Musa Point

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Musa Point is a small place on Karamja, and many people come to fish here. The town is also very well known for its volcano filled with interesting monsters such as Elvarg the Dragon, Spiders, Demons and much more.

Musa Point


To travel to Musa Point you must first speak to a seaman or a captain. They will charge you 30gp for a trip to Karamja, you will also need 30gp for the trip back.

Luthas' banana plantation

Luthas will employ you to put bananas in his crates, every crate you fill with 10 bananas you put in the crate you will recive 30gp.

To pick the bananas, go in the field just west of his hut and select the "pick banana tree" option. Note that sometimes the trees run out of bananas and you may have to move on to the next tree. When you have 10 bananas, go just to the east side of his hut and select the option "Fill Crate". When you have done this, speak with Luthas and he will give you your payment. Also, if you go behind Luthas' hut you will find an Air rune respawn.

The Fishing Docks

If you go into the banana field just west of Luthas hut, then go all the way north and you will see a Fishing dock. On this dock, you will find 3 spots to Bait or Net Fish and 3 spots to Harpoon or Cage Fish. You can read more about fishing in our Fishing skill guide.

Drink Brewery

Trade with Zambo who can be found on the south side of the path. He will sell you Beers, Jug of wines or Karamjan Rum.

Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beer

Picture Name Price
Beer Beer 2gp
Karamjan rum Karamjan rum 30gp
Jug of wine Jug of wine 1gp

General Store

This is the Karamja General Store. It's the same as all general stores, has its normal stock of items and you can buy/sell your items here.

Karamja General Store

Picture Name Price
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Shears Shears 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel Chisel 1gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp

Map of the volcano


Walk all the way west, keep going past the path until you see a volcano. Look on your map until you see the entrance to the volcano. To the right is a picture to help.

Inside this volcano you will find many things to kill such as Dragons, Skeletons, Demons, Spiders and much more. Also, if you're a member, you may acsess the Tzhaar-Caves from the volcano.
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