Rune Mine

The Rune Rock Mining Area is a very popular spot, mainly because of the fact that it's the only place in free world where you can mine runite ore. It's located deep in the wilderness (level 46), so beware of revenants that may attack you. There are 2 runite ores to mine here.

The closest bank for free players is the Bounty Hunter bank, and the Mage Arena bank for members.

Map of the Rune Rock mining area

Getting there

From Edgeville, you can walk straigth north, past the Bandit Camp west of the Bounty Hunter area, then continue north. It lies southwest of the Mage Arena bank Members only.

The mine is located just north of the Lava maze, and northeast of the KBD lair (members only).

The Rune Rock mining area's location

Other information

There are Deadly Red Spiders in the area, but they shouldn't be too difficult to handle. Also the rune rocks are surrounded by a multi-attack zone, while the rocks themselves are in a single attack zone. The rune rocks take up to 20 minutes to respawn, so you should switch worlds every time you've mined the rocks to get a full inventory of runite.

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