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Welcome to the city of Brimhaven! The Member only city, west of Karamja and north of Shilo Village.

1.Brimhaven Entrance

This is the entrance to Brimhaven, just west of Karamja.

2. Agility Arena

One of the reasons why many people visit Brimhaven is because of the Agility Arena. To use the Agility Arena you need to pay 200 GP to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard before you can enter. In the arena you will be able to get tickets by tagging diffrent tags in a row around the arena, you also get Agility experience while doing this. You can trade the tickets for diffrent prizes by talking to Pirate Jackie the Fruit after you leave. For more information on Agility see our guide.

3. Spirit Tree Patch

If you train farming you can use the Spirit Tree Patch here to grow a Spirit Tree.

4. Range

If you decide to cook here, you can use this range to get some cooking experience (There's only 2 ranges in Brimhaven, the other range is in a locked room)

5. Davon - The Amulet Merchanter

Davon's store has no main stock, so you can only sell or buy (If there are some sold amulets there) from the Player Stock.

6. Brimhaven Bar

This is the Brimhaven Bar which has several Pirates, as well as spawning a lot of Empty Beer Glasses, Beers and one Bronze Axe.

7. The Shrimp And Parrot

The Shrimp and Parrot is a shop where you can buy unlimited Herring, Cod, Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish and Karambwan.

8. Pete's Backyard

This is the backyard of Pete's Mansion which contains two Guard Dogs.

9. Pete's Mansion

This is Pete's Mansion which has a role in the Hero's Quest, where two players need to get his candlesticks.

10. Travel Cart

11. Fruit Tree Patch

Another farming spot in Brimhaven where you can plant a Fruit Tree.

12. Ship Dock - East

In this dock the player may pay 30 GP to sail over to Ardougne.

13. Ship Dock - West

Here you will find the Charter Ships. They take you around RuneScape for a fee. You also can trade with the Crew Members to get all sorts of unusual items.

14. House Portal

If you or your friend have a house in Brimhaven, you can access it by this portal.

15. Fishing Spot

During the "Tai Bwo Wannai Trio" quest, you will have fish for Karambwan using a Karambwan vessel from this spot. If you haven't started the quest then Lubufu will stop you. For more information on ((Fishing)) see your guide.

16. Brimhaven Dungeon Entrance

This is the entrance to the famous Brimhaven Dungeon where the Steel/Iron Dragons sleep. To enter you need to pay Saniboch 875 GP.

17. Mining Spot - South

You can find several Gold Rocks here to mine.

18. Mining Spot - North

There's also some several Gold Rocks here to, but beware if your under level 40 combat the Scorpions may attack you! There is also one Gold Ore spawn right in the corner of the rocks.

19. Large Obelisk

In Brimhaven you can also infuse pouches or recharge Summoning Points on the large obelisk north-west of Brimhaven.

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