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The range guild is located near Camelot and requires 40 range to get in. This place is great for buying range equipment. Like arrows, armor, bows, and other range equipment. Its also a cool place to get some unconventional range xp, and even a mini-game.

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The Start

Here's the front door. Requires 40 range only to get in, just talk to the ranger at the door.

Range Armor Salesman

That's the armor salesman, he sells range armor shown in the picture below.

Prices shown above and depend on the stock of the store at the time.

Ticket Merchant

This is the ticket merchant, he sells range equipment for range tickets won at the range mini-game explained later.

Those will be the prices of the equipment no matter what.

NOTE: He takes range tickets only.

Bow and Arrow Salesman

This is probably the best part of the range guild, the bow and arrow store. This is great because the prices for arrows here are lower than anywhere else.

Prices shown above and depend on the stock of the store at the time.

Tribal Weapon Salesman

These are the unusual range equipment available for purchase at the range guild. These arent great for training, but offer a cool little option for those who get bored of arrows.

Prices shown above and depend on the stock of the store at the time.

Range Target Mini-Game

This is the range area for obtaining range tickets. What you do is you buy 10 bronze arrows for 200 gp. Then you click on each target to fire at it, and you hit a certain part of the target. The closer to the bullseye you are the more points you get. The more points you get the more tickets and xp you get. The higher range you have the better chance you have of hitting the bullseye conistently.

Range Guard Ranging Arena

This is the area where you attack range guards of different combat/range levels. The higher combat lvl the higher they will hit on you. (The highest combat lvl range guards hit a 14 on me in full black and 65 def)

This isn't great range xp at all, but it's a great game to play with your buddies to see who lasts the longest.

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