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Edgeville is a town where players bank their fish caught at the Barbarian Village fishing spot, cut yew trees just south of the bank and Runecraft in the Abyss.


Location: Edgeville is located north of Barbarian Village, west of Varrock.


Edgeville Bank

Players bank their fish from the Barbarian Village fishing spot and yew logs from Edgeville, here, because it's the nearest bank.

Doris's House

Doris's house is a good place for players to cook their raw fish if their Cooking level is low.

General Store

Unlike other General Stores, this one is in Edgeville.

Oziach's House

Oziach is the NPC (non-playable character) that sells you a dragonhide body and rune platebody (also called 'rune platemail'). You will need to complete Dragon Slayer if you want to buy items from him.

Prices - Oziach:

Rune platebody: 84,500gp.

Dragonhide body: 10,140gp.


This building is filled with level-2 men. It's a good place to train your Combat when you are a low-level player.

Edgeville Ruins

In this place, you will find two yew trees, north-west and south-west, you will also be able to find an entrance to the Edgeville Dungeon to the south-east of it.

Jeffery's Smithy

This is a special furnace and can only be entered while wearing Varrock armour. Varrock armour can be gained by completing The Achievement Diary: Varrock.

Edgeville Jail

In this jail, there is an iron mace spawning north-east inside the jail.

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