Lumbridge Caves map

This is a huge dungeon under Lumbridge. To access the northern area of the caves, you will have to do the Lost Tribe Quest. You will then be able to access the caves from the castle.

When you enter these caves from the Lumbridge Swamps, you should have a Bullseye Lantern. This can be made in the Crafting Skill, and can be lit using a tinderbox (Read more in our Firemaking Skill Guide).

Remember to also have a spiny helmet while you are in the sothern area of the caves, as there are Wall Beasts, which are hidden in the walls! They will attack you if you are to close. But with a spiny helmet, they won't be able to hit you!

Also, at the east of the caves, there is a mine with 9 silver ores and 10 iron ores.

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