Bandit Camp

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Bandit Camp - Introduction

Bandit Camp is a small camp in the wilderness level 23 it is surrounded by lava and water. Many pkers come here for food and you must watch out when entering this town as you will be attacked by guard bandits (level 22). As you get into the camp you will get attacked by higher level monsters such as Bandits (level 22), Speedy Keith (level 34), Donny the Lad (level 34) and Black Heather (level 34).

Map of the Bandit Camp General Store Fat Tony's pizza bases

General Store

This is the Bandit Camp General Store, its the same as all general stores, has it has a normal stock of items and you can buy/sell your items here. To view the general store, trade with Noterazzo.
Here is what they sell:

Bandit Camp general store

Image Item Price
Pot Pot 1 gp
Jug Jug 1 gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1 gp
Chisel Chisel 1 gp
Hammer Hammer 1 gp
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 1 gp
Bronze hatchet Bronze hatchet 14 gp

Fat Tony's pizza bases

Go all the way north of the bandit camp you will see a room. Speak with Fat Tony, and he will be willing to sell you some plain pizza bases at 5 coins each. Pick the cheese and tomato from the table use the tomato on the pizza then use the cheese with the pizza, and you should now have a uncooked pizza, then you may use it on the range (35 cooking needed). If you go south-east you will find a rat you can kill it take the raw rat meat cook it then use the cooked meat on the pizza (45 cooking needed) to do this. Also, just east of Fat Tony's pizza shop you will see a fishing spot where you can fish Anchovies, that can be cooked and used on your pizza if you have 55 cooking. For more information check the Cooking guide.


If you go East you will find another way into bandit camp. When you enter this way you will not be attacked by the bandit guards. You will also see level 3 rats here.

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