Wizards' Guild


The Wizards' Guild is located in Yanille, which is far south from Ardougne. This is a members only guild. To enter, you will need level 66 in Magic. A popular way to enter when you are level 63-65 is to drink a mind bomb just before entering. You will get level 66 for a small amount of time, which will allow you to enter the guild. There are four floors in the Wizards Guild: Basement, Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor (top floor).

The Basement

In the basement, Wizard Frumscone has up to 8 zombies, which you can train on at any time! They are behind a fence, so you won't be hit at all. So it's a good place to train if you're looking for XP.

Ground Floor

This floor is not the most interesting one. Wizard Distentor is always there, and if you've done the Rune Mysteries quest, he can teleport you to the Rune Essence. There are two normal wizards walking around there, which you can attack. Also, Zavistic Rarve, the Grand Secretary for the Guild, can give you some advice, but not too much, since he's a little... busy...

First Floor

This is definitely the most interesting floor. There are two shops here, a Magic Store, which has the largest selection of runes of any of the shops, and some staffs are for sale there too. There is also a Robe Store, where there are infinite blue mystic robes for sale! Here is a price list for the stores:

Rune Store

Picture Name Price Default stock
Air rune Air rune 17 gp
Water rune Water rune 17 gp
Earth rune Earth rune 17 gp
Fire rune Fire rune 17 gp
Mind rune Mind rune 17 gp
Body rune Body rune 16 gp
Chaos rune Chaos rune 140 gp
Nature rune Nature rune 372 gp
Death rune Death rune 310 gp
Law rune Law rune 378 gp
Blood rune Blood rune 550 gp
Soul rune Soul rune 410 gp
Staff of fire Staff of fire 1500 gp
Staff of water Staff of water 1500 gp
Staff of air Staff of air 1500 gp
Staff of earth Staff of earth 1500 gp

Robe Store

Picture Name Price Default stock
Mystic hat (blue) Mystic hat 15,000 gp
Mystic robe top (blue) Mystic robe top 120,000 gp
Mystic robe bottom (blue) Mystic robe bottom 80,000 gp
Mystic gloves (blue) Mystic gloves 10,000 gp
Mystic boots (blue) Mystic boots 10,000 gp

Top Floor

On the top of the Wizards' Tower, there are 3 portals to other towers:
  • West Portal: Thormacs' Tower, west of Catherby. Tormac enchant Battle Staffs to Mystic Staffs for 40K.
  • East Portal: Wizard's Tower, on the island south of Draynor.
  • South Portal: Dark Wizards' Tower, south of Taverley.

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