Rimmington Mine

This place is good for miners above level 15 miners because there are a few iron rocks here. Usually, there are't many players mining here, and if there is, they are low level miners. This is therefore a very good place to powermine (means mine a full bag and then drop them without using the ore). In middle of the mining area there is spade spawn. A bronze pickaxe respawns in one of the eastern houses in Rimmington.

  • Clay: 2
  • Copper: 5
  • Gold: 2
  • Iron: 6
  • Tin: 2
Closest Bank: Draynor Bank

Location, banks and general store

The closest bank is Draynor Village bank. Running to the bank takes about 50 seconds, while walking takes 1 minute 40 seconds. Members can use a charged amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor Village, and use house teleport to their player-owned house if it's located in Rimmington. There is also a General store in Rimmington where you can easily sell all your ores, which is only 10 seconds away from the mining site if you run.

Guide credits
Written by: Tappaja and Aliensvortex
Last update: 26-Feb-2008 21:05 by Aliensvortex
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