 40 60 100 140 200 300 450
Door (using a lock pick) 20 30 50 70 100 150 225


Trinkets are the items looted from the various objects in the pyramid. they can be sold to Simon Templeton, who is near the agility pyramid. Here is a table of their values.

Picture Item Value
Ivory comb Ivory comb 50gp
Pottery scarab Pottery scarab 75gp
Pottery statuette Pottery statuette 100gp
Stone seal Stone seal 150gp
Stone scarab Stone scarab 175gp
Stone statuette Stone statuette 200gp
Gold seal Gold seal 750gp
Gold scarab Gold scarab 1000gp
Gold statuette Gold statuette 1250gp

Pharaoh's Sceptre

Pharaoh's Sceptre Whilst looting the Sarcophagi or Golden Chests you may recieve a Pharaoh's Sceptre. There is a greater chance of looting this in higher level rooms.

The sceptre provides teleports to:
• Jalsavrah - Pyramid Plunder mini-game.
• Jaleustrophos - Agility Pyramid.
• Jaldroacht - Desert Treasure Pyramid.

The sceptre has three charges, once you have used the charges you will need to speak to the mummy and give him 24 combs or pottery trinkets, 12 stone trinkets, or 6 gold trinkets to recharge the sceptre.

The sceptre gives the following stats:
+7 Stab Attack, -1 Slash Attack, +25 Crush Attack, +10 Magic Attack, 0 Range Attack and +32 Strength.
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