Barbarian Outpost


The Barbarian Outpost lies in the northern part of the Kingdom of Kandarin, north of the Baxtorian Waterfall and south of the Lighthouse. It is mainly known for its agility course, which requires level 35 Agility to do. You will also have to complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl mini-quest before you gain access to the course.

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Outside the Agility Course

Although the Agility Course is the Barbarian Outpost's main attraction, there are some houses north of the course. Obivously, there are many Barbarians in this area. All barbarians are are around level 10.

1. Entrance

As mentioned in the introduction, you must have completed the The Alfred Grimhand Memorial Barcrawl mini quest to enter the Barbarian Outpost. You must also have at least level 35 Agility.

2. North of the Outpost

Just north of the outpost you may find 4 planks that keep respawning.

Building #1

In this building you can find the scorpion that you need for the Scorpion Catcher quest. Be sure to use a scorpion cage if you're picking it up, because you might get poisoned.

Building #2

In here are 4 barabarians. two are level 7, there other two are level 8.

The Agility Course

If you completed the course in the way showed below, you will get a bonus of 46.2 Agility XP, thus earning a total of 139.5 XP each time you complete the course.

5. Tunnel

The tunnel gives 10 XP and can not be failed. It is not a part of the course itself, so you don't need to crawl through it every times you do the course to get the agility bonus.

6. Rope Swing

Gives 22 XP. It can be failed, and gives about 8 damage if failed.

7. Log Balance

Gives 13.7 XP. Can be failed, gives 5 damage if failed.

8. Obstacle Net

Gives 7 XP. Can not be failed.

9. Ledge Balance

Gives 22 XP. Can be failed, gives 11 damage or so if failed.

10. Crumbling Wall

The 3 walls gives about 12 XP for each wall. 36 XP in total. Can't be failed.

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